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Monday 7th December

Remember to check out the virtual Christmas Fair today!   We are going to do our calendar page on Wednesday when we are back in!


Guided Reading

Mr Coombes

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Mr Coombes part 4.wav

Today I want you to think about what has happened.  Here are some activities.  There is a short extract to convert from the past to the present tense.  Think about writing it as if it is happening right now.  The second activity encourages you to come up with your own mischief type activities - it gives you a location and a character and you need to think of a prank you could play on that character and think about what the consequence would be of the prank.  


This activity is not intended to give you ideas for when we are back in school!  Bare that in mind!


Continue working on the next paragraph of your biography.  

This paragraph is about the greatest achievement and the biggest failure.


As well as using the success criteria that you saw on Friday's section of these daily activities.  Use some of the er and est suffixes we have practised.  Here's a reminder:



For Monday and Tuesday I would like you to finish any maths you haven't already completed on the website.  I have put some challenges below for you to have a go at as well.  Some are easier than others.  Over the next two days spend a bit of time on these:




50 more lengths of the bath is Mrs Cartledge's challenge please!


Mrs Matthews' challenge:

Choose one of the following pictures

1) Lost and found 


2) The Deep 


3) Catch me if you can 


When you have decided on one of the pictures, open the matching document below and have a go at some of the challenges - your writing doesn't have to be long it can be a ten minute write!  Can't wait to see what you come up with!