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Home Learning Ceremonies and Celebrations 15.6.20

Hello Year 2 children (and families), 


Here we are again, another week has gone by. We just wanted to send you a message to say we miss you all so much and think about you every day. This weekend we have been enjoying baking, gardening and  doing lots of reading (which is the best way to spend free time). Each day we wonder what you have been up to. This is why we are happy to hear about all the funny and interesting things you are doing and can't wait to see all your amazing work that you are doing at home. Keep up the wonderful learning! We are really missing your smiles and your enthusiasm for learning. Even though you may be missing school like we are missing you, you can still try your best at everything you do and your mums and dads - your families, are there to support you.  We hope that you are enjoying spending all of this special time together as a family and we are looking forward to the day we are all together again.


Keep reading, learning new skills, playing and having fun! But most of all, keep being your wonderful selves and stay safe. 


Mrs. T. Samuel, Mrs. R. Roberts, Mrs. C. Vejki and Mrs. S. Jackman,


PS: Just as we love hearing you we love seeing your amazing work so ask an adult in your family to take photographs and add them on the school Facebook or Twitter pages.


This week is about celebrations, particularly about a special day being celebrated this Sunday.


Do you know what it is?


We hope you will have a great day with your families.


Remember, Sunday is a celebration of any person that looks after you, helps and supports you, makes you smile and picks you up when you feel a bit sad, spends time with you, does anything for you, and you love them too. It could be your dad, grandad, uncle, brother, even mum, sister or grandma - anyone that loves you like you love them.