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The Bog Baby


Last week we started looking at the book; The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis and we have planned some more literacy activities for you to do this week. 



Sentence Types

We have already done lots of learning about different sentence types in Year 2.

Don't forget;


A statement tells us something and usually end with a full stop.

Ms. Roberts has a dog called Winston.


A question needs an answer and always end with a question mark.

Do you have any pets?


An exclamation sentence starts with 'How...' or 'What...' but it doesn't need an answer. It ends with an exclamation mark.

What a naughty dog he was when he ate the slippers!



Add the correct punctuation to the sentences below.


We use conjunctions in our writing to join or extend sentences.

Conjunctions that we use in Year 2 include; and, but, so, because, when, that, while, if, or.


Bog Baby came swinging through the flower stalks and jumped into the water.

The girls told mum about Bog Baby because they didn't want him to die.



Conjunctions | English

Adventurous Ahmed gets to grips with conjunctions.

Be a conjunction spotter!


Can you spot the conjunction in these sentences?


1. We put on our shoes and I went out to play.

2. My dad doesn't like sweets but he loves chocolate.

3. I can't go out tonight because I have to stay in and do my homework.

4. The little boy hurt his foot so his mum took him to the hospital.

5. Bob the dog felt happy when he saw his friends at the park.

6. I saw a pond that was full of tadpoles.


Choose a book and as you read it, write down all the conjunctions that you find.



Write some sentences which include different conjunctions.