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Monday 30th November


Just a little natter about reading!


This week we are due to be starting work on perimeter. 

Watch the clip below then complete the activities.  You may need a pen and paper during the clip and to pause at different complete tasks.

Aut5.11.1 - Measure perimeter

This is "Aut5.11.1 - Measure perimeter" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

The worksheets you see below are printable.  If you are unable to print then you can use the sheets on the screen and record on paper your answers.
Here comes the answer sheet - remember it doesn't matter how many you get right or wrong.  If you do make mistakes it is important to figure out why you have so you can learn from it.  Look at your corrections and check the responses.


My hero!  I have talked a lot about him to you.  Seen as we are in this situation and our unit is autobiographies I thought this would be a great opportunity to read his!  This is a very simplified version and there are some questions about it after for you to have a go at.


As you read this consider how it matches up to the structure of the autobiography we looked at last week.

- How is it the same?  How is it different?

- How do the subheadings help?  


Here is a link to some more information about him through BBC newsround:


Revision of words with silent letters.



So I asked Mrs Cartledge what she thinks we should do for swimming work.  She suggested you do laps of your bath!  She wants fifty lengths please.  


I have included some work on water safety for this afternoon as it is so important.