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Saturday 23rd May


Hi everyone, I am so sorry that it has been so long since I have posted. I haven't been up to anything too exciting so I didn't really know what to write! I am taking a 2 week holiday from school work now as it should be our half term holiday so maybe I will do some more exciting things that I can post about! This does mean that I won't be doing anymore phone calls over the next 2 weeks, but if I didn't catch you last week, I will try one last time on Monday to speak to you all! Our kitchen is nearly finished and I have a working oven so I might spend some time cooking and baking over the next couple of weeks. I made some yummy cookies today!

I will post some pictures when it is fully finished, as we are waiting on one key part!

Make sure you all rest a little over the next 2 weeks as well and I will hopefully speak to you all soon.

Mrs B xx



Thursday 7th May


Hi everyone! I hope you're all OK. It's been lovely speaking to you all - I will be continuing these calls weekly where I can so be ready to tell me all the wonderful things you've been up to (it doesn't always have to be about work)! My week hasn't been that exciting, I've been doing the usual such as: working on our website and some other school work and helping out around the house. Good news, my kitchen is nearly done! I can't wait for it to be done so I can cook lots of chocolatey goodness and post pictures to make you all jealous! Some of you have made me very jealous showing me what you've been cooking on the FB page! I've been spoiling my guinea pigs as well of course and I've bought them all new fleece beds. I'll show you some pictures below. I hope you're all still well - make sure you enjoy this bank holiday Friday and spend some quality time with your family where possible!

Hakuna Matata!

Mrs B x


Friday 1st May


Hi everyone! How is it May already?! Sorry I haven't updated my diary since Monday, I have had a very busy week! I was in school on Tuesday and Wednesday looking after some children and I got to spend some time with Tyler and Daisy which was great! We paintied some huge pictures of animals which are now up in the hall which look amazing! I've also really enjoyed speaking to you all over the last 2 days as well - if I haven't been able to speak to you this week, don't worry, I will try again on Monday! Now for the best news! My kitchen arrived this morning! Hoorayyyy! Mr Buxton has been busy all day fitting it but I think it will take him a while to do it on his own. I have been hiding upstairs in my bedroom so that I'm not in his way because all the units have filled the kitchen space and the living room as well! Make sure you check the Topic/Science page Monday as I'll be setting another week's worth of work on our Topic! I know most of you have enjoyed learning about volcanoes and rocks already from the conversations I've had. 

Mrs B xx

Monday 27th April


Hello Year 3. So we are into what should have been our second week and the daily activities page has continued to be updated. Did you enjoy our video on Saturday? I had so much fun making it with Mrs Cartledge - it would be lovely if you made one too. As well as dancing, I have been busy with my guinea pigs. Because we are doing the kitchen/diner up, we decided that it would be nice to bring them downstairs so Mr Buxton has made them a brand new home which they seem to love! It's not quite finished yet as we are waiting for some of their fleece items to arrive so that they can be all warm and snug, I can't wait to show you. Here are some pictures of what it's like so far!


Saturday 25th April


Hi Year 3! Myself and Mrs Cartledge have been busy on GoNoodle this weekend! What do you think? I hope you've been keeping active too! We're still standing, we're still smiling, we're still going!

I'm Still Standing!

Wednesday 22nd April


Hello everyone, 

I don't know about you but I have had a wonderful couple of days because I was able to speak to most of you. As you know, I have been phoning your parents and having chats with them and you to check in and see how you're all doing. It has been so lovely to be able to speak to you and know that you are all OK. If you haven't had a chat with me yet, don't worry, I will keep trying until I can reach you. As well as ringing all of you, I had a long catch up with Mrs Cartledge yesterday which was really lovely and she wanted me to tell you that she's missing you very much and that she's been on GoNoodle! Have you?!

So there isn't much else to write about today as I spent the majority of the last 2 days ringing all of you as well as updating the website with activities for you all to do. The daily activities will be getting monitored much more now with activities for maths, writing, topic, spelling and reading all being updated! I've also done a little more painting in my kitchen and having lots of guinea pig cuddles! I think they're getting sick of me! I also wanted you to know that I am going to start uploading a chapter everyday of our class novel to try and get it finished because the story is getting really good and I don't want to wait much longer to find out what happens at the end!

Take care everyone and speak soon xx

Monday 20th April

Hi everyone! Today was a strange one as it should have been our first day back after Easter! I have been busy editing our daily activities so you can have something daily to do with Maths and Literacy and weekly tasks so we can at least start our new topic together, even if it's not in school.

As well as that, I have continued being very busy with getting my kitchen ready - I've attached some pictures so you can see the progress, what do you think? As part of my down time, I've been enjoying watching some old movies I used to watch as a child - so far I've watched all 3 HighSchool Musicals and I watched Mrs Doubtfire yesterday, I forgot how good it is!

I hope you're all well and not missing school too much. Hopefully, we'll be back together soon. Keep safe, keep learning and keep smiling!

P.S I've had some fun making videos of my Guinea Pigs too...

Guinea Pig Video

Still image for this video

Tuesday 14th April


Hello Year 3! I hope you enjoyed your Easter Weekend and spent your time making memories with your families. I had a very busy weekend of painting! If you saw my dancing video, you would have seen the current state of my kitchen/dining room, it's such a mess isn't it?! As you know, I am in the middle of sorting out our kitchen/dining room, trying to get it done as soon as possible as it's very difficult living in a house with no oven. Our Easter Weekend job was to paint all the walls and ceilings and it looks much better already, hopefully it won't be much longer. Maybe I'll do another dance video in there so you can see the painted walls! I will read some more of Ice Monster this week so do check out that page and I'll set you another activity in the daily activities. I am still checking up on EducationCity and TTRockstars and there is another battle this week. (we won the last 2 weeks so let's keep it up!)

Stay safe and enjoy the sunshine in your gardens while it lasts!

Mrs B x

Thursday 9th April

Still image for this video
I thought I'd have a go at the dance challenge. What do you think?

Tuesday 7th April


Hello Year 3,

I had a fantastic day today because I was in school looking after some children. It was so good to be back and it was made even better because one of the children was our very own Tyler! We had a great day creating our own egg displays for the Easter competition while watching The Little Mermaid. After that, we decided to fill up some balloons with glitter and play with them. Because it was such a lovely day, we took them outside but some of them blew over the roof and some of them exploded, leaving glitter everywhere! It was really funny! Then, we decided to get the bikes out and have a cycle around the blue line for some exercise and then we played some circle games; Pass the bomb and Splat! Soon, lunch time was here so we all went to eat our lunch. In the afternoon, we went on a Cream Egg hunt in the forest school area and then enjoyed eating the ones we found around the fire pit in the glorious sunshine. Before home time, we took the chalks outside and created a mural to show our thanks and respect to the NHS. What do you think?

It was really nice to be back at school but it wasn't quite the same without all of you. I hope you are all doing well and still trying to enjoy your Easter Holidays as best as possible!

Take care,

Mrs B x

Friday 3rd April


Bonjour Year 3!

It was another day filled with school work so that I am ready for when we all return! As a way of unwinding I was playing a word game with my sister (a bit like Boggle). You get a group of letters and you have to find as many words as possible. You can go in any direction, so long as the letters are next to each other! She is yet to beat me! Muahahaha. Let's have a go!

I managed to find 24 in 30 seconds and my longest was 6 letters! Have a go yourselves!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs B x

Thursday 2nd April


Hi Year 3, did you like my April Fool's? I hope you were all able to write your own April Fool's newspaper article because I would love to see them when I next see you! Today actually was a really exciting day, do you know why?! I can finally stop looking at kitchens because I have ordered one! It has been an absolute nightmare staying at home with no oven, but at least I know one will be coming soon so I can bake chocolate cookies, chocolate cake, chocolate pies and chocolate tarts! MMMMMMMMM! I've also done some more school work to keep on top of things ready for when we come back. Remember that there is a post on our Facebook page which is there especially for you guys to post what you have been up to. Thank you to those children who have posted already, it has really made my day seeing what you are all getting up to. 

I have to admit, I'm getting fed up of my peace and quiet and I am missing you all!

Mrs B x

Wednesday 1st April


Hi Year 3! Today was a completely normal day. First, I got up and I spoke to the guinea pigs about the weather and then I got out my special umbrella and used it to float to the moon. There wasn't really anything to do so it was pretty boring! After that, I decided to take a trip to Australia to see the cute kangaroos up close but one of them was really rude to me and told me to go away! Can you believe it? I was so upset. Therefore, I decided to cheer myself up by going to Pride Rock to see my best friends Simba and Nala. We had a fabulous time playing Tig and Monopoly even though I know for sure that Simba cheated but don't tell him I said anything. Soon after that, I was very tired so I decided to fly home and here I am now writing this to you! I think I'll finish the day by having my weekly chocolate bath before I head to bed!

Take care!

Mrs B

Tuesday 31st March


Hello Year 3,


I'm afraid I don't have very much to say about today. I've been busy doing bits and bobs but nothing too exciting! I've spent some time doing some school work and checking up on Education City - well done Joshua and Summer - I can see you've both been busy! I've also been busy on TT Rockstars again but you guys are still winning! I'm afraid I've got to go and do some boring house work now but unfortunately that's something that needs to be done. Don't forget to help out at home where you can, even if it's just keeping your own bedrooms tidy!

Missing you all!

Monday 30th March


Hello Year 3! I hope you had a lovely weekend and ready for your second week of home learning! I have been busy with some school work today, getting our Guided Reading sessions for Alice in Wonderland ready for when we come back. I'm done for the day now because it's important to have a rest and some free time so I'm going to go on Mr Buxton's Playstation while he is busy working on our kitchen! I've been playing a fun game called Two Point Hospital where you have to build your own hospital, it's great fun! I have also uploaded the next chapter to our book and I had a go at the daily task I set you myself - please have a go and share it to the school Facebook page so I can see.

Take care!

P.S. I hope you've still been going on TT Rockstars! I know I have!


Friday 27th March


Today, I made the most of this lovely weather and went for a very long walk! 163 minutes! That's just over 2 and a half hours! It was definitely worth it for the fresh air and exercise though. I made some friends while on my walk as well! Take a look!         


Thursday 26th March


Today, I thought I would make the most of this lovely weather and start reading a new book in the garden! Make sure you find time to read for pleasure, whether it's to yourself, to a family member, to a pet or to a teddy! Don't forget to watch my videos reading the rest of Ice Monster too! I will hopefully be updating that every other day, so check back tomorrow for chapter 59! I have also been busy on Times Tables Rockstars but you're beating me! I guess I will have to work harder!

Wednesday 25th March


Today was Mr Buxton's birthday so we spent some time together. Make sure you find time to spend quality time with your family too! I also ventured out to the supermarket to get him a birthday cake (don't worry, I was very careful and washed my hands before I left and when I returned). I got him a unicorn cake, do you think he will like it? Time will tell! I hope you're all OK and taking care of yourselves. Keep yourselves busy and active and make sure you check the daily activities page for extra ideas for things to do.

Tuesday 24th March

Spending some time today with the guinea pigs. I think they need some lessons on sharing!

Monday 23rd March - Cornet practice!

Still image for this video
Hi Year 3! Don't forget to spend some time practising your cornet!
(Ignore the background noise, my husband is using his drill!)

A B C B A / A B C B A /
C D E / C D E /
E E C B A / E E C B A /
E E A / E E A //