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This week we will be basing our literacy work on the book; Bob's Best Ever Friend. Below is a video of Mrs Samuel reading the story.

Bob's Best Ever Friend

Here is the story for you to read yourself.

Write a book review


Book Review

Use conjunctions to extend sentences.

Last week we practised extending sentences using a range of conjunctions. This week you are going to choose which conjunction to use and finish the sentence.


Create a Role on the Wall


Write as many words as you can to describe a best ever friend. Think carefully about your spellings.


Create a Wanted Poster

Imagine how Bob must have felt in the story when he had no friends. Use the words from your role on the wall to create a wanted poster for a best ever friend for Bob.


Design an Alien Animal

Bob didn't believe that alien animals really existed until he met alien dog. Can you design your own alien animal and label it. Remember; if you use a double adjective, separate them with a comma.


Big, blue eyes           

long, pointy nose       

ginormous, ugly warts all over his back


Write descriptive sentences about your alien animal.

Try to include exciting adjectives (describing words), similes (using 'like' or 'as' to compare to something else) and conjunctions to extend your sentences.