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Mr. Kieran's Group

Dear Parents of children in this group


I know how tricky it is for children to stay motivated during this time.  I would recommended little and often.  I am not putting a time frame on these activities as I don't want you to feel under any pressure.  I will be in touch and can change this as needed if required.


I will keep updating as I find activities so please keep coming back and encourage the children to do the best that they can on each task. 



Mrs Matthews


During this period, we would like you to focus on 4 things:


- Counting up in different steps e.g. 2s, 3s, 4s etc. 

- Money - making amounts, recognising coins, giving change etc.

- Addition and subtraction facts. 

- Forming numbers correctly.


These activities can be completed very practically e.g. counting in steps every time you go up and down stairs, setting up your own shop at home with prices and doing role play, using things in your home to add and subtract - (I have six books in here and 3 in there so how many do I have altogether?).  Number formation can be practised inside, outside, big, small all over.  


Keep visiting this page as I will keep updating it with new activities for you to try!




It is important to encourage reading every day - 20 minutes.


Please can you encourage your group to write me a sentence about what they have read every day and a sentence about what they are up to.  


Encourage correct letter formation and to sound out words carefully.  They could draw a picture of what they have written.  


Keep these as I would love to see them.


I am going to keep updating this page with spelling tasks to complete also.