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Winston enjoying reading a story

Winston enjoying reading a story 1

Good Morning!

What a windy Friday! How are you all? I have been very busy this week, have you been busy? 
I have been in school lots, and I have been getting our lovely classroom ready for when you come back. Yesterday I spent a lot of time setting up the tables, getting you all pencils, rulers, rubbers, glue sticks and your books in your own special trays and your own tables. It looks a bit like an office, (sometimes we play offices in golden time) 

I have brought home all the teddies and blankets from the reading corner and given them a good wash. Winston our reading dog has enjoyed his wash and has been sat outside to dry reading a book!

Hope you are all doing lots of reading, I am. 
I have put my rainbow stained glass in my front room window it looks lovely, I think this is something we could do in golden time, is it something your would like to try?

I have been ringing everyone again this week, I still have a few more to ring but it has been lovely to hear from you and your mummies and daddies. Today is Eleanor’s birthday so I had a lovely chat with her and she told me that she was making a care bear. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Missing you lots 

Love Mrs Henthorn xxxx

Some of our stained glass windows.

Some of our stained glass windows. 1

Hello Gruffalo Class!

How are you on this rather chilly Monday?

Sorry I didn’t write much to you last week, but I was poorly and stayed in bed until Friday trying to get better.

Hope you have all been good and are working hard. I know it is difficult, but hopefully we will all soon be back together. I bet you will have all really grown!

I have been in school today with Mys Hynes, Mrs Longmate, Mr Roters and Mrs Sheeran. We had a great time! We made stained glass windows (Mr Roters was brilliant, but I didn’t like the badge he made] 

I did a rainbow so when it dries I can put it in my window. 
So last week, I rang a few more of you, did some science training and some history work and looked at our next topic. One of the stories we will be reading is Billy’s Bucket, I read it today with Mrs Hynes she is going to put it on the page for you to listen to.

There are some of you who haven’t picked up your packs from the reception at school, can you pick them up this week please? 
Missing you all xxxx



VE Day Celebrations and Chocolate Hamper

VE Day Celebrations and Chocolate Hamper 1
VE Day Celebrations and Chocolate Hamper 2

Good Morning!

How are you today? Have you had a nice weekend? 
I saw some lovely pictures Facebook of you celebrating VE Day with your families, it looked like you had lots of fun!

Kai has been busy making lava lamps as part of a science topic, well done Kai!

We had a street party on Friday, where we all sat at the front of our houses with our afternoon tea, I made scones, chocolate cakes and lemon drizzle cakes, they were yummy!

Yesterday I had tooth ache, so I have been taking medicine to help the pain, but last night it was very sore and Mr Henthorn said my face looks like a football! Last night I sat awake all night because it was so sore. I have rang the dentist today and now Mr Henthorn has gone to get me some more medicine from them, so hopefully it will start to feel better soon.

There are lots of lovely things for you to do this week on our learning page, Mrs Hynes thought it would be good to have a design and technology week so she has put lots of great things on for you to do! 
I have been speaking to Mrs Matthews, and she was saying her mummy and daddy were getting fed up, not going out and not seeing anyone and they like chocolate. So we decided that I would make them a chocolate hamper and leave it on their doorstep so they were happy again, it is nice to help each other and make someone smile.


Have a lovely day,

See you soon

Lots of love

Mrs Henthorn xxx


Good Morning, is it Thursday again?? 
Who is going outside tonight to clap for the care workers and NHS?

I enjoy Thursday night, because I can see my friends across the road and we wave to each other. What do you do?

Had a very busy day yesterday, I did some science, lots of history and I rang some more of you. I only have a few more left to ring, I have left you all a message so hopefully today I will be able to speak to you.

I saw a lovely picture of Mackai and his beautiful dog on Facebook they were working in time, outside in their garden that was a great idea, enjoying the sunshine and learning.

I had a great laugh with Dantaya yesterday, who has been busy colouring in a picture of Captain Tom, but she kept calling him Boris Johnson ! Well done Dantaya for finding out about Captain Tom! 
So what are you going to do today? How about some number bonds? Make some flags for VE Day?

Who is celebrating tomorrow? We are, so I will take some pictures and put them on here so you can see them.

It has been great to hear that lots of you have been to school to collect your work, I am so proud of you all for doing this.

Keep smiling, missing you lots like jelly tots




Good Morning, how are you all today?

The sun is shining, so it is another day to feel happy and safe.

I am loving ringing you all and speaking to you and I am so proud of each and every one of you!

Kai was doing some great maths work yesterday and I know that Daniel has been working very hard on the Meerkat topic along with lots of you. I know it is hard to work at home, but you have got to keep trying! I find it hard to work at home and I am missing you all so much, but I have to keep trying too! 
I had a lovely phone call with Mrs Matthews yesterday and saw Mrs Hynes whilst we sorted out your work, I felt much better after chatting to them both. Mrs Hynes plants are growing in her garden and we talk about how to look after them, I have seen lots of you on Facebook looking after your garden and plants, this is great!

Today I am going to do some science training, then work in the history curriculum (I will be starting to put things on the curriculum pages website so have a look) then I am going read some of my book, I started a new book last night and it is really good. Hope you are all doing lots of reading. 
It was lovely to hear that some mummies and daddies have already been in school to pick up extra learning, I am looking forward to seeing it on our Facebook page.

Going to go now and do some work.

See you soon

Lots of love

Mrs Henthorn xxxx

Hello Everyone!

How are you all today? It was lovely to speak to some of you yesterday, I am going to carry on ringing you today.

Some mummies and daddies were asking for extra work to do at home now, so today I have been in school with Mrs Hynes very early to find and print some work for you to do. This work is now in the reception at school ready for you to pick up, your name is on your own wallet. Please can you look carefully through the pile and leave it neat and tidy or else we will be in trouble!

Today I am going to look at our Guided Reading and where we are all up to and what we need to do when we get back to school. I am enjoying seeing your work on Facebook, just remember to do your best writing because you are all very good writers now, so keep it neat. Make sure your letters are sat on the line and some dangle underneath and some are tall. 

Keep up the good work!

Missing you all,

Lots of love Mrs Henthorn xx


Good Morning!

How are you all this lovely Monday morning?

I have started this diary 3 times and 3 times tried to upload pictures today, but for some reason things are not going well!

So this diary was started at 10.00am after I had spoken to Mrs Hynes and I am still doing it! Some things take a lot of time to do and I am learning lots about ICT, but sometimes I get fed up, when I have been trying hard and it is taking a long time. But like we say in school, keep trying, never give up, its ok to get things wrong and try again, team work makes the dream work!

So I spoke to Mrs Hynes this morning and we decided this week we want you to look at Meerkats, Telling the time, Number Bonds, VE day and Captain Tom. I have put a plan on our page for you and your mummies and daddies to look at, also if you look on the useful websites page there are lots of websites that go with the plan to help you.

I am going to start ringing eveyone again this week, so I am looking forward to hearing everything you have been doing. I know the first time I rang you it was a surprise but this time don't be shy, tell me what you have been doing because I love hearing your voices!

I have been in the garden this weekend, I love my garden it helps me to relax and think positive thoughts. I might need to go out there again very soon, because this morning has been stressful. 

It was my sisters birthday so I made her a party tea, and left it on her doorstep so she could have a little party with her family. She said it was really nice!

I am going to go now and give the snails their breakfast, spinach today. The do some work on the curriculum then begin to ring you all again.

Speak soon

Lots of love

Mrs Henthornxxxx


Good Morning!

How are you all today? It is Friday again, that has come round really quickly.

The weather hasn’t been very good these last 2 days, but I am still seeing lots of signs of spring in my garden and lots of flowers are starting to come out. Have you got flowers in your garden? This weekend if the weather is dry I am going to go on a bug hunt in my garden and see what I can find. Is this something you could do at home? 
I am looking forward to seeing Tyler’s story about monsters on our Facebook page, and I have just been reading Alexa’s story about the Three Little Pigs, well done guys keep it up. 
I would love to see some more of you on there, it makes me smile to see you. 
Who has done the work on telling the time? What do you now know about telling the time?

Who has researched Meerkats? What do you know about Meerkats? Why don’t you write it down and put it on Facebook?

Last night I did lots of baking, I did sultana scones, lemon drizzle cake and chocolate brownies! It is my sisters birthday today so I am going to make her and her family an afternoon tea and leave it on her doorstep as a little treat. I will take a photo when I have done it.

I am really struggling with my Harry Potter jigsaw, it is really, really difficult but I am not giving up! 
The snails are doing well, they are having banana for their breakfast, what are you having for your breakfast?

Going to go now and do some work on my computer and hopefully speak to the last 2 children I have not managed to speak to.

I will ring you all again next week, so get ready for my phone call and you can tell me what you have been doing.

See you soon,

Lots of love

Mrs Henthorn xx



Good Morning! 
How are you all on this rather chilly Wednesday morning?

Have you watched our video? Yesterday I learnt how to upload the video to YouTube and then onto the school website, Mrs Buxton helped me. As part of our learning this week we want you to research Meerkats, they are such interesting creatures and let me know what you find out.

I know lots of you are working hard at home because when I spoke to you or your mummies and daddies they told me what you were doing. I know it is strange, different and sometimes difficult to work at home, but this is what we need to do at the moment to keep ourselves safe. So keep working hard and then when we all get back together we can carry on learning in school. I know Tyler has been doing lots and lots, his daddy rang up school yesterday and asked for another book to do his writing in because he has filled the last one up! Well done Tyler, when I am back in school I will put 2 stars on your chart.

So I thought, I know! Everyone I see on Facebook doing some work I am going to put a star in your chart at school, who will get the most??

Today I am going to do some on line training, more work on history looking through what the children in nursery and reception do and then I am going to have a look at our next topic because I want to be ready if we are able to get back into school.

Have a great day everyone, research Meerkats and do some work on telling the time.

See you soon

Lots of Love

Mrs Henthorn xx

Good Morning!

How are you all today? It is a bit colder outside today.

I am in school, I was in yesterday with Mrs Hynes and it was great to see her! We have recorded a story for you to watch, but first I need to learn how to put it onto Youtube, which will be something new to learn today. 

We have been watching Chester Zoo clips in school so we decided to draw our own animals, they are great! Have a look at the pictures. 

So what have you been up to? I have now managed to speak to most of you and it has been great to hear you! I have loved looking at you on the facebook page. Have you seen our video??

We have put things on our learning page for you to do this week, so I am looking forward to seeing lots of you on facebook.

Going to go now and help the children in school.

See you soon 

Lots of love

Mrs Henthorn

Good Morning!

How are you today? I have been speaking to lots more of you and it has been great to hear from you! Dantaya you really made me laugh!

So last night I started my Harry Potter jigsaw, it is really, really difficult but I am keeping on trying. I hope you are keeping on trying with your work.

Today is another lovely sunny day, so make sure you get outside for some fresh air it makes you feel happy.

I am in school next week, so I will try and contact those children who I have not managed to speak to yet, because I want to speak to you all.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

Lots of Love 

Mrs Henthorn xxx

oh! I nearly forget, have a look at the Chester Zoo website on our learning page xx

Good Morning!

How are you all today?

I have seen some great pictures on Facebook of Kai doing his math's work and going for lovely walk. I have also seen Tyler who made up a poem with his mum. So great work guys keep on sharing what you are doing it is lovely to see. I have spent the last 3 days ringing you up, it has been great to chat with you and with your mummies and daddies. I am missing you all so much, it makes me smile when I hear your voices.

Yesterday afternoon I went round to Joe's house to sing Happy Birthday to him and leave him his presents and cakes on the doorstep, this was very strange!

He gave me a new jigsaw to do it is a Harry Potter one with 1000 pieces so I am going to start it tonight, after I have done my clapping. Are you clapping outside your house at 8 O'clock?

I have fed the snails spinach today and they seem to be enjoying it.

Going to go and ring some more children now. 

Stay safe,

See you soon

Lots of love

Mrs Henthorn

Good Morning!

How are you all today? I have been out for a very early morning walk today and it was lovely to see all the birds and listen to them singing in the trees. It made me feel very happy.

Yesterday I started ringing some of you and it was great to talk to you, so today I am going to carry on ringing some more of you. I will get round to ringing you all this week so I am looking forward to hearing your voices. Some of you were very surprised yesterday which made me laugh!

I made my cakes for my son Joe and I am going to take them round to his house later on.

What are you up to? I have seen Derechae and Mackai doing lots of work and putting this on the facebook page, perhaps today I can see some more of you??

The snails are doing well and I have given them some apple today, which they are enjoying.

Take care, see you soon


Mrs Henthorn xxx

Hello! Missing you xx

Still image for this video

A message from Mrs Arrowsmith

Still image for this video

My Jigsaw

My Jigsaw 1

Good Morning Gruffalo class!

How are you all on this lovely Tuesday morning?

What are your plans for today?

I have been up early and been for a long walk to the Etihad Stadium (Manchester City's Ground) I walked down the canal it was lovely to see all the birds. I saw a heron, lots of ducks and geese, it was really nice, and then I ran back! So that is my exercise done for today.

Last night I finished a jigsaw, I have not done a big jigsaw for a long time. It took me 4 nights to finish, but I kept on trying and then leaving it for a little bit and trying again. This is what we do when we are learning, we don't always get it right first time but we keep on trying. 

Tomorrow is my sons birthday he will be 29, gosh that sounds very old! So later on today I am going to bake him some cupcakes and leave them outside his house for him in the morning. I will take a picture to show you tomorrow.

I hope you are all looking at our learning pages, facebook has been very quiet recently, it would be great to see you on there.

I am going to do some online training now, so I will write to you tomorrow.

Take care, missing you all lots and lots.


Mrs Henthorn xxx

Baby Jack going for a walk with Miss Naylor

Baby Jack going for a walk with Miss Naylor 1

4 Happy snails!

4 Happy snails! 1

Signs of Spring in my garden

Signs of Spring in my garden 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Good Morning Gruffalo Class!


How are you? Are you all enjoying the lovely sunshine?

Last week was my week off school, so I had a little holiday in the garden, I still wrote my diary every day, are you still writing yours?

I have been out this morning looking for signs or spring again and I have put some photos on of signs of spring in my garden. Do you have any signs of spring in your garden? 

When I was last in school, I took home Miss Roberts snails to look after them, I have given them new soil and a new house so now there are 2 snails in each tank. I have been doing lots of research into what they like to eat, they like: bananas, cabbage, carrots, cucumber and especially apple. I think they are enjoying the space they have in their new tanks.

So what have you all be doing? Can you share on the facebook page please, I am missing seeing all your lovely faces!

Miss Naylor has been telling me about the lovely walks she has been doing with baby Jack and she can't wait to bring him in to see you again.

I have been speaking to Mrs Hynes and she has put a story on about Barry the Fish with fingers and we have decided that we are going to do some literacy this week about this story. So I am going to put together another plan for the week, so that you can look at it with your grownups and do some of the work together.

Hope you are all being good, shall we all have a good think and decide on one great thing we would like to do when we are all back together again? Let me know on facebook.

Missing you all, Stay safe and be good.

Love Mrs Henthorn xx


Hello Gruffalo Class,

How are you all today? What have you been doing this week? Are you enjoying the sunshine?

This weekend I made by bug hotel, it is only small but I have been down to the bottom of the garden today and already there are lots of little creatures having a look at it. So hopefully, they will start to make it their home soon.

I was in school yesterday with Mrs Hynes, so it was nice to catch up, but very strange to be there without you. We started our Easter Eggs because the competition is still going ahead. So get cracking (hahaha) on your designs! We went for a walk and saw some signs of spring, especially in the pond where we walk for forest school. There was lots of frog spawn, can you see it on the picture? We also made pizzas, we did these by cutting a muffin in half, putting on passata, cheese and ham. The children said they were yummy! Perhaps this is something you could do at home? I have put a picture onto show you.

Are you all still looking at the website? We have put lots of things on for you to do and I would love to see more of your pictures on the facebook website.

I am still writing my diary every day and I can't wait to share it with you when we get back together. 

Keep safe, keep smiling and keep working hard.

Lots of Love

Mrs Henthorn xx

Picture 1 My Bug Hotel
Picture 2 Can you see, I have put it near my little pond?
Picture 3 Yummy Pizzas!
Picture 4 Look closely, can you see the frog spawn?

Hello Gruffalo Class!

How are you are today? It is not a very nice day out there is it? Are you still writing your diaries? I am.

So what have you all been up to this week? I have been working very hard on my computer, finding lots of different things for us to do when we get back to school. I have also been working hard on the history curriculum and I think you are really lucky children because as you get older there are lots of different trips and activities for you to enjoy!

I have decided because we are looking for signs of spring, that this weekend I am going to build a bug house in my garden. I had a look around yesterday and found lots of wood from an old fence panel, bricks, straw, plant pots and twigs. I have researched the best place to put the bug house (which will be next to a little pond, that my children put in the garden when they were your age).

So when I have done this I will take some pictures. Could you perhaps have a go at making one and put your pictures on the face book page.

I have been really enjoying looking at what you have all been doing on the face book page, lots of you are busy with numbers, Mylah was busy with odds and evens, Daniel was busy and his mum said he has been every day, so well done Daniel! Ruby has been learning her 3 and 4 times tables. Skylar and Tyler have both written their own traditional tale, which I can't wait to read when we are back in school. Kai has shown me his mothers day plant and he has been working hard on his number bonds. Derechae has been having lots of fun practicing his phonics and Mackai has been doing his maths. This is all great, and it is lovely to see you all, I am missing you!

So stay safe, keep learning, keep posting on face book and maybe have a go at making a bug house.

Speak soon

Lots of love

Mrs Henthorn xx

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Hello Gruffalos,

Happy Monday!

Hope you are all being good and working hard at home. I am missing you all very much and thinking about you lots. So this week I am looking for some great things for us all to do when we are back in school.   I had a busy week last week, but I still managed to write my diary every day, did you? It was a lovely sunny week so I hope you all managed to go outside in the fresh air, even if just in your garden. I have been looking around my garden for signs of Spring, can you spot any? 

How are your Mothers Day flowers growing? I would love to see some pictures on our facebook site. So what have you all been up to? I have been out for a run early every morning and I have been busy baking cakes to send to my mummy and daddy because I need to look after them. I am working hard getting things ready for when we go back to school and next week I am in school, so I might see some of you there. My daughter Libby has had to come home from university so she is working hard in her bedroom on her work and Mr Henthorn is working in the front room, so that I can spread out all my work on the table. 

I have been thinking about somethings you might like to do whilst you are at home and I have added websites to the list. There is a really good one called Oxford Owl and you can find stories to read online, because I bet by now you will have finished your school reading books. I have finished reading mine, it was one Mrs Hynes got me for my birthday. 

I have been looking for you doing your work on our facebook page and I have seen Alexa doing some maths work, but I would love to see lots more of you on this page, because I miss your smiling faces. 

See you all soon and stay safe,

Love Mrs Henthorn xxx