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We spent the last day of term learning all about Lowry and having a go at recreating some of his artwork!

We were learning all about the dangers of the sun and how we can keep ourselves safe from UV light!

We conducted an experiment to see which materials are the most reflective! We found out that materials reflected better if they were shiny, smooth and bright! Now we know how to keep safe in the dark!

We have enjoyed our first few sessions of Wise Time. We're definitely getting better each time!

We wrote recipes for a perfect class. We discussed together what would make a great class and here's an example of one of our ideas!

We read Ruby's worry together to learn about how to deal with our worries. We then created our own Worry Dolls so we have somebody who will always listen to our worries!

We had lots of fun drawing around our hands so we could create this masterpiece on our classroom door. Individually, our hands were unique and beautiful, but when put together, we were able to create a masterpiece. What great team work!