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Mrs Burns' Diary

Friday 27th March

Last night, I was awake a lot with Sonny and ended up in his tiny cot bed with him. What a tight squeeze! 

We watched some cartoons before we had our bacon for breakfast and then it was garden time. As we kept forgetting, I made sure that we got the paints out and some crafty bits to make some rainbow pictures for our window. We painted in the garden so that cleaning up would be easy. However, it did get a little bit windy...Luckily, we didn’t lose anything though! 


After lots of creative fun and fixing things with Sonny’s tools, we went on a short walk around the block a couple of times (until Sonny nodded off). Once Sonny was asleep, I started on a deep clean! Dettol, Zoflora and Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips to the rescue! It smells lovely in here now. 

Active minds = healthy minds. Remember to keep yourselves busy. 


  1. Ask parents/carers if they need help with anything around the house - I know that they will really appreciate this.  
  2. Ensure you’re doing some daily exercise. 
  3. Keep doing some work each day even in bite sized chunks (or whatever amount of time you have agreed with parents/carers). You don’t want your brain to become lazy and forget things that we have learnt. 
  4. Have some free time to relax but please limit screen time. 


I hope you’re all ok! Ask parents/carers to keep sending pictures to the Facebook page so I can see what you’re up to. Are you going on  ttrockstars? I’m going to check who is winning in a second - teachers or pupils. Hopefully, it will be the teachers. The last time I checked, Mrs Packer was smashing it for the teachers! 

Stay safe, Mrs Burns x 

P.S. below is a PicCollage to show you what we have been up to. Can you spot the £6 chip? 

Thursday 26th March

Hello again! 

Bright and early, we went for a walk to keep us active and to make a change from our usual scenery which was really nice. I always think that the sun and the outdoors keeps your mind healthy. 


This afternoon, we played with cars, diggers and the workbench. Fixing things in the garden proved to be lots of fun! We also played with jungle animals, farm animals and dinosaurs. There were lots of problems with the animals... some were hungry, some were thirsty, some got stuck in the mud and some got stuck in the pond. They all survived playtime though!


Just before bedtime, we applauded the key workers - especially the NHS staff - who are working particularly hard at the moment.  Did you join in too? 


I wonder what you’re all up to...Hopefully, you’re doing some work but also having a good time being creative, crafty, enjoying the weather and (most importantly) enjoying family time. 


Miss you all! Mrs Burns x 


Wednesday 26th March

Hi guys! 

This morning, we were singing lots of songs. Sonny’s favourite is the Little Baby Bum shape song. We also spent lots of time building car tracks and reading books but he thought that one of his books was too boring because he is a big boy now apparently (haha). Our favourite book at the moment is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  The page with all of the food on is the best bit - yum!!  Mr Potato Head even read us part of the story... 


Just before lunch, we played with Play-Doh. Sonny made me some pretend chips which he tried to charge me £6 for!!!  I mean... I know restaurants/some take-aways are shut but there’s one thing for sure, I don’t want to be paying £6 for a Play-Doh chip or two.  He thought it was hilarious! Whilst we were playing, Mr Burns jet washed the patio and did some garden painting jobs so the garden is looking great. 


After Sonny had napped, we played outside in the freshened up garden. Diggers, trucks and sand were everywhere! We didn’t get round to making our rainbow - I must add it to the to-do list for tomorrow. 


I hope it continues to be sunny over these next few weeks. It just seems to make things feel a whole lot better when the sun is out, don’t you think? 

Speak soon! X

Tuesday 24th March

What a lovely day it was today! The sun was shining so we played in the garden which was really nice. We also made a paper plate dinosaur...perhaps you could make one with a younger sibling? I’m sure they’d love it. We have been counting to 10 and learning shape names too! Also, we walked to the postbox to post a letter to one of our family members who is isolating and deaf (so writing letters is the best way to communicate as we can’t phone her). Whilst we were walking, we saw two rainbow pictures which put a smile on our faces. We are going to make ours tomorrow so that people can count them on their daily exercise of walks/runs and it will hopefully make them smile too! Have you made yours yet?

I hope you’re all ok and having fun.

Mrs Burns x

Monday 23rd March

Hi everyone!

It's Mrs Burns here.  Just a quick message.  It's so strange not seeing everybody but I am keeping myself busy! 

In our house, we have been getting up every day and getting ready so that we have some sort of routine. We are lucky enough to live near a duck pond so we have been to feed them a couple of times.  One of the geese bit Sonny which he wasn't too pleased about!  We have been doing some junk modelling - our latest masterpiece was a rather odd-looking robot.   Because the weather has been so nice, we have been outside playing with sand and water. To keep busy we have also been doing some baking...I will look like Mrs Christmas in a couple of months if I am not careful haha.   And of course, I have had to do the usual, boring, household cleaning jobs!  Urgh!  

I hope to see you all soon.  I miss you guys already! I will keep sending messages.   Stay positive, keep busy (even helping to do jobs around the house) and be good.  Perhaps you could write a diary too?  I'd love to see it when we are back at school if you do decide to write one.  Mrs Burns x