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Monday 2nd November

This is the link for 'Daily 10'.  I know how much you all love it!  Press 'play' then choose which level (3 or 4) and which times tables.  We were up to x6 and challenging ourselves to only 3 seconds for each answer.  Good luck! 

Morning work

Below, you will see the morning maths I had planned for this week.  You don't have to complete all three daily-you can decide which one you want to do each day.  Usually, I'd give you 10-15 minutes to complete as many calculations as possible.  Ask a grown-up to help you with your marking.  Can you beat today's score and get a higher one tomorrow?  Again, no raffle so..... you can all receive two pupil points on our first day back!!  I have attached PDFs so you can print out if you wish.



Guided Reading

Below is this week's comprehension and I had planned to spend a good three lessons (if not more) on the below text.  If you come across an unfamiliar word, ask an adult to help you 'clarify' any tricky words, phrases or ideas.  Today, your task is to familiarise yourself with the text below. 

- Use if you don't have access to a paper back dictionary to look up unfamiliar words if needed.



Guided Reading Print out


Watch the videos to recap on adding 3 and 4 digit numbers whereby you need to cross 10 or 100...





I included these Statutory spellings in your parents' evening report so focus on learning these this week as well as your shape vocabulary in your homework books.  On our first Tuesday back, I will test you on your half term spellings. 

Also, I've made a little word search (below) based on your spelling homework.  I've attached a PDF too smiley



Word search-Shape Vocab

Daily Arithmetic 



*HALLOWEEN SPECIAL* P.E. With Joe | Saturday 31st October 🎃

P.E. With Joe *HALLOWEEN SPECIAL* | Saturday 31st October


I've given you a choice of Spanish word searches, Halloween or Days of the Week.


Spot the Difference  laughlaugh