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Friday 27th March


Today, I made the most of this lovely weather and went for a very long walk! 163 minutes! That's just over 2 and a half hours! It was definitely worth it for the fresh air and exercise though. I made some friends while on my walk as well! Take a look!         


Thursday 26th March


Today, I thought I would make the most of this lovely weather and start reading a new book in the garden! Make sure you find time to read for pleasure, whether it's to yourself, to a family member, to a pet or to a teddy! Don't forget to watch my videos reading the rest of Ice Monster too! I will hopefully be updating that every other day, so check back tomorrow for chapter 59! I have also been busy on Times Tables Rockstars but you're beating me! I guess I will have to work harder!

Wednesday 25th March


Today was Mr Buxton's birthday so we spent some time together. Make sure you find time to spend quality time with your family too! I also ventured out to the supermarket to get him a birthday cake (don't worry, I was very careful and washed my hands before I left and when I returned). I got him a unicorn cake, do you think he will like it? Time will tell! I hope you're all OK and taking care of yourselves. Keep yourselves busy and active and make sure you check the daily activities page for extra ideas for things to do.

Tuesday 24th March

Spending some time today with the guinea pigs. I think they need some lessons on sharing!

Monday 23rd March - Cornet practice!

Still image for this video
Hi Year 3! Don't forget to spend some time practising your cornet!
(Ignore the background noise, my husband is using his drill!)

A B C B A / A B C B A /
C D E / C D E /
E E C B A / E E C B A /
E E A / E E A //