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Friday 4th December

Guided Reading

The Great Mouse plot

Great mouse plot 1.wav

Great Mouse plot 2.wav

Try and predict what you think might happen next.


Calculate perimeter

This is "Aut5.11.5 - Calculate perimeter" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Third Paragraph - Career - before they were famous.  Again - keep referring to the success criteria.


Adverbs of possibility


Wise time

This week I have set you many Christmassy themed challenges - use this time to do some more on these things.


1)  To make your own advent calendar - this could be a mindfulness one or a keep active one or may just have pretty pictures in.  My friend made one out of gingerbread:

I have put a gingerbread recipe at the bottom of this section if you felt like giving this a go!


2) Make an advent wreath - using anything you can find around the house.  Here is another of Mrs Cartledge's creations:


3)  Researching Christmas traditions around the world and your own family traditions.

4)  A secret sneaky challenge from Mrs Cartledge.  Gift bag making!

1) Fold your paper so you can see where halfway is with a crease.

2) Fold one side so it just crosses to half way mark and do the same with the other side so they overlap.

3) Glue the over lap so it sticks to the other side.

4) Fold the bottom up (see picture above).

5) Open up the fold as shown in the pictures then fold back to make a corner.  Do this on both sides.

6) Fold down the top so it comes just over the halfway point and then do the same with the bottom (this will make the base).

7)Glue under the folds and the overlap and press firmly in place.

8) Fold the left and right side of the bag to line up with the base - see pictures.

9) Open the bag up and tuck the sides in to finish your bag.