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Story Time Book 17 - Winnie at the Seaside

Wiine at the Seaside by Valerie Thomas Illustrated by Korky Paul. One of my favourite illustrators - you could spend hours looking at his pictures and spotti...

Here is a PDF of the story with questions.

Pause the PDF after each question and have a go at answering them in one of your books.




Adjectives and ENP (Expanded Noun Phrases)


Count the expanded noun phrases Valerie Thomas has used in her story.

How many did you find?

Copy your ten favourite ENP; remember to use your best handwriting. 

Can you think of your own ENP to use to write character descriptions about Winnie and Wilbur?

Use the pictures below. 

Challenge:  Can you write sentences following the instructions below?


For example:

Winnie is tall and very thin. Her long, black and grey hair is messy and wiry most of the times, while her long, pointy nose is sometimes red like an apple. Winnie's teeth are as white as pearls.

She wears a light blue, short dress with dainty, wavy frills all around the bottom. On her feet she wears black, elongated and spiky shoes, while on her head she has a long and pointy blue hat with shiny, golden, beautiful stars.


Remember to check your sentences with our Writing SC.

Can you now write a setting description?

Use the picture below or any picture from the story.


Challenge yourself and use the same instructions as for for Winnie and Wilbur character descriptions (see above challenge stickers). 

Prepositions are words that describe where everything is.