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Miss Lindop's Diary

Sunday 5th July 2020


Hi all smiley I hope you are all well. The weather has been a bit crazy here this weekend. We randomly had a roll of thunder this afternoon and I don't think the weather can decide whether to stay dry or not.


Poppy has not really fancied going out for walks either. I had a battle with her yesterday. She wouldn't move off the front step. It was quite embarrassing! I am sure all the neighbours had a laugh though! We managed it in the end as she was not getting away with being lazy! She sleeps a lot as it is. She tried the same today. I had to carry her to the car! 


I am back in school with year 6 tomorrow and Tuesday so you have two lots of maths (in case I struggle for time) on our class page. Then, from Wednesday, I will be doing my last round of calls - so I look forward to speaking to you all then.


Until then, look after yourselves and those you live with. Be kind and stay safe.

Miss Lindop smiley

Wednesday 1st July 2020


Hi all smiley I hope that you are all keeping well. I have been as busy as a bee this week doing lots of school work. I think I might be busier despite getting towards the end of the school year. I have been updating the website so that you have daily maths to do. I am thinking that I will add another mental maths test tomorrow, ready for Friday as I am sure that some of you will have missed them. Plus, it will be getting you back into the habit ready for September. It's like exercise for your brain and we know how important exercise is for our bodies, our minds and our general health!


I have been in our classroom a little bit this week. It is so strange! I have not put the tables back yet (after the deep clean) so it looks very bare, even though there is still lots of beautiful work on the walls.

As you can see, there is plenty of carpet space! That's unusual as it's normally a tight squeeze. Ha ha ...smiley


It reminds me of when we were practising for our assembly and the Christmas service in church.


Anyway, I hope that you are all well. 

I look froward to speaking to you all soon.


Miss Lindop smiley

Saturday 27th June 2020


Hi all smiley I hope that you are all well? 

The weather has definitely changed today! Wow! The rain has been on and off all day. I suppose that we can't complain as we have been very lucky with the weather. At least my new plants, that I bought last weekend, will be getting watered. It saves me a job.


Well, since I last wrote a diary entry, I have been busy writing reports. They do take longer than you might think! Plus, I am one for re-reading and changing things but I do want them to be right and reflective of how wonderful you all are smiley


Today, I have updated the website with some new writing and maths activities. I hope that you are all still doing some learning at home.


Well, I will leave it there. I may have to brave the rain to take Poppy out for a walk. Wish me luck!

Be good for your adults, be kind to yourselves and others, take care and stay safe.

Miss Lindop smiley 

Tuesday 23rd June 2020


Hi all smiley

This week I have been teaching in year 6. It has been very different but it was good to be back in. We eased in with a few easy activities. Today, we did a short write. I used The Magic Tree, which I set for you all a while back. Also, we did the shape multiplication that I set you. It definitely got everyone’s brains working!


Poppy has a new bed. She is chuffed with it! It keeps her off the sofa too so it’s an added bonus. As soon as I put it down, she was straight on it. Plus, we have been letting her sleep on it overnight rather than go in her bed in her under the stairs kennel. She seems to like this new arrangement (and it means she isn’t waking me up at 6am). yes



Poppy may look like she has a grumpy face but she is very happy here. She always has a grumpy face smiley


I am working from home for the rest of the week so I will be completing school reports, hopefully.


I hope you are all well. Be good for your adults,  be kind to yourself and others and stay safe.


Take care,


Miss Lindop smiley






Tuesday 16th June 2020


Today felt like it passed in an instant. I updated the maths page first thing this morning (at about 6.30am), which took me longer that I expected. However, as I want you to practice division at home, I feel that you need lots of resources and a bit extra to help you. Mrs Whyment tells me that I love to put a bit of spiel (lots of writing) on my updated work pages. (It's probably the need to teach you as I would if we were in school). smiley


I spoke to some of you on the phone today and will continue to make calls all through tomorrow so I hope to speak to many more of you. It was great to hear that some of you have already accessed some of the new science content all about electricity. yes


Also, while I was busy working all day, I had my dad here (at a safe distance) painting my bathroom and other parts of my house and Poppy was walked by her dog walker, Karen. If only you could of heard the noise as Poppy greeted Karen. She loves her! It was lovely to see actually, as usually I am not at home when Karen comes. It is good to support people during these times, especially when there are bills to pay. (Your parents will understand I am sure.) I found out that Poppy is the only dog that Karen is walking but at least she is earning some money.


Any, I will be off. Be good for your parents and adults at home. Be kind to yourself and others and stay safe heart

Miss Lindop smiley

Sunday 14th June 2020


Well what a busy week! I have been updating the website, doing some maths with Mrs Sheeran and doing some online learning (for a course in school on Monday). I have also spoken to some parents. For those that I have not yet spoken to in the last couple of weeks, expect my call next week! smiley


I hope that you are all well and are keeping busy too. The weather has not been great but I think that the plants and the grass have needed a good watering. 


I have had some good walks with Poppy and she has been very well behaved - on the whole. Yesterday, however, she was very crafty and waited until she was off lead to go backwards to find some bread that we had passed.


Here are some pictures of the places that we have visited.

This is Greenbooth Reservoir on the left and

Scammonden Reservoir below.Poppy has loved having longer walks now that

she is feeling better. It is great for us both to get outside and get some fresh air. The mental health benefits are good too - especially if you feel a bit down and fed up (which is understandable at this time and it's ok to feel like this sometimes).

I hope that you all have ways that you are coping with the current pandemic.


I know it's difficult but try things that will keep you in a positive mindset. Exercise in any form will help with this. Some of you I know enjoy some mindful colouring too or making things - such as crafts or baking.


Well, I hope you are all keeping well. 

Be good for your adults at home, be kind to yourself and others and stay safe. smileyyes


Missing you all lots!

Miss Lindop smiley

Tuesday 9th June 2020


Hi all. smiley

Just a quick note this evening. I have put some more maths on for you all for tomorrow. As Mrs Whyment has said on her diary, we will be updating the class pages as much as we can (as we are the dream team). I will be adding science tomorrow as well. I apologise to those of you who have been waiting for some new science content. I would rather take my time with the content than rush it.


Poppy is doing much better now and is back to being her usual self - being the boss of my house I think!



























As you can see from above, Poppy loves being out on the moors. I think she spent most of her time rolling around and running through the heather! She was not at full speed but it was great seeing her so happy to be out and about in her favourite place.

Later on, I went into the living room to find that she had made herself really comfortable!


She was tired out, bless her heart


I just left her to her usual snoring, content.



Anyway, be good as always, stay safe and be kind to yourself and those you live with.


Miss Lindop smiley



Sunday 7th June 2020


Hi all. smiley As most of you may be aware, we are not partially opening school next week as planned so I will have more time to make phone calls to you all and update things for you to complete on the website.


Poppy has been a bit under the weather this weekend - she was being sick on Thursday, which was not pleasant. However, she has been treated to some chicken and rice for her meals so that has cheered her up. I think by tomorrow (fingers crossed), she will be back to her usually bouncy, excitable self. When she is, I will post another picture just for you all.


I am looking forward to making some more phone calls to you all. I may start towards the end of the week for some of you - as I have spoken to you all fairly recently. 


As always, be good for your adults at home, be kind to yourself and others.

On a final note, even though we are all missing school and each other terribly, stay strong and don't forget to be resilient. We can get through these testing times. You are all amazing!

Stay safe,

Miss Lindop smiley



Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Hi all smiley I hope you are all well. I have been busy thinking about school and getting myself ready for next week. I will be working in year 6, which will be a new challenge so tomorrow I am meeting Mrs S, Ms Shenton and Mr Whyte to prepare our lessons. Also, as I am in school tomorrow, I am hoping to speak to those of you (who do not already come into school as key worker children) that I have missed. There are only four of you so I hope to catch up with you and see what you have been doing.


I hope you are taking some time to relax (as it is half term for you all). However, I have been updating the website for you all. Tomorrow's maths is a game which could be lots of fun. Let me know how you get on by asking an adult to post something on out school Facebook page.


I will keep it short today but know that I am thinking of all of you - especially 4 Tudors, who I miss lots.

Be good for your adults at home, stay safe and be kind.

Miss Lindop smiley 

Thursday 28th May 2020


Hi all. This week has been a busy one! I have finished my half term as I said on Monday. The weather was glorious on Monday so we took Poppy up to a local nature reserve called Healey Dell. I was telling Mrs Whyment about it (as she lives nearby) and she didn't even know it existed. smiley It was ideal though as it is very sheltered as there is lots of trees and water for Poppy to splash in. She also loved all the left over picnic food that people had left. She is a gannet (greedy)! Anything bread related - sandwiches of pizzas goes straight down. No messing! She breathes it in I am sure so that I can't take it off her. 

As you can see from the picture, it is very picturesque! It is quite fun to step onto all the large rocks to cross from one side of the water to the other.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, I was in school. It was brilliant weather and we even had a visit from a unicorn on Wednesday. What a treat!


I have spoken to about 20 of you from my class now, which has been amazing! I love hearing about all the things that you have been learning or keeping yourselves busy with - from to art work, to Education City, to TTRS, to writing stories, to doing some maths, to planning some science experiments and  even hearing about some dog training and of some of you splashing about in a paddling pool in the garden. It all sounds fabulous!


I am going to update the website class page with some more maths right now and sign off. I appreciate that some of you are taking a break for your own half-term but at least if you want to have a go it's there as an option. I hope to speak to the remainder of you tomorrow.


Also, look out next week for the science section of our class page being updated. I will be putting some information about what would be our new topic, which would have been after half term. 


As always, be good to the adults at home and kind to your siblings. 

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Lindop smiley

Monday 25th May 2020


Hello everyone! I hope that you are well. I have finished my half-term as you are starting yours. However, I have updated our class page activities, this morning, so that you can still do some home learning if you wish. 


I am back in school tomorrow for a couple of days with the children who are attending. So the plan today is to catch up on a few things for school (as I have had a good rest) and then have some time walking Poppy, this afternoon. 


I have been doing the usual really. My step daughters were here last week so we were doing some home learning. Also, we completed another 9x9 Sudoku grid together. I was tempted to put it on our maths page but it was very difficult and I have been told that some things that we have added have been very difficult (so I don't want to put any of you off using our page to learn). If you really want to have a go at one, there are plenty out there - you can even get Sudoku grids with a literacy focus. Good luck if you try one.


The weather continues to be dry and the sun has come out today. However, it has been really windy here over the weekend! 


Also, just to let you all know that I will be doing some phone calls to you all on Thursday and Friday, when working from home. I look forward to speaking to as many of you as I can.


In the meantime, be good for your adults at home and be kind to each other.

Take care,

Miss Lindop smiley

Tuesday 19th May 2020


Hello everyone smiley I am sorry that I have not updated my diary for a while. I have had a bit of a break - taking my half term early so that I can be in school when we would normally be off. I hope that you are all well?


I have been keeping busy as always. Nothing much to report to be honest. I am still reading, back to reading my Village School series. I have been doing some spring cleaning and of course walking Poppy. She has been on some really long walks recently and we have had some play sessions on the cricket pitch, near to my home.


This is Poppy and her friend Bruce. He doesn't normally play with Poppy that much but they were chasing tennis balls together for about an hour. Poppy was shattered. Bruce can keep going and going though and did spend most of the time running circles around Poppy, literally! 


Here they are together just having a rest. At this point they actually had their own balls. They do like to swap. I don't know why? Maybe they get bored of their own ball?



As you can see on the right, Poppy has made herself a very comfortable spot on the sofa. She loves a good sleep, especially after a long walk. Although, I am not sure how she sleeps so soundly as she snores! Really loudly! smiley



Anyway, I will look forward to being back in school next week and I will be making phone calls again. I hope to speak to as many of you as possible. In the meantime, don't forget to keep working hard (as Mrs Whyment has been updating the website ( the Year 4 class page for you), be kind to yourselves and each other as we continue to stay at home during this difficult time.


Take care,

Miss Lindop smiley

Friday 8th May 2020


Hello everyone! 😊 I have had a busy week. I have been in school for most of it, which has been good. For two days, I spent time with the children, along with Mrs Savarizadeh, Mrs Samuel, Ms Shenton, Miss Wilde, Mrs Vejki and Mrs Eqbal. It was great to see some other adults from school. We went straight to creating some bunting for VE Day (which is today) and a VE Day sign. It definitely kept us busy, painting and colouring. If you are not sure what VE Day is, maybe you could find out. I have watched some coverage about it this morning on BBC One. It was very heartwarming and emotive to watch.


Here is what we made in school:
















I have also been doing some work with Mrs Sheeran looking at maths across school and with Mrs Whyment in preparation for us to return to school - whenever that may be. Soon I hope! smiley


Poppy has been very mischievous this week and ran off on one of her walks. Luckily, a lovely couple got her and kept hold of her for us. We only knew they had her as the couple were good enough to call us (from her collar) to let us know. What a relief! In light of her little, escaping fiasco, I think that she will be mostly back on the lead so that she doesn't run off again.


Yesterday, I also spoke to Mrs Matthews on the phone. We usually have a catch up in the mornings before school so it was like several of our little chats, all rolled into one. I really miss all my friends from school and all of the children. However, during these times, speaking on the phone is pretty amazing! I am looking forward to my next round of phone calls to you all in a couple of weeks time.


In the meantime, stay safe, be good to your adults and siblings at home and don't forget to do some learning! There are lots things for you to learn. Maybe you could make your own Union Jack flag or bunting for VE Day.

Take care,

Miss Lindop smiley

Sunday 3rd May 2020


Hi all. I hope that you are having a good weekend? I have been busy catching up with some family on the phone, food shopping, school work and obviously walking Poppy 😊


Yesterday, I spoke to my Dad on a video call. He is a bit scared of technology so my younger brother organised it. It was good to see him face to face as it must be 2 months since I have seen him...or there about. It is a long time.


Also, I was busy updating Education City for you all yesterday and I have been busy doing some maths work for a Mrs Sheeran today. Tomorrow, I am back in school for a couple of days so I will be busy getting myself ready after - making lunch, ironing clothes. I know boring stuff!


I have started a new book. This may be one that some of you have read or may like to. I finished my last book and felt like reading something different. It’s called ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo. I have only just started it but I am really looking forward to reading all about this special lion. I have included the blurb in my pictures so that you may be encouraged to try it too - either as an ebook through the library, a kindle or maybe you have a copy and just never picked it up.






















For those of you who are fans of Poppy too, here is a little picture from yesterday. She was very mischievous and thought that it would be a good idea to roll in fox poo. She was so stinky! I bet worse than Mr Stink! surprise It's hard to see from the photo but its absolutely caked into her fur, where her harness sits across her chest. The fur should be all white. Also, it was also smeared under her chin. I don't know, maybe she fancied a bath as that is exactly where she went when we got home!


Well I will let you all know how I get on in school this week. 


Be good. Stay safe and look after one another.

Miss Lindop smiley








Friday 1st May 2020


How is it May already? I am not sure the weather matches the month as the sun has done a disappearing act and the temperature has definitely dropped! 


I am pleased to say that I have spoken to most of you from my class and I am sure that I will get the opportunity to speak to you all again soon. It's a great way to keep in touch and at least you all don't forget about school too much! I like how you have all described your learning in great detail as well as other creative tasks that you have been keeping busy with - painting, drawing, making Covid-19 capsules to capture this time in what will be our history, research into different areas (particularly science) and building things like dens and Lego masterpieces! Well done to you all!


I have been keeping busy again, with Mrs Whyment, updating the school website among other things. There is always lots to do and we will be looking at what we need to learn in school when we do return. On that note, I have some more school work to do before I take young, mischievous Poppy out for her daily exercise smiley


Be good, take care of yourselves and your family.

Look forward to speaking to you all again soon. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend.


Miss Lindop smiley



Wednesday 29.04.20


Hello everybody! 

Today I have spoken to some more families from my class and am really pleased to say that I have got through to most people now. I only have a handful of parents and children from class left. It has been really uplifting catching up with what everyone has been doing to keep busy and I have been really impressed with some of the home learning that has been occurring. A huge thank you to all parents for supporting learning during this difficult time.


For those of you who have loved seeing Poppy - below is a little picture. Last night, we were playing Yahtzee as a family. Have you ever played it? Its a game where you have 5 dice and you have to roll a certain number of different combinations and each has a certain score. If you roll all five dice and they reveal the same number on each, it's called a Yahtzee! The person with the highest score at the end is the winner. It's very addictive. Anyway, when I popped into the living room, I saw that Poppy, as per usual, had made herself very comfortable!


Poppy as you can see is a very cheeky dog. 


Anyway, keep up the fabulous learning!

Be good and stay safe.


Miss Lindop smiley

Tuesday 28th April 2020


The last couple of days have been really busy! I have been making a lot of phone calls. I have spoken to about two thirds of my class. It has really been fantastic to speak to parents and the children. It has given me a great boost! I am really pleased that most people are accessing the website, TTRS and Education City. There have been lots of other interesting things happening too. Some children are creating a Covid-19 time capsule to inform people in the future about this period of time that we are living in. A marvellous idea! Imagine, in possibly 100 years, when people may find the capsules and learn so much about us all and the times that we are living through. It will definitely be a period that will go down in history and people in the future, I am sure, will study what life was like in our present day.


As always, I hope everyone is well and keeping safe.

That reminds me! Have you seen the video clip that teachers have made?

Find the link below and enjoy. Know that we miss you all.


Miss Lindop smiley

Sunday 26th April 2020


Hi everyone! I hope you are all well? 

I have been busy as usual, Mrs Whyment and I have been updating the website for you ready for next week. I will also look at putting some other activities on Education City for you all this week. 

If you are looking for other activities to try, BBC Bitesize are doing some daily lessons so you could always mix it up and try some lessons on there. I would love to see what you have been up to on our school Facebook or Twitter.


Here's the link if you need it:


Other than that, I have still been doing my Joe Wicks PE - I will definitely deserve the KitKat Chunky that is still in school that Mrs Whyment bought for me - as some of you know, I have been saving it.


I have been walking Poppy every day, which is great. We both enjoy the fresh air and Poppy loves running in the long grass although yesterday she did have me rather worried! She went off into a forest and didn't come back for what felt like forever! It was probably about 5 minutes!


Also, I have nearly finished reading my latest book. I have been really into it. I have been reading more than watching a bit of TV. I find that I feel a bit fed up after too much TV and reading lets my imagination run wild!


As always, be good and kind to those you live with.

Miss Lindop smiley

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Hi everyone. I hope that you are all well and keeping busy. We are currently doing one of the science weekly quizzes. Have you tried one yet? My partner Mr Bratby is testing my step-daughters, Holly and Madisyn on the human quiz. Some of the questions are really tricky! 


I also finished my book- Chocolate Wishes. It was a very heart-warming in the end.


I started a new book this morning (as I got up at 7am) so I had a good read before I did Joe Wickes PE.

The new book is called, ‘The Little Village School’ by Gervase Phinn - who also worked in Education before he started writing books. I introduced Mrs Matthews to his books a couple of years ago so I can’t wait to read the book and discuss it with her 😊


This is the front cover of the book. I have only read three chapters so far. I am looking forward to reading a bit more later.


This afternoon we also did the 9x9 sudoku challenge that I set for you earlier in the week. It was definitely a team effort so if you have a go, maybe get an adult to do it too and compare your answers. Our brains are definitely hurting now!


As always, be good and look after each other and be helpful for parents.


Miss Lindop 😊

Monday 20th April 2020


Hey everyone! I hope that you all had a good weekend? There's not much to report really. My step-daughters were here at the weekend so they spent some time riding their bikes, while Poppy was having her daily walk. I have spent quite a bit of time in my kitchen doing some cooking, making some delicious meals to get ahead for the week. On Saturday night, I made the best meatballs. I even filled them with cheese. They were delicious!


On Sunday, I spent quite a long time on the phone to Mrs Whyment. She is well and it was good to hear her voice and have a catch up. We talked about what we had been up to and our plans for the work that we are going to put on the website for you all. 


Today, I have done some work for school. I think it's really important to keep doing work for school in preparation for returning, at some point. It would be far too easy to become lazy. In the afternoon, I went for a walk with Poppy. The weather keeps deceiving me as it looks sunny and warm but it has been really windy here. It was freezing this afternoon, despite the sun shining! It definitely blew off some of the cobwebs! It totally refreshed me as in the evening, I was building bedroom furniture. It's non-stop! Honestly, I keep finding lots to do!


I have also been reading a book all about a woman who has her own business making chocolate treats. It's called 'Chocolate Wishes'. It's not a book for children but your parents may like it. I hope you are all still reading for pleasure. If you can recommend any books, ask an adult to let us know on our school Facebook page. I am always looking for good books to read and I am thinking of loaning some e-books from my local library. Have any of you tried that?


Anyway, hope you are all well.

Miss Lindop smiley

Thursday 16th April 2020


Today, I was in school with Mrs Hughes, Mr Whyte and Mrs Donnelly. It was great to see some other adults and the children who were in today. 


We we had quite a busy day. There was colouring, TTRS, riding on bikes, playing on the field and some stain glass window designs made with masking tape and coloured chalk. It was Mr Whyte’s idea and when the children had completed their designs, they looked really effective! 



Now that I am at home, I am going to do my Joe Wicks PE session - as I really don’t want to miss out. Plus Poppy doesn’t need walking by me today. She is currently snoring 😴 on the window sill. I think it may be possible that the neighbours can hear her because she is so loud!




Wednesday 15th April 2020


The last couple of days has been really busy. I have found having a routine is really important. I have been getting up and doing Joe Wicks PE. Have you? I find that sets me up for the day. Then, I have done some work for school and taken Poppy out for her walk. Before I know it, it's tea time!


Tomorrow, I am in school all day. I am looking forward to going in and seeing some adults as I do miss my friends - as I am sure you all do too. Although, I have found that I have been talking to people more on the phone. I did make a video call to my nephew, who turned 3 years old this week. That was good as, even though I could not go and see him, he could show me all his presents (mainly aeroplanes as he is a bit obsessed).  It's good to make the effort to stay in touch with people. I like it. I think I will try to make the effort to call friends and family more often as it's always uplifting to hear their voices and have a good chat and laugh.


Anyway, for those who will be in school, I will see you tomorrow. For those who are not, don't forget that Mrs Whyment and I are always updating the class pages so that you have things to keep you occupied (and we want you to keep on learning).


Take care,

Miss Lindop smiley



Monday 13th April 2020


Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone! I hope that you have all had a great weekend. Sorry I have not been in touch for a week. I decided to have a few days off and recharge the batteries. However, I have been quite busy. I have been painting and decorating - using up some paint that I had in the house to touch up and make things look nice and fresh. I chatted to Mrs Cartledge on the phone the other day for about an hour. She is doing well. She has been helping out an elderly neighbour by doing some gardening, which is very thoughtful. Also, she has been walking Sally, her dog, a lot.


Talking of walking, I have been exploring my local area and finding paths and bridleways that are out of the way. I found a reservoir within walking distance of my house! I mean I knew it was there but by cutting across fields (on marked pathways) and taking some short cuts it was much closer than I thought it was. It was so isolated! It was also very scenic and beautiful. Poppy was loving it even though she had to be on the lead because there were lots of sheep and some cute little lambs. 


Yesterday, I cooked a Sunday dinner for me my partner and my two step-daughters Holly and Madisyn. I managed to make the best roast potatoes ever! I was so impressed with myself. It was definitely worth the effort. Then we went on a walk to the reservoir I mentioned. Holly and Madisyn went on their bikes. Then, the most incredible thing happened! We were on our way back and all of a sudden, there was a freak downpour of torrential rain. We didn't know where it came from. Our jeans were stuck to our legs we were that wet. We were drenched! That is a more accurate description! smiley We can laugh about it now. We got home and got in PJs and chilled in front of the fire with some hot chocolate. We soon warmed up.


On a sunny day, this is what the reservoir looks like. Idyllic.

Keep up all the good things that you are doing. Don't forget to have a bit of a rest as well during the official break but keep your minds busy. If you check the website tomorrow, I will have updated the activities.


Take care and be good, 

Miss Lindop

Monday 6th April 2020


I hope you are all well and have had a good weekend (despite the sunshine and having to stay at home).

I have finally finished my knitting. I just need to get rid of the loose ends. I had to repeat taking it off my knitting needles (it’s called casting off) as I can never get it right 1st time. One end was shorter than the other. I couldn’t live with that! Mrs Edge could tell you that it definitely is not the first time I have made silly mistakes. I had a little frustrated grumble to myself but got on with it. I thought to myself, “After all the hours spent creating this blanket and concentrating on my pattern - counting in 7s- I am not giving up! I can do this!” So that’s what I did. I am really proud of myself 😊

My blanket is so long that I had to fold it over. I made it for my stepdaughter (who is in year 6), Madisyn, who I have mentioned before. 


I hope you have all been doing some projects to keep you busy and like Mrs a Whyment has said on her diary, it would be great to see some decorated eggs (even if we are not in school).

Take care all.

Miss Lindop 😊

Friday 3rd April 2020


The end of another week is upon us! I hope you have all been busy. I did some more knitting today after I did my school work. When I last checked teachers were winning on TTRS. You all need to catch up! You can't let us beat you? Surely! I have sent Tudors all individual challenges on the Rockslam section. Can you beat my score? 

After lunch, I took Poppy out for a long walk and a play with her tennis ball. She is tired out now! 

I have posted the answers to the Sudoku puzzles. They are on the maths activity page - don't scroll down too far if you still want to have a go. 


I hope you all have a great weekend. I will be back on here on Monday. 

Miss you all. Take care of each other. Be kind to your families. 

Miss Lindop smiley



Thursday 2nd April 2020


Today I finished the Sudoku puzzles that I set you on Tuesday. It definitely helped to warm up my brain. Did anyone manage it as well? I will post the answers tomorrow. 


After that, I decided to do some learning about teeth and the digestive system. It was good to remind myself of all the things that we would usually be learning about. I also learned something new. It was a bit disgusting! I learned that as we eat we also swallow air which causes us to burp and fart. I watched a video all about how the air moves around the body mixing with bacteria in the intestines which then creates a gas. I will put the video clip in our science folder on the class page. 


I have really enjoyed seeing some of your learning on our school facebook page. Keep it up!

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Can you believe that this is the last day of March? Anyway, today I have been busy updating the website for you all. I hope you like the sudoku puzzles. If you like them I have plenty more and could even put a 9x9 grid on at some point for those who may want a tougher challenge. 


 Have a look at some of the hints I have included in this picture. It definitely will get your brain working. 



I have have also been checking out some of the Facebook updates. I have been loving seeing some of the updates there including great I’ve artwork for the NHS, some maths work and even the set up of a science experiment. Keep it coming! 













I have also noticed a weekly science quiz that Miss Roberts has put on the class pages, which you will find in a separate science link (so don’t go into year 4).

Are you going to have a go? I definitely am!







Monday 30th March 2020


Today I have been trying to help the teachers catch up on TTRS. I think it’s a huge mountain to climb as all the children who have been competing are making it really trick to catch up! 


After lunch I had a good chat on the phone with Mrs Whyment. It was good to have a catch up. I think we miss each other 😊 Then I went for a long windy walk again with Poppy. She is really loving all the attention whilst I am home. She has become my shadow. Wherever I am she’s not too far behind 😂


I have got back into knitting after getting out of the habit. The latest blanket is starting to really come together. Just a bit more length and it will be done. It definitely keeps my brain ticking over and I can practise my 7x tables as the pattern is in groups of 7. I have 63 stitches on each row. How many 7s is that? I am sure you all could tell me ... within seconds 😊


Here is a sneaky peek of the blanket. Did you know that Mrs Edge and Mrs Burns knit. Hopefully they think it looks ok. (They are the professionals. I am just a novice).  


Hope that you are all keeping busy. Don’t forget to keep on checking this class page for lots of activities - writing, grammar, maths, reading and science.


Missing you all. Take care.

Miss Lindop x 

Friday 27th March 2020


Today was a fun day. After breakfast, I had a working morning with my step-daughter Madisyn. She is in year 6 and was doing a writing challenge set by one of her teachers. That inspired me to update the website for you all - despite a few technical difficulties. (No Mr Moss required for once). You will find some extra work set for those of you who are looking for some challenges. Also, I have updated Education City so that you can all be kept busy with maths, grammar and some science revision smiley 


After lunch, as a family we made the most of being up on the moors again with Poppy.



Social isolation at its best!

I spend most weekends up here taking Poppy for long walks. She loves running through the grass and rolling about everywhere - although annoyingly sometimes in poo!


As you can see below, Poppy is loving life smileyyes
























Tonight, I think I may try and get back into knitting and a bit more reading for pleasure. I hope you all have a good weekend and I will update you all on Monday. smiley

Thursday 26th March 2020


Today was a glorious day so as a family we went up to a place called Crompton Moor to take our dog Poppy for a long walk. The views were spectacular. At the top you can see Manchester, Oldham and Rochdale.  There weren't many people so it was perfect for social isolation. 


After that, Poppy needed a bath as she had managed to find the deepest, muddiest puddle! She was not impressed! Ha ha smiley


At 8pm, we stood at our window and applauded the NHS. Some of our neighbours joined in too. Did you get involved?

I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine - hopefully in a safe place like your garden. 


Keep busy. I will be checking the school Facebook and Twitter feeds to see what you have all been up to.

Tuesday 24th March 2020


I thought about telling you about yesterday - but I was only on cleaning duties, and school, which I am sure you don't want to hear about!

So today...

has been a relatively busy day. I went to school - as I did yesterday - but I was not needed so I drove all the way home again. On my way home, I thought that maybe I should get some essential food shopping before it was too busy - not for toilet rolls. I can reassure you of that! One of the children in class last week shared and idea that perhaps people were going to use the toilet paper as a feature wall decoration - I need to decorate but not that desperately!


Then, I spent some time adding some maths to Education City and updating our class page. Poppy (my beagle) tried to join in, even tried typing on the keyboard but in the end got bored. Instead of helping, she took to sleeping (not unusual). I am going to wake her now (hopefully she won't be too grumpy with me) and take her out for our one dose of exercise. 























I hope that you are all keeping busy and are being good at home. I hope that you are keeping your brains and bodies busy - even helping adults around the home. You could even try a Joe Wicks' PE lesson. I will be doing one of his workouts later.


Here's the link if you need it for today's workout.