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Monday 30th March

Numeracy Challenge

This week in Numeracy we are going to solve a mystery.  Here's the story:

After each challenge you will need to eliminate some suspects.  It might be useful to print this list or copy down the names so you can keep track of where you are up to.  Here's the suspects:

Finally, here is today's clue:

Talking challenge

Inspector Gadget rings you up and demands a new gadget to help him solve crimes. 

This can be anything you want as long as it is not violent. 

What ideas have you come up with? 

What would it do?

What would it look like?

How would it work?

That's it for this week.  Daily activities will continue on Monday.  Remember we would love to see how you are getting on so feel free to ask your parents to share your work on the school's facebook page.   Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Answers to Week 1 problems - Mon-Thurs

Friday 27th March

Numeracy Challenge

If you cut a square diagonally from corner to corner you get four right-angled isosceles triangles.


How many different shapes can you make by fitting the four triangles back together?
You may only fit long sides to long sides and short sides to short sides.

The whole length of the side must be joined.

You might like to record what you do.


Wise time Challenge

Paper Plane challenge

Use the resource below to design and make your own paper plane that meets certain criteria. 

 You might want to research how to make different paper planes.  Think about how designs can be improved.

Oh and don't forget to decorate them!


We'd love to see examples of any work completed this week.  Please ask your parent or guardian to post pictures on the school facebook page.


Here is another activity you could do with your paper planes especially if you have younger siblings:

Thursday 26th March

Numeracy Challenge

Can you make up some of your own?


Writing/Talking Challenge

Through the writing and talking challenges this week you should have a good outline for a story of someone trapped on a desert island.  Use this structure:


Introduction - introduce your character.

Build up - Trip and something going wrong.  Getting stranded on the desert island and describing it.

Main section - adventure, meeting new characters, learning to survive.

Resolution - How do they get off the island?

Conclusion - how does the character feel now?  How has the character changed from the start of the story?


If you have already written your story.  Check have you included relative clauses for who, whose and which.


The boy, whose clothes were dirty, turned up back at home.

The island, which was full of strange noises, seemed to be completely desolate.

The lady, who looked very old, walked towards us carefully.


Remember - if you take out the relative clause the rest of the sentence should make sense.  

Also remember - you should have commas around the relative clause.


Reading challenge

Below is a map with some islands around the world missing. 

This is a tricky challenge and may require some research online or in an atlases you may have. 

There are clues and you have to name the islands.  

I hope that it is clear enough as I don't have access to a scanner.

Picture 1

Wednesday 25th March

Numeracy challenge

    How many oblongs?  Easy Challenge


How many oblongs?  Harder challenge.

What quadrilaterals (4 sided shapes) can you see around your house? 

Any trapeziums or parallelograms?


Reading Challenge

Read the rescue signals text below with someone in your household.  Work together to:


1)  Predict before you start reading - What is this text going to be about?  What type of text is it?  What clues can you see in the text to help you predict?


2) Read


3)  Clarify - are there any words you need to clarify together?


4)  Ask questions about the text - what have you found out?  What would you like to know more about? 


5)  Summarise what you have learnt.


Writing/Talking Challenge

How are you going to get off your island?  


Tuesday 24th March 

​​​​​​Numeracy challenge

Writing/talking challenge.

Design and share your desert island. 

What sort of trees/plants/animals are there?  

How did you end up there?  

What shelter will you find or will you have to build one?  

Design your shelter and explain how you would make it? 


Reading challenge

David Walliams is reading a story daily check it out! 


Monday 23rd March

Maths Challenge

How many triangles can you spot?  This is the easy one!


How many triangles can you spot in this one?  This is a bit trickier!


Triangle safari - can you spot any triangles around your house?  Can you identify whether they are equilateral, isoceles, a right angle triangle or a scalene?  

Writing or Talking challenge

Imagine you are stuck on a desert island. 

What would you take? 

What adventures will you have?

What characters will you meet?

Can you think of any books/stories where someone gets stuck on a desert island?  

What made them exciting?


Reading Challenge

Check out borrowbox - an online library service so you can borrow books, magazines from your home.  Read the website and see if you can join.  I use it for audio books.  Sometimes you have to wait for books but it's well worth a look!!!