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Ancient Greece (Weekly History)

Week beginning 6th July


This week, we are going to learn all about the Greek Gods and Godesses!

Watch the video below and read the fact files on the Greek Gods to create your own fact files and thought bubbles on them. You could also use the internet to research them.

The Gods and Godesses appear in lots of different Greek Myth stories; like Pandora's Box and King Midas - do you remember some of them?

The Greek Gods

Get a crash course on the heavenly residents of Mount Olympus.


Well done to the children who researched how Ancient Greece changed the world and added your research to the class PADLET, there's still time to add your research. Link below!

Week beginning 29th June

This week, we are going to be learning all about the Olympics!

Start off by clicking this link below to read information and watch the video!

The ancient origins of the Olympics

How did the Olympics become the greatest show of sporting excellence on Earth?

Your activity is to sort between the Modern Olympics and the Ancient Olympics. Bwlow there are pictures of lots of different activities, some are modern, some are ancient and some are both! Sort the pictures into the Venn Diagram. Alternatively, sraw your own pictures and label them. 

Challenge: Research some of the Olympic events to learn more about them. Are there ant that you could have a go at safely?

Week beginning 22nd June

This week, we are going to research how Ancient Greece history influenced our world today!

Think back to the events from the timeline last week, do you think any of those events influenced our world today? How?


Click the link below about Ancient Greece on BBC, read the information and watch the clip.

What information can we pick out? How has Ancient Greece influenced the modern world? 

I would like you to do some research on the internet for me to find out how Ancient Greece influenced the world we live in today. I want you to think about specific things such as: the government, maths, science, medicine, sports and language.

Try searching things like:

"Ancient Greece inventions"

"How did Ancient Greece influence our government?"

"Ancient Greece medicine"

and look for any information that may be in the link we looked at above!


If you can, I would like you go to to the website linked below - through this, you can add post-it notes to a screen that we will all be able to see! Then, we can have all of our ideas together in one place!

Alternatively, I have attached a sheet where you can record your information, or you can do both!

I can't wait to see what you find!


Week beginning 15th June


This week, I want you to have a look at the Ancient Greece timeline. That means, looking at many key events in their history and put them in order!

Where it is tricky, is that Ancient Greece was during BC, just like the Stone Age. Therefore, their history is before the Year 1! When we order these events, the event that was the furthest away, is the largest number so you need to order the numbers from largest to smallest! Like this:

I have attached a sheet where you can cut and stick events on a timeline or you could create your own timeline using a computer!

I will attach the link so you can have the choice. Feel free to use the internet to research events as well to make your timeline really detailed!


Week beginning 8th June - Welcome to a new half term!


Ancient Greece

Have a think about what you already know about Greece, what questions do you have?

Discuss these with someone at home! Maybe you could research the answers to some of them!


Where is Greece?

Look at this map and see if you can describe where Greece is. Which continent is it in? What is it near? Have you been to any of these places on the map?

Have a go at these labelling activities to learn about the countries of Europe!

Watch this video to learn about the geography of Ancient Greece - how did it change?

If you want to do a little extra this week - why not research Alexander the Great and write a fact file about him!

THREE MINUTE HISTORY: Greek Civilization | Geography of the Greek World