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Friday 27th March

Hi Y3!

Do you remember what my animals are?     Of course you do...they're alpacas!!

I have 3 altogether. They are brothers and their names are Oliver, Fagin and The Artful Dodger. They were named after 3 characters from a very famous story by Charles Dickens. Can you find out the name of the story?

Yesterday's photo was of Oliver and Fagin. Today you can see all 3 of the alpacas in their field.

As well as 3 alpacas, I also have 3 sheep. They are very cheeky! They like to escape and join 3 other sheep in my neighbour's field. I will tell you more about my sheep on Monday. 

FACT FILE: Alpacas originate from Peru, Chile and Bolivia. They come from the high mountains of The Andes. Can you find The Andes on a map?

Have a great weekend everybody and remember to keep washing your hands.

Mrs Bates x





Oliver, Fagin and The Artful Dodger

Oliver, Fagin and The Artful Dodger 1

Thursday 26th March


Hi Year 3! 

It's Mrs Bates here. I hope you're all ok. I thought I'd tell you about some of the things that are going on at my house whilst we're not in school at the moment.


We still get up and get ready, at the same time everyday, just like we used to. Having a routine is helping all of us at the moment. Each morning, me and Evie have joined lots of other families doing the national PE lesson with Joe Wicks. WOW, it's tough for me but Evie says "It's easy!" Try it if you can... I bet you'll really enjoy it!


Evie has lots of work to do which her high school are sending her daily. I've been busy reading and studying, learning new things, ready for when we're all back at Pinfold.


Do you remember Y3 that I have different animals at my house?


Well, during the time we are learning from home, I thought you'd like to know more about my animals. So here we go...


Below is a photo of 2 of my animals. Can you remember what they are?


Answer tomorrow!



Picture 1