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Tuesday 7th July


Hi Y3 Lowry,


How are you all this week? I've had a very busy week. Last week I was in school working with a group of children. There was a lovely, busy buzz in school. It was great to see so many happy faces. 

I've been chatting to all of you as well. I really like catching up with you all and finding out everything you've been doing. I'll be ringing you all again this week. 

Do you remember I told you my neighbours sheep had had lambs? Well they are doing really well, getting stronger everyday. I've been trying to take a photo of them to show you but they are still a bit shy and getting close to them is tricky. I will keep trying, they are so cute. 

The alpacas are getting used to being without their fleeces. Oliver isn't sulking quite so much now! I hope the sunny weather returns and they can enjoy the sunshine without those heavy coats.

Have a lovely week Y3 Lowry and I'll speak to you again soon.


Mrs Bates x





Monday 22nd June


Hi Year 3,


I hope you're all well.  Last week was such a busy week. I was in school and it was lovely to see lots of happy faces.

At home we had exciting things happening too! Do you remember I told you about Nigel from New Zealand who was going to come and shear my alpacas. Well, he came on Monday. It took him and his 2 assistants half an hour to shear all 3 alpacas. I thought the alpacas would feel happy being rid of those heavy fleeces but no! Oliver in particular was not pleased. He went into his shelter and sulked for 3 days.

Once Nigel had finished we collected 7 bin bags of wool. My mum loves knitting and she's asked me to find someone who can spin the fleece into wool she can knit with. She wants to make some jumpers for the winter as alpaca wool is very warm as well as being very soft.


Our other exciting news is our neighbours sheep have had lambs. There are 4 altogether, 3 boys and a girl. They are still a bit wobbly on their legs but we can see they are getting stronger everyday.


This week I'm going to be ringing you all. I'm really looking forward to hearing your news. Speak soon,


Mrs B x



Picture 1
Picture 2

Monday 15th June


Hi Year 3!


It was so lovely to chat with more of you last week, it really cheered me up.


We had some exciting news last week. Dolly, who is our neighbour's sheep, had 2 lambs on Wednesday night. They are so cute. We haven't been able to get very close to them as Dolly quickly moves them away if we go near her field. I've attached a picture of Dolly and I'll take a photo of the lambs as soon as I can.


This week in English we are going to begin a unit of work based on the story of King Midas (a Greek myth). I've put all the work for the week on the website so that you can see how iall the work fits together. We will carry on with this unit next week too. I've also put some science work on which is an experiment. You will need some celery and food colouring for it. 


Mrs Buxton has added maths and topic work- be sure to have a look!


I'm in school this week, working with key worker children, so have a great week everyone and hopefully I'll have a photo of the new lambs to show you.


Take care,

Mrs Bates x



Picture 1

Monday 8th June


Hello Year 3 Lowry,


I hope you enjoyed your time off over half term. I managed to see my mum and dad who I haven't seen for such a long time. They came around and sat in my garden, socially distanced of course! It was so lovely to see them, I've really missed them. Who have you seen recently?


Well, in ordinary times we'd be back at Pinfold today beginning the final half term of the year. Sadly that's not the case this year but me and Mrs Buxton are going to be putting lots of activities on the class page linked to our new topics. Over the next few weeks we are going to learning about Ancient Greece and plants. We will also keep adding reading, writing and maths tasks alongside the topic activities.  Please have a look and complete as many of them as you can.


Last week I managed to speak to lots of you on the phone. It was great to your voices and hear about all the things you've been doing. If I didn't manage to speak to you I'll try again this week.


Have a lovely week.


Mrs Bates x




Monday 11th May

Hi Y3,


I hope you had a lovely weekend. The weather was beautiful, wasn't it? It got me thinking how uncomfortable my alpacas must be carrying those big, heavy coats around. I haven't heard anything from Nigel yet but I hope he's on his way! 


Recently, I spotted this photo of a sheep who hadn't been sheared for 7 years. Can you see it below?

His name was Shrek and he lived in New Zealand. On the day he was due to have his beautiful fleece trimmed for the summer, he did not go to the shearing shed with the rest of his flock. Instead, Shrek ran in the opposite direction and found a cave to live in all by himself. He lived in his cave (and avoided shearing) for 7 whole years! Eventually, the farmer found him and gave him his first hair cut in 7 years. His fleece weighed 27kgs and was auctioned off to raise money for children's charities. 

I'm hoping my alpacas don't have to wait 7 years for a haircut. They'll end up looking like giant pom poms!


Anyway, it's been fantastic talking to lots of you over the last week. I think I've spoken to most of you but if I haven't reached you yet I'll keep trying. It really makes me smile hearing about all the things you've been doing. 


Please keep checking the Y3 daily activities page. There are lots of suggested activities to try keeping skills sharp. 


I've got a busy week planned. I'm going into school some days as well as planning some new exciting lessons for when we return to school. That's all for now. Keep working hard and having fun.

Love Mrs Bates xx


Picture 1

Monday 4th May


Hi Y3!


I hope you're all ok and enjoying the return of the sunshine. My sheep certainly are!


This morning they decided (along with their friends from next door) to escape from their field and find their way into my front garden. They all had a great time eating my flowers. I didn't have very many to start with but I've got none now. A job for the weekend will be to work out how they escaped, stop them from escaping again then putting some new flowers in my garden.


This week, on our class pages, I've added some activities linked to garden birds. Have you seen many birds when you've been in your garden or maybe on a walk? I know I have. I don't know if there are more birds around or whether I'm just noticing them more. There is a tiny robin who seems to spend all day looking for worms in my garden. I'd never really noticed it before. This week, if you get chance, take time to notice the wildlife around you. You may be surprised at what you see. I've added a bird identification chart below so you can identify any birds which you see.


Have a good week Y3 and I'll speak to you all soon,


Mrs Bates x



Wednesday 29th April


Hi everyone,


Where has the sunshine gone? What a difference a few days make ! I hope the sunshine returns soon, I really don't like the cold, chilly weather.


Have you had chance to look at the Y3 daily activity pages yet on the website? There are lots of activities, covering a range of topics, to keep your knowledge and skills up to date .  I know, from talking to you all last week, that lots of you have been using TT Rock Stars and  Education City. Well done and keep it up!


Today, I thought I'd show you 3 sheep who regularly come for tea. Their names are Dolly, Romeo and Juliet. They live in a neighbouring field but around 6 o'clock everyday they come across our field and join in feeding time. They never miss, you really could set your watch by them! We can't work out how they manage to get in, we can't see any holes in the fence. Evie thinks they can jump the fence or even that they've learnt to push the gate open. Once they've eaten they wander off again until the next day. 


Keep learning, smiling and having fun Y3. I'll speak to you all again soon.


Mrs B x


Picture 1
Fact File- There are over 1 billion sheep in the world.

Friday 24th April


Hi Y3,


I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine and long may it continue! Over the past couple of days I've been really busy chatting to your families and also to you on the phone. How lovely it's been to hear your happy, cheerful voices, it's really brightened my week! If I haven't managed to speak to you yet, don't worry I will try and ring you again.


As well as talking to lots of you I've also been adding daily activities to the website. Have you managed to have a look yet? Next week I'll add some more so you'll have writing, reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, handwriting and some maths to keep you learning each week.


On a different note, I had some really exciting news today. Do you remember I told you about Nigel? He's the alpaca shearer who comes from New Zealand each summer to shear alpacas all over the UK. Well, he's made it! He's arrived in the UK and has a permit to work. He has to self quarantine for 14 days before starting work but then he can move around freely. He has bought himself a campervan so that he can travel the length and breadth of the country.  I hope he reaches us very soon because the  alpacas are finding their thick coats very uncomfortable in this sunny weather. As soon as Nigel has been I'll take a photo and show you how tiny they really are.


Have a lovely weekend Y3 Lowry,


Mrs B x



Tuesday 21st April


Hi everyone!


I hope you're  all ok. What a funny feeling this week. We should all be back at Pinfold beginning our new topic and carrying out our exciting investigations. To help you with your learning,  Mrs Buxton and I have added some activities to the Y3 class pages. There is a daily maths activity as well as a daily writing/ grammar activity. In addition, we've added weekly topic and spelling activities. Please have a look at the class learning pages.


Today I'm going to tell you about my final alpaca, The Artful Dodger. He's the youngest of my 3 boys. We think he's about 9 or 10 years old now. He's very, very timid. This means he is very shy and nervous around humans. It is impossible to get close to him, he always turns and walks/ runs away. He is also nervous around his brothers. He is the last to eat from the feeding trough, he stands back until the older 2 have finished. Getting a photo of him was not an easy task!


Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.


See you soon,

Mrs Bates




Picture 1
Fact File- Just like their llama cousins, the average lifespan of an alpaca is 20 years. It is believed the longest lifespan for an alpaca is 27 years old.

Saturday 18th April


Hi Y3!


I hope you're all doing well.

Wow, I can't believe it's Saturday already. Where did last week go?  I've been very busy this week researching new things we can learn in Y3. I've been thinking about our science topics and I've planned some exciting lessons about plants as well as magnets and forces. I've enjoyed lots of chats with Mrs Buxton this week too. I know she's been very busy planning some exciting new learning about rocks and volcanoes. I can't wait for us all to be back at Pinfold and we can share the investigations and experiments with you all. 


Next week I'm going into school and I'm really looking forward to seeing  some of the children and adults from our lovely school. 


Today I thought I'd tell you a little bit more about Fagin.  He's the middle brother and we think he's around 10-11 years old now. He is very friendly and inquisitive. He will always come and have a look what someone is doing if they are in his field. Sometimes he makes people jump. He loves looking over shoulders but as he's so light on his feet people don't realise he's there and he makes them jump! When he came to live with us he was halter trained. This means that his previous owners put a head collar on him and took him out for a walk! 

Remember Y3 stay busy and try to do lots of different things in a day.

I'll speak to you again soon,

Love ,

Mrs Bx





Picture 1
Fact File- Alpacas were raised by the Incas in South America over 6000 years ago.

Wednesday 15th April


Hi everyone,


I hope you're enjoying the Easter holidays and managing to have some fun!


Today I thought you'd like to know a little more about Oliver or Olly as he's known in our house. Olly is the eldest of the 3 brothers, he's around 12 years old now. We got the alpacas almost 8 years ago and before they came to live with us they lived in the back garden of a family home in Stafford. The family realised that having 3 alpacas in their back garden was a bit of a squeeze so they put them up for sale and we bought them. For a long time, after we got them, all 3 slept under a lamp post at the top of their field because they had slept under a lamp post at their previous home. 


Olly is without doubt the boss! He is the eldest alpaca and he's also the biggest. If you look at Monday's photo he's the tallest alpaca standing at the back. Sometimes he fights with Fagin (who is the middle brother) because Fagin would quite like to be in charge. Olly always reminds Fagin who is the boss!


Olly can be very grumpy. If he gets really cross he can spit but fortunately that doesn't happen very often. We've noticed lately that he is becoming a little bit friendlier. He stood quite happily last week whilst Mr Bates clipped some of his coat. I think he realised he was trying to help him feel better.


Anyway that's all for now. I'll tell you about super friendly Fagin next time!


Mrs Bates x



Picture 1
Fact File- Alpacas are vegetarians.

Monday 13th April


Happy Easter Y3!


I hope you're enjoying the Easter weekend. I decided, over the weekend, to sort through some old photos we have. I found a very old one of my alpacas that was taken just after they were sheared a few years ago. Underneath all that wool they are actually quite small. With the warm weather we've been having I think they're looking forward to being sheared again this summer.


Picture 1
Fact file- It takes a professional alpaca shearer 4 minutes to clip an alpaca.

Thursday 9th April


Hi Y3,

 I thought I'd give you an alpaca update as they've had an interesting couple of days. Alpacas prefer cold weather, they really don't like the warm weather we have been enjoying. Can you see Fagin and Olly resting in the shade? Fagin is very funny because he loves paddling his feet to cool himself down. His favourite place to paddle is his water trough and that's what he's doing in the photo.


By coincidence, I had an email from Nigel yesterday. Nigel is an alpaca shearer from New Zealand. Every summer Nigel flies to the UK, he then travels the length and breadth of the country clipping alpacas. He has just finished shearing alpacas across New Zealand and Australia. Did you know that between September and January this year he clipped over 10,000 alpacas?


Nigel emailed to say he doesn't know yet if he'll be able to come and shear my alpacas this summer. Mr Bates decided that he would have a try at clipping them himself. As you can see from the photo he didn't do very well!  


Hope you're ok and I'll speak to you soon,


Mrs Bates x




Picture 1
Fact file- The distance between the UK and New Zealand is over 11,000 miles. It takes over 26 hours travel from New Zealand to the UK. 

Wednesday 8th April

Hi Y3!


I hope you've enjoyed a little bit of sunshine today.

I have been very busy since the last time I spoke to you. Do you remember my sheep escaped from their field and were eating the cricket pitch? Well, we have been trying to make the fence around their field higher so that they can't jump over it anymore and escape. I think we've managed to make the fence high enough but unfortunately they've now managed to find their way into my back garden. Worst news of all....they've eaten my prized rhubarb! I've been growing my rhubarb for a very long time and I was looking forward to making a crumble (I was inspired by Mrs Whymet's crumble). Unfortunately, there's no rhubarb crumble for me! Never mind... maybe in a few weeks time when it grows again and I can keep those cheeky sheep away from it.

Speak soon,

Mrs B x

Picture 1
Fact File- 

Herdwick sheep have excellent memories and sense of direction, which allows them to safely graze on the open fells then safely return home. 


Thursday 2nd April


Hi Y3! How are you all today?


I've been into school today and although it was lovely to see our fantastic classroom it was very quiet without you all there.


Do you remember I told you my (not so lovely!) sheep were cheeky? Well, you won't believe what they have been up to.


Yesterday, my 3 ladies decided to jump over the fence around their field and pay a visit to the local cricket pitch. They were happily munching the grass and having a great time.  It took us nearly an hour to tempt them back home. We tried to round them up but it didn't work, they can just run too fast! We had to shake a bucket full of food and eventually they followed the food and came home. Our job over the weekend is to make the fence so high that they can't jump over them.


Picture 1
Fact file- A group of sheep is called a flock.

Tuesday 31st March


Hi Y3, I hope you've all had a lovely day.


Today, one of Evie's home learning lessons was wellbeing. She was asked to go for a local walk and really take notice of her surroundings. Looking carefully, we found what looked like the entrance to an animal's home. Can you see it in the photograph below? What do you think lives there? Evie thinks it could be a fox or a badger. Taking our time on our walk meant we noticed lots of beautiful and interesting things. Some of them are below too. It's amazing what you notice when you take the time to look.

Speak to you tomorrow,

Mrs Bates x


Picture 1
Picture 2

Fact File- Badger's live in  a sett.

                 Fox's  live in a den.

Monday 30th March


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. We managed a couple of local walks with our little dog Bella. It was much colder than last week but we wrapped up warm and braved the cold. Over the weekend I also manged to do one of those jobs that's been on my list FOREVER! I cleaned out all my kitchen cupboards and I felt really good for doing it afterwards.


Did you find out which story characters my alpacas are named after? Yes, they are named after 3 characters from the Charles Dickens novel 'Oliver Twist'. 


Today, I've added a photo of my lovely sheep. I have 3 altogether. They are called Shirley, Tess and Claudia  ( I'm  a huge Strictly fan by the way!) They are now 10 months old. We got them from a farm in Uppermill last November. They are a breed of sheep called Herdwicks.


FACT FILE- Herdwicks are native to the Lake District in North West England.

Picture 1

Remember Y3 try to do a variety of things each day. Learn some, enjoy some exercise and fresh air and try to have a little fun along the way.

Speak soon,

Mrs Bates x


Friday 27th March

Hi Y3!

Do you remember what my animals are?     Of course you do...they're alpacas!!

I have 3 altogether. They are brothers and their names are Oliver, Fagin and The Artful Dodger. They were named after 3 characters from a very famous story by Charles Dickens. Can you find out the name of the story?

Yesterday's photo was of Oliver and Fagin. Today you can see all 3 of the alpacas in their field.

As well as 3 alpacas, I also have 3 sheep. They are very cheeky! They like to escape and join 3 other sheep in my neighbour's field. I will tell you more about my sheep on Monday. 

FACT FILE: Alpacas originate from Peru, Chile and Bolivia. They come from the high mountains of The Andes. Can you find The Andes on a map?

Have a great weekend everybody and remember to keep washing your hands.

Mrs Bates x





Oliver, Fagin and The Artful Dodger

Oliver, Fagin and The Artful Dodger 1

Thursday 26th March


Hi Year 3! 

It's Mrs Bates here. I hope you're all ok. I thought I'd tell you about some of the things that are going on at my house whilst we're not in school at the moment.


We still get up and get ready, at the same time everyday, just like we used to. Having a routine is helping all of us at the moment. Each morning, me and Evie have joined lots of other families doing the national PE lesson with Joe Wicks. WOW, it's tough for me but Evie says "It's easy!" Try it if you can... I bet you'll really enjoy it!


Evie has lots of work to do which her high school are sending her daily. I've been busy reading and studying, learning new things, ready for when we're all back at Pinfold.


Do you remember Y3 that I have different animals at my house?


Well, during the time we are learning from home, I thought you'd like to know more about my animals. So here we go...


Below is a photo of 2 of my animals. Can you remember what they are?


Answer tomorrow!



Picture 1