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Home Learning 29.6.20

Dear Year 2 family,

We hope you are happy and well and had a good week.


Firstly, please could we say thank you to each and every one of you for all you are doing at home with your children. We know this is not easy and we know that you may not have all of the answers to the questions that your children may ask. However, we know and appreciate that you are doing an amazing job to help your children to stay focused with their learning at home. 


We have also been very busy last week teaching and having fun in school with the children that started school. Every teacher in school, we believe, had a spring in their steps, as if we were walking on clouds because we were so happy to see the children, and teaching lessons.


WOW! How fast is June just whizzing past! We can't believe we are nearly at the end of this month. We all look forward to seeing, or at least hearing, you and finding out about the great learning you are doing at home and about all the fun you are having.


Have a lovely week. Continue to stay safe, to look after yourself and to be kind to yourselves and people in your families.


Love, the Year 2 team.