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Watch this space for links to chapters from our class read we were unable to finish!
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Chapter 75: An Audience with the Queen

Chapter 74: A Fleet of Carriages

Part 4: Home: Chapter 73: Headlines Across the World

Chapter 72: A Perfect Circle

Chapter 71: Smothering to Death

Chapter 70: Behind You!

Chapter 69: Some Kind of Machine

Part 3: The North Pole: Chapter 68: Battered and Bruised

Chapter 67: Heads Bowed

Chapter 66: A Watery Grave

Chapter 65: Hard Rain

Chapter 64: A Pool of Blood

Chapter 63: Surrender!

Chapter 62: DOWN BUT NOT OUT

Chapter 63: Surrender!

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Chapter 60 - Ships Ahoy!

Chapter 59: A Diamond Dust of Stars

Part 2: The High Seas Chapter 58: Slicing Through the Ice

Chapter 57 - Revenge!