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Friday 18th September 2020

This is the homework which would have been sent out today. Please practise these spellings for a test on Tuesday.

Reading time


Please practise reading.  You can read anything...a book in your house, a magazine, a newspaper article, a recipe - literally anything!  Just practise reading to the punctuation, practise your flow and your decoding skills (sound the word out, split the word up etc).



Today, I want you to think about the structure of the story.  


What happens in each section of the story?  




Build up:








You might want to use these brief, bullet pointed notes to help you...I've not put them in the right order so think carefully and add a little more detail please.


- Boy parachuted to Earth.  Collected tools.  Back to moon.

- Met boy.  Found plane. Gets ready.

- Both traveled home.  Boy received walkie talkie to communicate. 

- Boy met martian.  Both had problem.  Figuring out what to do. 

- Traveled to the moon. Crashed. 


The BFG (small extract)



Today, we are going to be practising our 4 and 8 times tables.  In fact, we will be practising these times tables all week.   Practise the songs below and then test yourselves on Daily 10 (click level 4 and then multiplication). 

4 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

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Or you might prefer this 4x song!

4 Times Table Song (Cover of I'm Still Standing by Taron Egerton)

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8 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

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The main thing we will be focusing on today is comparing and ordering numbers to 100,000.

WISE Time!

Have fun completing an activity of your choice (with your parent/carers permission).  Perhaps you might like to learn a new skill like drawing... if you search drawing by numbers or letters on Google images, there are some really cool step by step instructions on how you can draw animals easily using (yes, you've guessed it) numbers or letters.