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Last week you read another story with Winnie the Witch.


Just like the stories we read in school, Winnie the Witch at the Seaside follows a story pattern:

  1. Winnie is usually at home with Wilbur.
  2. She has an idea and wants to try it out but there is a problem.
  3. Winnie tries to solve it but she is not successful, often her attempts are a bit silly.
  4. Winnie has another idea, better one, which works and solves her problem.
  5. Winnie and Wilbur are happily back at home, usually, or in a new setting where the problem is solved.


Can you have a go at planning and writing your own Winnie the Witch story?

You can use the planning sheet below or write your ideas on your own paper.

Below is also Mrs. Samuel's planning example.




When you have planned your story , have a go at writing it. Use your Winnie and Wilbur character descriptions, and the setting description from last week. Can you make the descriptions for the new characters and setting as interesting?

Here are the resources you have already used to make your last weeks writing interesting. Use the Success Criteria (SC) to check your work and maybe improve it (try to add what you missed on the SC). Also, share your story with your family; they might be able to give you more ideas and suggestions to improve it.

You can use the sheets below to write the whole story or can write each paragraph (beginning, middle, end) on different papers and join them together to make your own book (using a staple, glue, etc) with pictures too.

If your story has animals in it, you can also use there sheets.