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Monday 21st September

Morning Work


Guided Reading


Below is this week's comprehension. If you come across an unfamiliar word, ask a group work to help you 'clarify' any tricky words, phrases or ideas.  Today, your task is to familiarise yourself with the text below. 




 Draw a number line with markers 0 and 100. Place 49 on it to help you.


Writing Task


This week the writing challenge is based on a story that is a bit of a twist on Red Riding Hood in the sense that the villain in the story (the wolf) has tried to lure his victim by using a disguise.

Use the pictures and prompts below to create a piece of writing. It could be a story (using the story starter), or a description of the scene. 


Mr Wolf PDF printout

Daily Arithmetic




Tudor Class has been working with Mr Conway looking at different types of music.  Familiarise yourselves with the links below.