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Read everyday to somebody at home. Remember you can share a book too. We know how much you all enjoy listening to stories and talking about what you have read. Happy Reading! 

Task 1 - Build a den for a meerkat


Have a look at the Design and Technology folder for this weeks learning. 

We'd like you to build a den for a meerkat to play in.

Below is a planning sheet to help you.


Things to think about:

1. What are you planning to make?

2. How are you going to make it?

3. What materials are you going to use?


Once you've made your den and tested it, you need to evaluate your design.

Below is an evaluation sheet.


Things to think about:

1. What went well?

2. What changes did you have to make?

3. How would you improve it next time? 


Task 2 - Speaking and listening


Tell somebody at home all about your den. Describe your den and explain why you chose the materials you did. Discuss what you found tricky and what went well.