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Hints and tips


  • Try to create a schedule in the day which will ensure that children have some routine as children feel secure within a routine.  This might include starting home learning at 9 and finishing at 3 with breaks throughout the day before settling into a nice chilled evening.   This could be your very first activity together – agreeing what you are going to do and when.
  • Encourage children to try a range of activities and not just stick to the ones they like most of feel comfortable with.
  • Always look for positive elements to their work – in school we encourage children to assess their work and the work of others with 2 stars and a wish (2 good things and 1 thing to improve).  This will encourage resilience.
  • Allow children some control over the activities they wish to attempt – “What would you like to try today?”
  • Try to limit screen time as to much can have a negative impact on wellbeing.
  • Activities are included in the home learning packs but these are not exhaustive.  Use the websites provided to look for additional activities or invent your own!
  • Learning doesn’t have to have a written outcome – playing monopoly would provide the children with a wide range of maths skills including reasoning without them realising.  Cluedo, chess, backgammon and other board games will also provide them with a range of skills.  Don’t know how to play?  Why not learn together?  Reading the instructions and interpreting them is a task in itself.    Bored of the same games – ask them to invent one to help them learn a new skill.
  • Teach them what you do.  Think about the skills you have and involve your children in the activities.  This might include:  working on perimeter for carpet fitting, working out a simple budget for a business, baking (reading scales), household jobs (responsibility), gardening (stages of plant growth, measuring heights of plants)
  • Try and keep an active element in the day.  Don’t feel that they need to be sat at a table completing work all day.  Include children in practical activities and exercise (See web suggestions).