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Caterpillar class photos - Spring Term

Week beginning 9.3.20

Programming the Bee-Bot to catch Evil Pea.
Finding dominoes with more or fewer than 7 spots.
Writing about how we would catch Evil Pea.
Writing in role as the characters form the story.

Week beginning 24.2.20

Making towers to match numbers to 10.
Word building and reading.
Arranging 9 into rows and columns.
Recording ways to make 9.
Learning that 9 is a square number.

Little Bikers

We have been developing our confidence on bikes.
We have loved our sessions each week.

Week beginning 13.1.20

Reading instructions to make a paper plate whale.
Sorting and counting sea creatures.

Week beginning 7.1.2020

Working together in the workshop.
Using the 'part-part-whole' model to explore 5.