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Mrs Burns' Diary

Hello everybody!

I have had some lovely chats with you all recently!  I have loved chatting to you all and finding out what you have all been up to.  I'll tell you one thing, talking to you all has made me realise even more how much I miss being in school and how I miss seeing all of your faces.  I wonder how tall you'll be when I see you next...I expect some of you will be almost as tall as I am!  After chatting to you all, I have gathered that the majority of you cannot wait to come back to school and spend time with each other and maybe learn things too (haha!). 


So...over the past week I have been outside a lot and enjoying the sun which has made a welcome return!  I've been doing lots of work for school and I'm feeling pretty tired this week!  I'm looking forward to bedtime already as I write this at 1:20pm.  Sonny has been asking me about letters and numbers so we have been practising counting up to 20!   Also, we have been learning some letters too and doing a little bit of typing on MS Word when Mummy (me) has finished her work but don't tell Mr Moss...I don't know if it's allowed.  We have also been on a few walks and checked up on the ducklings (so cute!).  Somebody has posted a picture online today of some more ducklings that have hatched on another pond.  Perhaps we will see if we can find them later on when it is a bit quieter.  


I wonder what you're all going to be doing tomorrow for VE day?  Is anybody having a picnic or a tea party?  I have ordered some extra cakes on the online shop (which is coming tomorrow morning) so that we can have a few cakes and a nice drink on the front lawn.  Whatever you are up to, have a wonderful day!


I'll write again next week and I'll continue making phone calls to you guys this week and next week.  

Stay safe!  

Mrs Burns x

Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th April 

Hi guys! 


Over the past two days, we have done very much the same thing. We have been playing a lot (as we always do) and have been on a walk each day. I have also spent time doing work on my laptop too. 


I must say, what has happened to the weather? We had to wear our thick coats today in order to keep warm and protected from the bitterly cold winds! The last time I checked the forecast, it didn’t look to great for the coming days either...urgh.  On a positive note, I haven’t been pooped on the past two times that I have been out. Since the weather has changed, we haven’t been able to find any ducklings and even the tadpoles appeared to be hiding away! Because the weather hasn’t been great, it has been super quiet by the pond (just a few elderly people out and about and NO I am not included in the elderly category before it crosses your mind! Haha!). 


Today, the horses were near the hedges so we could have a good look at them - they appear to be well looked after and well fed too. If we have been for an evening walk, we can see these horses at the far end of one of the fields (in the distance) and they usually have a white coat on. Each time we see them with their coats on Sonny shouts, ‘Sheeeeeep!’ I think he just does it to make us laugh now as we have repeatedly told him they are horses with white coats on. 


Anyway, how is everybody? What have you all been up to? It’s nice to see that some of you are still accessing TTRocks. I hope that you’re all as speedy as you were. You are all amazing - remember that. 


Catch you soon. 

Mrs Burns x 

Friday 24th April - Monday 27th April 




On Friday, I did a whole mixture of things including work, playing and cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. 


On Saturday, it was lovely and warm so we went to the pond because we had heard that there were ducklings. You’ll like this... on the way there we were listening to the birds singing whilst walking underneath the trees. Next thing I know, I feel something drop on my head. The first thing I thought was... a bug! A bug has landed on my head!! As I touched my head, I couldn’t feel anything at first but then... that’s when I saw’ve guessed it...bird POO!!!! I had flicked it with my hand and it had landed on my opposite arm. So not only did I have poop in my hair but it was on my hand and on my arm. Safe to say, I needed another shower when I got home. Don’t worry I made sure I looked presentable whilst I was out (I used baby wipes to see me through the walk). Just thinking about it makes me want to say ‘Eewwwwww!’ Anyway, you know what they say, being pooped on brings you good luck so fingers crossed that’s what’s heading my way... lots of luck.  After the trauma of being pooped on, we found the ducklings and Sonny counted all of them... he (independently) counted nine ducklings! They were so cute and fluffy. Also, we saw so many tadpoles. Last week, we tried to find some frogs spawn but we couldn’t find any and now all of a sudden the pond is full of miniature black blobs with wiggly tails. We are going to keep a check on how the tadpoles are doing each week (at least). 


As I opened my eyes on Sunday morning, I was greeted with, ‘Happy birthday, Mummy!’ Another lockdown birthday in our house. Sonny was born 6 days before my birthday a couple of years ago now. I had a lovely day starting with a cooked breakfast and I opened my cards and presents. My friends and family were very generous.  My favourite present was a new bracelet and I was very grateful for everything that I received. I then got party ready and even put my favourite pink lipstick on. It was my birthday after all and I hit a milestone so I had to make an effort regardless of there being a lockdown. At lunchtime, we enjoyed a little tea party with some of my (Sonny’s!!) favourite nursery rhymes on in the background. I Zoomed friends and family and enjoyed some delicious chocolate birthday cake and brownies. Yummy!! I have to say, I felt a little sick later on.  More celebrations to take place after lockdown! 


Today (Monday) I have completed some work this morning and now I am about to have a little break as we are going out for our daily exercise. I wonder how the tadpoles are doing? I wonder if any more ducklings have hatched? 


Speak soon! 

Mrs Burns x 

Tuesday 21st - Thursday 23rd April


Hello everybody! 


Sorry I haven’t written anything for a few days - I’ve been quite busy with Sonny and work (preparing some resources, making phone calls and some other paperwork). 


Each day we have had a fantastic time playing outside with water, sand and all different types of vehicles. We have been counting and singing a lot. Sonny has nearly mastered counting to 10 independently - hooray! Every time I try to record him he won’t do it though. I must say, it’s like the weather is on our side! I’m so glad that we have had such beautiful blue skies. 


On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I phoned everybody in our class. It was amazing to speak to you all. I miss you all so much and I realised that even more when I spoke to each and every one of you! I still have a couple more children to phone back next week (because the phone wasn’t answered or because parents weren’t with their child at the time) but I’ve nearly spoken to everybody. I loved to hear how you’re enjoying the sunshine by playing in your gardens and going for walks with your families. It was also great to hear that you have been keeping up with some school work so that your brains are ticking over. Don’t forget that Mrs Matthews is always updating the website area of the year 5 home learning section. There are so many fab websites that are providing alternative learning or resources now including the government backed website, BBC daily lessons, BBC iPlayer (geography with David Attenborough looks good) and Amazon audiobooks. Check them out! I have to say, I’m very impressed with how you’re all coping at home and most families seem to be cherishing this invaluable family time together.  You are all amazing!..(Parents/carers included!) I literally cannot wait to see you all! As I said to you all, hopefully we will see each other sooner rather than later. 


And of course, last night I clapped for our key workers. There were a lot of pots and pans being banged near me last night and quite a few fireworks too! So much love for our key workers 💗. 


Have you managed the Jaffa cake problem? Can’t believe who stole the what Mrs Matthews has hinted, I’m not sure this is the first time Jaffas have disappeared from her cupboard!!!!

Speak soon! 

Mrs Burns x



What a busy weekend! We have been playing lots and lots! We have been on walks too. I’ve also been doing some school work. I’ve been looking for exciting DT projects that you can do with objects and materials that you might find around the house and sorting out some daily tasks too.


Today, it was Sonny’s 2nd birthday. We have had a lovely day! When Mr Burns went to the shop to buy some bread and milk yesterday, I asked him to buy some party nibbles so we enjoyed a bit of a tea party today. We listened and danced to nursery rhymes whilst eating which Sonny thought was amazing. As expected, we sang happy birthday and Sonny thought the entire cake was for him to eat! He picked it up once we had just about finished our singing and pulled a chunk of it off whilst trying to pick it up - oops! After that, I cut him a piece which he was quite satisfied with. 


Throughout the day, we played with Sonny’s new water table, diggers, trucks and he also played on his bike too. He’s had lots of phone calls and FaceTime chats which has been really nice and he keeps telling everybody it’s his happy birthday and that he’s 6! 


I am very tired now and I think Sonny is too! Playing from 6am is pretty hard work. I wonder who else has had a lock down birthday. I have left the birthday graph at school so I can’t check! If you have, I hope you’ve had a very happy birthday and made lots of memories at home with your families. 


Speak soon! 

Mrs Burns x

Friday 17th April


Earlier this morning, it was very windy but we still took toys outside and just put jackets on to keep us warm.  We enjoyed building with Lego, reading some books and watching a couple of programmes on the iPad. 


It warmed up a bit so we decided to go for a leisurely stroll near to our house. Mr Potato Head came for a walk with us today and luckily we didn’t lose any pieces or it would have caused chaos. 


Later on this afternoon, we had more fun in the garden. We played with lots of different vehicles and I also hung some washing out to dry. 


Nothing much to report today. I hope you have a lovely weekend and I hope you’re being very well behaved for your adults. 

Speak soon! 

Mrs Burns x 

Thursday 16th April 

Hi guys, 


It’s been a busy day! We began our day (at 6am) by watching Robot Trains and then we had our breakfast. Not long after, we played with Lego and built lots of trucks, cars and animals. Also, we read some books together and practised some counting too.  I then found some time to dye my hair so thankfully I no longer have terrible roots! 


Later on today, we played with water again and I think the tap needs new batteries (again!). Sonny played some football with his dad but he also liked to pick the ball up, run off with it and shout, ‘No, mine, mine, Daddy!’ To make up for the fact that he had taken the football, Sonny gave Mr Burns a beach ball and you can imagine the look on his face! I know what you boys (and girls) would be saying if your football was replaced with an oversized beach ball! 


After tea, we went for a walk round the block and then up the cobbled path where we usually see the bats. No bats tonight - we think we were slightly too early.  When we arrived home, it was time to get ready for bed and then we clapped for our key worker heroes.  Sonny took his drum out which he thought was great - the more noise the better! Our key workers are working harder than ever. They are an absolute credit to us all and from the bottom of my heart, I cannot praise and thank them enough. If you live with a key worker, don’t forget to tell them how amazing they are.  


Catch you later! 

Mrs Burns x 

Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th April 

Hello everybody! 

For the past two days we have spent lots of time in the garden.  On Tuesday, the main things we enjoyed were playing football and playing with Sonny’s sink (which has a working tap). We took the sink outside and Sonny washed the pots and made lots of drinks - I had a few ‘cups of tea’ made from nice, cold water (haha!). 


On Wednesday, we decided to get the garden cushions out to put on the chairs. Sonny helped Mr Burns and I carry them round from the shed (which is bizarrely near the front of our house) to the back garden. It took a little while as there were a quite a few cushions. We then put the curtains up on the gazebo so everything looks a little better now and it’s much comfier out there. I also found a foam hopscotch which I’d forgotten all about. We have been jumping on the numbers in order and saying them out loud. Sonny can count to 6 now but then gets a little mixed up (he thinks 9 and 10 come next - poor 7 and 8) so we are practising. He can also recognise zero so when we land on number 10 he shouts zero (because there is a zero in 10!). We are working on it!  


This afternoon, we did some more cleaning up and everywhere is lovely and fresh. Sonny played with his sink again - it’s amazing how occupied a bit of water keeps a little one! 


At tea time, we talked about what Sonny would like for his 2nd birthday which is on Monday. He wants a Peppa Pig cake, which I’m glad about, because that’s what I ordered on the online food shop. He does want Daddy Pig to be on it though (and it actually only has George and Peppa on it - eek!).  I bet you can guess what kind of toys he asked for if you’ve been reading my diary. He would like some dinosaurs, diggers and a water table! 


Writing this diary has just reminded me that we planted some seeds a few days ago and we haven’t watered them - oops! I’m really bad at keeping plants alive or growing them. We received sunflower seeds, through the post, from Sonny’s swimming group so that we can be part of a competition... ultimate fail number 1 is not watering them! 


How are you all? I hope you’re all keeping busy and keeping your mind and body active. Please ask adults to post what you’ve been up to on the Facebook page! Well done to IMc for completing tasks on Education City. Everybody else, please have a go at the tasks and perhaps even choose some tasks that you fancy completing. Keep up the good work on TTRockstars (there are about 8 of you who are trying really hard on there). We are losing a battle against year 4 though - come on let’s have some team work and win! 


Speak soon, 

Mrs Burns x 

Monday 13th April 


Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Who had a great Easter weekend? I hope you all had a delicious Easter egg or two. I’m not going to lie, I ate one for breakfast yesterday and one for breakfast today too! That’s it now... I’ve eaten all my eggs so don’t worry, it won’t happen again. 


You’ll like this story... Yesterday, I had forgotten that there was an Easter egg under the pram.  In the afternoon, Sonny ran to the back door and into the garden (without shoes on!).  As quick he could, he pulled the egg out, peeled it, took a huge bite and ran off. He’s so sneaky! Once I’d finished chasing him around the garden, he had eaten nearly half of it. Oh well - I suppose it was Easter Sunday and you have to indulge a little. 


Today, the sun was shining brightly but it was pretty cold outside! We walked down to the river and Sonny had a splash about on the miniature, pebble beach in his wellies. This afternoon, we mainly played with Play-Doh, puzzles and cars. We also watched a little bit of TV and read some books. 


Speak soon! 

Mrs Burns x 

P.S. Doesn’t Mrs Matthews’ diary always bring a smile to your face?  She always cheers me up! Thanks, Mrs Matthews! X

Friday 10th April 

Hi guys, 


This morning we decided to go for a short walk around our estate. We were counting rainbows as we walked - there were some really pretty ones. When we got back, we decided to get the sand and water table out and things got a little messy! We decided to find our rubber ducks and made a duck pond. The ducks went for a swim and ate some food too. 


Because it was so nice, we had lunch outside and played in the garden later on in the afternoon. I managed to get some washing done and hung out on the line which dried really quickly. Also, I did some more cleaning today - sand kept being trodden into the house and there’s nothing worse than sand on your bear feet!  


What a lovely day! We are counting down the days until we can have chocolate for breakfast. Anybody else excited for Easter Sunday? I wonder if those of you who gave something up for Lent managed to keep up the good work? I can think of one determined, young man who I’m sure stayed away from sweets and chocolate.  Well, not long to wait until you can indulge whilst feeling proud of yourself. 

Enjoy your weekend! 

Mrs Burns x 

Thursday 9th April

Hello there... 


Today was a dinosaur kind of day. We made a dinosaur land outside but the wind kept blowing everything over! We played in the playhouse too. I’m sure that one of these days I’m going to get stuck in there...or fall through the base of it (as it’s raised off the floor on four legs). It must be a funny sight for the neighbours when I’m struggling up the tiny ladders whilst trying to dodge the roof corners.  

Another part of the morning involved watching a wasp in the conservatory whilst anxiously hoping for it to fly out of the open windows. I’m sure there’s a wasp nest near our house as there were SO many outside today. We need to try to find it, if there is one that is. Anybody who knows me knows I HATE wasps... However, in school, I try to hide it and tell everybody to stay calm, not to move and that it’ll go away. Practise what you preach, Mrs Burns! Haha! 1-0 to the wasps. 


After lunch, Sonny had a little sleep and I actually managed to watch a full one hour programme on Netflix which I haven’t managed to do in a very long while. We then played in the garden and I did some cleaning too. I love it when the house smells fresh. I used to light candles all the time but I have to be more careful now as my little one likes touching everything and no doubt wouldn’t think twice about picking up a lit candle. 


This evening, we did a bread drop for a family member who isn’t feeling too well and so they are self-isolating. As we reached their doorstep, people were coming out of their houses all down my family member’s street. You’ve guessed it - it was the clap for the fantastic key workers! Feeling grateful for our amazing key workers, we joined in and then walked back home. 


I truly miss seeing different people in my family and my friends too. I bet you guys do too but there are many ways we can stay in touch and we are lucky to have lots of technology to help us do that. Text messages, FaceTime and social media (for those people who are old enough) help us to stay connected. Also, letter writing is another great way to stay in touch. Sonny and I made some Easter cards, which we posted to family members, to cheer people up and let them know we are thinking of them.  


I am very hopeful that will all be back together again soon. Sending positive vibes! 


Mrs Burns x 


P.S. I’ve just realised that I forgot to do yesterday’s diary! All days are merging into one! Yesterday, we made Easter cards which had cute, little handprint chicks and chickens on them.  You could make your own Easter cards to send to family members/friends to cheer them up - I’m sure they’d really appreciate it. 

Tuesday 7th April


What a lovely day it was today! We took the opportunity to go for a peaceful, relaxing walk to see the ducks and walked beside the river too! We didn’t have any bread today but the ducks still followed us. (They must be hungry as they’re not having as many visitors as usual.) 


Later on today, we played in the garden where it was nice and warm with the sun shining down on us. I FaceTimed my niece, who lives abroad, which was was really nice as I haven’t seen her for ages.


As you can see, there’s not much to report today!  What have you been up to? Have you been on Ttrocks? I’m going to have a look later to see who has. Have you been on Education City yet? How are you getting on with the daily maths challenges? Remember to ask an adult  to post pictures on our year 5 post on our school Facebook page. I love seeing your work! 


Mrs Burns x

Monday 6th April

Hello there... 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! 


This morning, I updated Education City for you guys. Well done to IM, BS, EG, GP and KL for having a go at some of the challenges I set and having a go at some tasks which they fancied doing themselves. After our breakfast, we decided to make some teddy bear biscuits. I’d like to say how delicious they were but they’re more like savoury biscuits (they’re not as sweet as I would like). I must admit I have still been eating them though... 


Later today, we watched Fireman Sam (1994) - it’s so much better than the new one. Also, we played with trains, cars and trucks. We are trying to sing the alphabet song at the moment because Sonny thinks it’s great. He sees it on Little Baby Bum and loves giving it a go.  Randomly, we had a roast dinner for tea. Usually, we only have a roast dinner on a Sunday but the chicken needed cooking and I didn’t realise yesterday! Oops. 


This evening, we went on a walk to tire Sonny out. I don’t know about you guys but this little fella has got so much energy as he’s not doing his usual daily routine and activities. We saw the North star (or we think we did). The sky was so clear and the moon and stars looked so beautiful and bright.  On our walk, we saw little bats swooping between the trees and railway bridges. They’re really fast! 


I hope you’re all ok and being especially well behaved for your parents/carers. I really miss being in school and seeing all of your faces. 

Speak soon, 

Mrs Burns x 

Friday 3rd April


This morning, we woke up bright and early and played with all kinds of toys.  The best part of our morning was when we had story time with a hot chocolate and a chocolate brownie - delicious! We read The Hungry Caterpillar, Dear Zoo and Oh Dear! lots of times. We enjoy Oh Dear! because this little boy in it looks like Sonny and we change the name of the boy so that Sonny stars in the book. 


This afternoon, we sang a lot of nursery rhymes, counted, played with Play-Doh and Lego and... the best part (for me) was that my online food shop arrived!  I’ve been waiting for weeks for a delivery slot and I finally booked one when I woke up in the middle of the night (3.30am to be precise). Getting up in the middle of the night is going to be my trick to getting a slot next time too (hopefully). 


If you haven’t already seen it, ask grown-ups if you can have a look at GP’s newspaper report on our Facebook page. I was blown away! Super work! 


Keep working hard everybody, be helpful, be kind and have fun too! Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Burns x 


P.S. we are now in a TTrocks battle with year 4. I think they’re seeing us as an easy target as many children in year 5 are not going on it! Get on it! Let’s show everybody how fab we are at our times tables! 

Thursday 2nd April 

Hello again... 

Well, today we were up bright and early doing puzzles, threading beads, adding bits and bobs to Mr Potato Head and reading some books. Sonny spotted a ‘d’ for Daddy on my cup this morning and I nearly fell off my chair. I’ve shown him some letters on a phonics bus that he has but I didn’t think he was paying much attention... clearly he was!  I also had to sort out lots of washing that I had dried last night and put some more wash loads on...boring adult jobs! 


This afternoon, we watched The Good Dinosaur on Disney+. Well, I say we watched it but I only watched it with one eye whilst trying to do a few other boring jobs that I had to do. Most adults become quite professional at doing more than one thing at once - you’ll learn how to multi-task as you grow older. Sometimes I wish I was an octopus woman (haha). 


You’ll be shocked to hear that I’ve cut right back on the Pepsi Max. I’ve not even had one glass today but I’m making up for it with brews! 


This evening, Sonny was sick which wasn’t very pleasant. I’m hoping that it was a one off and he’s not going to be up through the night. I’m not sure how he would have caught a bug...maybe it was my cooking...only kidding - I’m ok at rustling up some food.  After this, we built some towers, a few cars, a fire engine and other bits with Lego. 


Just before bedtime, we applauded all the key workers for their continued hard work, care and selflessness. You are all amazing! We cannot thank you enough! It was amazing to hear so many people clapping, cheering, whistling, banging pots and pans and letting off fireworks. Again, a huge thanks to ALL key workers! 


I absolutely loved the photos of RM’s window with his rainbow picture that he painted in nursery and GP’s photo of him hosting his own quiz with his sister was fab! I can’t wait to do the quiz when we are back at school with our very own quizmaster, GP. 


Speak soon! X

Wednesday 1st April


Today, we enjoyed a bit of fresh air. We walked to the pond (which is about a 10 minute walk away) and fed the ducks some of our bread which was going a bit stale. The ducks were very hungry!  It’s nice to get some fresh air to clear your mind and try to relax.

This afternoon, we made an egg box chick and made a shop. We took it in turns to be shopper and shopkeeper. Perhaps you could make some pretend money and play shops with your younger siblings? Practise counting up money to pay for things and practise giving change.

How are you all getting on? I’ve seen some great artwork on Facebook by RM and a lovely rainbow by IM. Keep those pictures coming! I love seeing what you’re all up to.

Speak soon,
Mrs Burns x

Tuesday 31st March

Hello guys! 


So today was a baking kind of day. We decided to make chocolate brownies which tasted amazing! If I am being honest, there was lots of talk of Mrs Gray’s baking between the teachers and she makes some amazing Jaffa cake chocolate brownies so I thought I’d give them a go. This is the recipe that I based my brownies on: However, I didn’t have quite a few of the ingredients so I adapted the recipe because we aren’t allowed to just nip out to the shop like we used to during the lockdown. I used: 200g dark chocolate, 175g of flora, 300g caster sugar, 75g plain flour, 3 eggs, 12 Jaffa cakes and 3 tablespoons of marmalade (for the topping).   I always keep some Morrisons Savers chocolate in incase I decide to try and bake with Sonny. It is cheap (30p) and does the job! 


Anyway, first of all, we melted the chocolate and butter in the microwave. 


Next, we used the electric whisk to beat in the sugar, flour and eggs. 


After that, we poured half of the mixture into our brownie tins. 


Once we had evened out the mixture, we placed 6 chopped Jaffa cakes randomly on top of the mixture. 


Then, we poured the rest of the brownie mixture on top of the Jaffa cakes. 


When we had evenly spread the mixture, we placed the rest of the Jaffa cakes on top of the mixture. (Apart from one which Sonny sneaked into his mouth!) 


The brownies were then ready to bake. We baked them for 35 minutes at 160 degrees (in our fan oven). 


Finally, once the brownies were cooked, we melted some marmalade and drizzled it on top of the brownies. 


At lunchtime, we had one as a treat after our scrambled egg on toast. Wowza! They were amazing!  Perhaps you could make them if you have the ingredients? I am going to add some of the ingredients to my online shop so that I can make them again in a few weeks. You could even halve the mixture to make a smaller amount... I’m not sure how you’d accurately measure 1.5 eggs though (haha).  


This afternoon, we spent some time in the garden again.  I also did some work as I do each day. Little and often is the approach I take. How about you? 

Over and out. 

Mrs Burns x


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  

Sonny’s birthday present arrived early (on Saturday) so Mr Burns has been busy building a playhouse which has ended up being an early birthday present!  We have also been doing lots of reading this weekend. We love reading books - especially the lift the flap/touch and feel ones. 


Today, we played with Play-Doh very early this morning but we did lots of counting and talking about sea creatures. We also made some delicious, Play-Doh ice cream (haha).  Sonny had a bit of a mad 10 minutes where he threw a cup of milk! After that, as you can imagine, I had some cleaning up to do (again!). 


This afternoon, we played with cars and built some huge tracks. Also, we played outside in the playhouse with tools and trucks. It was pretty cold outside today and you know I like being toasty and warm. 


It’s just after tea time now (whilst I’m typing this diary entry) and I’ve put Toy Story on the iPad so I can make sure everything is ready for bath and bedtime. Seems to be going down a treat. You could ask an adult to download Disney+ where you can get a week’s worth of access to soooo many Disney films for free. (As I said, please ask an adult as they may not want you to download it and remember it’s only free for ONE week but then I think it can then be cancelled so you don’t have to start paying.) 


What work have you guys done today? Ask adults to share your work on our Facebook page so I can see it. I loved seeing IM’s art work today! It looked fab! It’s good to see that RM has been very active doing Joe W workouts too! I think I need to start joining in with this. Also, a couple of shout outs to the children on Ttrockstars - EG, IL, KL, IMc, BS, L-MG, and RM. Keep up the good work.  FYI, we are losing on a battle against year 6! Please sort it out ASAP. 


I’ll check in tomorrow. Mrs Burns x

Friday 27th March

Last night, I was awake a lot with Sonny and ended up in his tiny cot bed with him. What a tight squeeze! 

We watched some cartoons before we had our bacon for breakfast and then it was garden time. As we kept forgetting, I made sure that we got the paints out and some crafty bits to make some rainbow pictures for our window. We painted in the garden so that cleaning up would be easy. However, it did get a little bit windy...Luckily, we didn’t lose anything though! 


After lots of creative fun and fixing things with Sonny’s tools, we went on a short walk around the block a couple of times (until Sonny nodded off). Once Sonny was asleep, I started on a deep clean! Dettol, Zoflora and Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips to the rescue! It smells lovely in here now. 

Active minds = healthy minds. Remember to keep yourselves busy. 


  1. Ask parents/carers if they need help with anything around the house - I know that they will really appreciate this.  
  2. Ensure you’re doing some daily exercise. 
  3. Keep doing some work each day even in bite sized chunks (or whatever amount of time you have agreed with parents/carers). You don’t want your brain to become lazy and forget things that we have learnt. 
  4. Have some free time to relax but please limit screen time. 


I hope you’re all ok! Ask parents/carers to keep sending pictures to the Facebook page so I can see what you’re up to. Are you going on  ttrockstars? I’m going to check who is winning in a second - teachers or pupils. Hopefully, it will be the teachers. The last time I checked, Mrs Packer was smashing it for the teachers! 

Stay safe, Mrs Burns x 

P.S. below is a PicCollage to show you what we have been up to. Can you spot the £6 chip? 

Thursday 26th March

Hello again! 

Bright and early, we went for a walk to keep us active and to make a change from our usual scenery which was really nice. I always think that the sun and the outdoors keeps your mind healthy. 


This afternoon, we played with cars, diggers and the workbench. Fixing things in the garden proved to be lots of fun! We also played with jungle animals, farm animals and dinosaurs. There were lots of problems with the animals... some were hungry, some were thirsty, some got stuck in the mud and some got stuck in the pond. They all survived playtime though!


Just before bedtime, we applauded the key workers - especially the NHS staff - who are working particularly hard at the moment.  Did you join in too? 


I wonder what you’re all up to...Hopefully, you’re doing some work but also having a good time being creative, crafty, enjoying the weather and (most importantly) enjoying family time. 


Miss you all! Mrs Burns x 


Wednesday 26th March

Hi guys! 

This morning, we were singing lots of songs. Sonny’s favourite is the Little Baby Bum shape song. We also spent lots of time building car tracks and reading books but he thought that one of his books was too boring because he is a big boy now apparently (haha). Our favourite book at the moment is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  The page with all of the food on is the best bit - yum!!  Mr Potato Head even read us part of the story... 


Just before lunch, we played with Play-Doh. Sonny made me some pretend chips which he tried to charge me £6 for!!!  I mean... I know restaurants/some take-aways are shut but there’s one thing for sure, I don’t want to be paying £6 for a Play-Doh chip or two.  He thought it was hilarious! Whilst we were playing, Mr Burns jet washed the patio and did some garden painting jobs so the garden is looking great. 


After Sonny had napped, we played outside in the freshened up garden. Diggers, trucks and sand were everywhere! We didn’t get round to making our rainbow - I must add it to the to-do list for tomorrow. 


I hope it continues to be sunny over these next few weeks. It just seems to make things feel a whole lot better when the sun is out, don’t you think? 

Speak soon! X

Tuesday 24th March

What a lovely day it was today! The sun was shining so we played in the garden which was really nice. We also made a paper plate dinosaur...perhaps you could make one with a younger sibling? I’m sure they’d love it. We have been counting to 10 and learning shape names too! Also, we walked to the postbox to post a letter to one of our family members who is isolating and deaf (so writing letters is the best way to communicate as we can’t phone her). Whilst we were walking, we saw two rainbow pictures which put a smile on our faces. We are going to make ours tomorrow so that people can count them on their daily exercise of walks/runs and it will hopefully make them smile too! Have you made yours yet?

I hope you’re all ok and having fun.

Mrs Burns x

Monday 23rd March

Hi everyone!

It's Mrs Burns here.  Just a quick message.  It's so strange not seeing everybody but I am keeping myself busy! 

In our house, we have been getting up every day and getting ready so that we have some sort of routine. We are lucky enough to live near a duck pond so we have been to feed them a couple of times.  One of the geese bit Sonny which he wasn't too pleased about!  We have been doing some junk modelling - our latest masterpiece was a rather odd-looking robot.   Because the weather has been so nice, we have been outside playing with sand and water. To keep busy we have also been doing some baking...I will look like Mrs Christmas in a couple of months if I am not careful haha.   And of course, I have had to do the usual, boring, household cleaning jobs!  Urgh!  

I hope to see you all soon.  I miss you guys already! I will keep sending messages.   Stay positive, keep busy (even helping to do jobs around the house) and be good.  Perhaps you could write a diary too?  I'd love to see it when we are back at school if you do decide to write one.  Mrs Burns x