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Friday 10th July 2020


Hi Year 4,


It's the end of another busy week smiley  Well, I've made my last round of phone calls and I have to say, Tuesdays will never be the same! 

I just want to say a big thank you to those families who listened out for my calls; you made my job easier!  If I did speak to you this week, then you will know already that we 'aim' to send out your school reports at the end of next week.  Included with your report, you will receive a letter from your new year 5 class teacher.  How exciting!  I won't tell you who is it but...what I can say is, you won't be disappointed.  


Freddie has had a sore eye this week.  I noticed it was becoming more swollen as the days went on.  I took him to a pharmacy first on Monday and they suggested a warm compress to keep it clean etc but by Tuesday I was getting a bit more concerned (like mums do).  Anyway, it's not as simple anymore to just pick up the phone and ring the doctors (big sigh).  So.....I had to go online and have an online consultation and wait for someone to ring me.  Freddie was referred to the opticians (great) but I had to make an online appointment and the next available time was only yesterday evening (not so great).  I made the appointment and we kept up bathing Freddie's eye.  He was actually very good at this!  Lo and behold his eye started to improve, which meant I spent most of yesterday umming and ahing as to whether to take the appointment, as I didn't want to be a time waster.  My mum (you still take advice from your mum no matter how old you are) suggested to still take Freddie to get his eye checked 'just in case'.  To conclude, his eye is fine, but it did put my mind at rest.    


I'm taking Freddie for a haircut tomorrow and I'm very excited about this.  When I made my own hair appointment, they told me Freddie couldn't come along just yet so I had to make alternative arrangements. How on earth he has managed to get a hair appointment before me, I do not know!  Mine is Wednesday evening after work.  


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and please please check out the class pages on the school website.  There really is a lifetime of work available at your fingertips! 


Take care, Mrs W xxx


Thursday 2nd July 2020


Hi Year 4,


Happy July! smiley I'm here in school working and I just wanted to check in and say hello.  It's been a nice change, despite the weather being a bit wet and gloomy.  It's been lovely to see people, especially as I've not seen some members of staff since March.

Mrs Edge is with me this week and she says 'hello'. 


Next week, I'm working from home so you know what that means....I'll be calling you all on Tuesday-make sure you all listen for the phone.  


Hope you are all well and taking care of each other.

Much love, Mrs W xx

Friday 26th June 2020


Hi Guys, 


Hope you are all well! I was very lucky this week; I managed to speak to 24 out of the 25 I usually ring smiley  My best yet! 


We had a lovely Father's Day.  First of all, Freddie and I took Mr Whyment to one of his favourite places...Knowl Hill, which is in Norden.  It's close to home and Mr Whyment has many fond memories of here when he was a child.  The Hot Dog van was there so 

we treated ourselves.  The weather at this point was wet and windy so we had to take shelter by opening the boot of our car.  


 This is an old photo of Freddie with his daddy and Coco.


From there, we went to my parents' house to see my dad (in their garden).  By this time, the weather was now glorious and sunny, which we were thankful for.  We then came home and I made a Sunday dinner-Roast Beef.  


As well as my phone calls, I've been thinking about the work and which activities I will be doing next week.  I'm in work for a full week and it's going to be a shock to the system!  In the afternoons, I want to try my best and plan to fun activities.  One activity is making 'Dragon Eggs' and I've had a practise at home (you do a lot of practising as a teacher) and I'm really happy because it's worked!! 


  How cool do they look?  Fingers crossed the children will be as enthusiastic as me! 


Anyway, I must dash as I've a lot to do before I pick Freddie up from nursery.


Take care, Mrs Whyment xx




Thursday 18th June 2020


Hi Year 4,


I hope everybody is okay this wet afternoon.  I've been working from home this week and will be again next week.  

Today is my younger sister's birthday.  She is called Alex and is 29 today.  I've just dropped her birthday off in my parents' porch and got drenched in the process.  My mum (bless her) kept me talking, but unfortunately, because of the rain, I couldn't stand for too long on her drive.  Hopefully, Alex will pick up her present on Sunday when she drops our dad's card off for Father's Day. I can't believe how time has actually flown-feels like yesterday when some of us were making Mother's Day cards.


I haven't seen Alex since my birthday, which was a week or so before lock down.  She lives a good 45 minutes drive from me and is very busy with her job.  Fortunately, I have been able to see my elder sister (Claire) and my niece.  They don't live too far from me and when the weather has been fine, they have visited our back garden.  


As it is my sister's birthday and Father's day coming up, I thought I'd share some photos...


 Freddie with his Daddy heart


 My Pops and two sisters, Claire in the middle smiley


Keep checking the website, reading your books and enjoying quality time with your families.


Much Love, Mrs Whyment xxx

Friday 12th June 2020


Happy Friday Year 4, smiley


Well, I'm coming to the end of a busy working week and as promised, I want to wish Maisie L a very happy birthday!  I hope your day is as wonderful as you are and I'm sure you'll look lovely in your new butterfly dress.  


Despite been busy, I've had a good week.  I've been into school for a couple of days.  One of those days, I was working in the same classroom as Mrs Matthews, which was just so wonderful, as Mrs Matthew and I haven't worked side by side now since we were in Year 2 together (which was a very long time ago...8 years!)  The cherry on the top was when Miss Lindop walked down the corridor.  She had come in to do a bit of extra work.  Miss Lindop and I are in different teams so our paths don't usually cross. I was over the moon to see her! 


I have spent three days making contact with you all.  I haven't been as successful as previous weeks, but those I did speak to, it was wonderful to catch up. An added bonus was seeing Mylee, Ruby and Lola in school.  I won't be making any more call attempts now for two weeks.  Please keep looking at our work on the class pages; Miss Lindop has updated the Science page.  It's all about Electricity.  Check it out!  


Finally, Freddie returned to nursery this week.  I've been quite apprehensive about it, as Freddie naturally didn't want to return after having such a long time away.  Anyway, the little monkey just walks straight in and he's having a ball.  I've just had a update; he is making bee planters and he looks full of paint already yes.   I'm absolutely loving being able to take him and pick him up, as that is usually a 'nannie' job.  Mr Whyment is travelling back from Cambridge as I type and he has informed him he will be home in time to surprise Freddie at the nursery door later.  


His nursery weekend challenge is to make a Rainbow Lantern for either our garden or window.  As it's set to be a weekend wash out, I'll share with you all....



You can use either use card or the top of a plastic bottle and then cover with tissue paper. You can then attach different flags to show support to everyone.  I'm hoping we have some string in the house!!


Best of luck, speak soon heart


Mrs Whyment xx




Monday 8th June 2020


Hi Year 4,


Hope you are all well. I’m back to work again, after having a week or so off. I was extremely lucky with the weather; think I spent most of my time in my back garden, making the most out of the BBQ!!🌭


My plan was to make all my phone calls tomorrow (Tuesday),  from the comfort of my living room. However, as things are forever changing, I’m now in work tomorrow and Wednesday with the key worker children.  I am hopeful I will get the opportunity to speak to you/ your parents at some point this week. 

Freddie and I have been busy with his garden boxes. His sunflowers are really coming on (they grow rapidly) and this morning we planted some Nasturtiums.  We are looking forward to the results!


Miss Lindop and I (dream team) are continuing to update our class pages! How are we into week 12 already? 

Speak to you all very soon, listen out for the phone πŸ™‚


Mrs W x


Tuesday 19th May 2020


Hi Year 4,


I thought I would end my busy day of working with a quick update. I’ve managed to contact 20 of you today and it was lovely to speak to you all.


Freddie and I made a jam jar garden lantern the other day and I really wanted to share it with you all. It’s a Mud and Bloom activity which comes through the post and gives me lots of creative gardening ideas which I can then share with Freddie.  

The final step is to take it outdoors in the evening and light it up to enjoy all the colours it makes. I think I’ll save the best bit for the weekend. I also thought it could be school activity also. 

We’ve also cheered ourselves up by booking a staycation for New Year. Our August holiday won’t be happening πŸ˜” so Mr W said we needed something to look forward to.  Last year we visited Cornwall and I really wanted to go back but we have been so many times before. We’ve found a lovely cottage in South Devon and to make it even more fantastic, my parents are coming too. It’s quite a long journey in the car but it’s worth it for the beautiful views and beaches.  I’ll show you where Devon is on the map...  It says just over 4 and a half hours in the car. That’s a lot of songs and boiled sweets!! 



Mr Whyment is working at Manchester Airport this week.  I've asked him to take some good photographs (if he can).  I'm in work myself this week-tomorrow and Friday.  My packed lunch is all sorted and I've ironed my outfit for tomorrow.  I like to be organised.

I think that's me up-to-date.  


Take care everyone xxx


Tuesday 12th May 2020


Hi Year 4,


I hope you are all okay and enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend.  Not much to report I'm afraid.  We had back to back barbecues (Friday and Saturday).  Thought we should make the most of it as by Sunday, the weather had dramatically changed!!  My next door neighbour (Marjorie) is quite elderly so I offered her a plate.  I imagined it had probably been quite a while since she had had a BBQ tea so I wasn't  surprised when she took me up on the offer.  Then on Sunday, I rang and offered her some slices of our beef joint, which I had just cooked.  It is always a lovely feeling when you help others and I think it's very important for Freddie to see as well. 


Moving on from food....I watched David Walliams on the television yesterday talking about his new children's book, Slime.  He said how all children love slime, so they will love this book too!  I decided to order it and it will be a new addition in my classroom.  Maybe it can be our new shared read?   I've added a link for you all to watch.  It's a sneak peek into the introduction and chapter 1.


David Walliams has released this book now in hopes to encourage children to read during their time at home.  Maybe if you have a birthday coming up or if your parents occasionally reward you with a treat, I think this would be a lovely addition to your book shelf!


Writing about birthdays, I know both Lola and Ruby have had their birthdays recently (I've seen them in school) and if my memory is spot on, it is Ryley's birthday tomorrow!  smiley  Happy Birthday!! I'm sure there has been a number of birthdays and some still to come whilst we are staying at home.  My dad hits the big 70 on Sunday.  We spent so long deciding how to celebrate, for those celebrations to be put on hold.  


I'm off now to put some more maths tasks on our class page.


Take care, Mrs Whyment xx




Wednesday 6th May


Hello everyone,


After spending most of yesterday on the phone contacting you all, today I had a Freddie day and we made biscuits and they were a hit!! 


I can’t take all the credit, you see my parents sent Freddie a postbox gift; a baking box! It’s their way of sending Freddie a hug, as they haven’t seen him now for a long time.  It was such a lovely gift because Freddie and I spent quality time together and then we gave some away to our neighbours when we went on our walk. We left them on the doorsteps and knocked on the windows to let them know we had left them a treat. In return, we had some apple cake left on our doorstep!! One thing is for sure, we have become a lot closer to our neighbours πŸ™‚. 

I’ve just logged onto TTRS and we are currently in the lead with only four children taking part. Thank you Ryley, Jack, Maisie L and Bethany for your efforts so farπŸ₯°

I’m on a work day tomorrow so I will be up bright and early.  It’s important to always try and stay motivated. The forecast for tomorrow looks very promising so make sure you all make the most of your gardens. Get the suncream out guys!!! 

I’m thinking of you all often, stay safe xxxx


Sunday 3rd May 2020


Happy Sunday, smiley

A quick message just to let you know I’ll be ringing you all again very soon.  I’m going to start on Tuesday so tell your mums, dads, guardians to keep checking their phones. 
Secondly, I’ve just logged on to TTRS.  Miss Lindop very kindly set up a new battle for us against her class and so far only Bethany has logged on.  Well done Bethany! πŸ‘πŸ»  It’s only a couple of days in so you have got quite a while to take part.  I’ll make a note to log on again later in the week and hopefully I’ll be able to give more shout outs! 🀞🏻

Speak to you all soon

Mrs W xx

Thursday 30th April 2020


Hi everyone,


Today, I'm writing to you all from school.  I'm here with Mrs Egerton, Mr Roters, Mrs S and Mrs Maden.  Also, a big shout out to our Ruby, as she is in school today and it's nice to have a good catch up!  Although the weather isn't at it's best, we have still had a good morning outside.  I'm really proud of myself because I cycled six times around the blue line!! My legs are aching slightly so it's a sign that I've worked hard.


We've just finished our lunch and are settling down for the afternoon.  I have rang Freddie to check he is being a good boy whilst I'm in work.  I told him I had been on a bike (he absolutely loves bikes) and he was quick to ask if I fell off!! I told him I had good balance!!

In about half an hour, Mr Roters is organising 'Dizzy Penalty'.  That should be fun! smiley


I've managed to speak to everyone now and it was nice to hear you are all doing well.  


Speak to you all soon xxx


Monday 27th April 2020


Hello everyone,


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.  I’ve kept myself busy pottering in the garden, keeping sure it’s well watered and washing everything that moves (making the most of the warm weather).  

Even though I only ventured as far as my local Tesco, this weekend was a happy one!  First of all, my very good friend ( Mrs Burns) turned 30 (sure she won’t mind me telling you her age) and I was able to have a good catch up with her online.  I spent a bit of time looking back at photos and memories we’ve shared together so far.  I don’t think I’ve ever told you, but I was Mrs Burns’ bridesmaid when she got married- that’s how close we are!  To make the day even better, one of my other close friends had a baby girl so it really was a weekend which made me smile but also to make me thankful.  I look forward to all the belated celebrations to come! πŸ₯³


This morning, Mr Whyment went away to work for the week.  He wakes at 2.30am on Mondays, as he has a long way to travel.  Despite his best efforts to be quiet, he usually wakes me up but I’m used to it by now.  Freddie and I went for a walk with his wheelbarrow (collecting stones).  I had wished for the walk to be longer but Little Legs started to get tired so we turned back.  This afternoon, we played football and FaceTimed both of his nannies.  For tea, we had omelettes and salad.  Since his little operation, he has been eating me out of house and home but I’m not complaining.  Between you and me, I was a very fussy eater as a child and if I’m being honest, I think my parents should have been more firm with me so I’m glad Freddie eats usually what’s on offer.  

I’m actually feeling excited about this week because I’m in school for two days.  My car needs a good run round the M60 and I can’t wait to see different faces.  I’m in work with Mrs S, Mr Roters and Mrs Egerton.  Freddie also gets a change of scenery too.
Speaking about seeing different faces, I hope you all get the chance to watch our school video and all the messages, we as a staff have sent you.  

Take care everyone, much love Mrs Whyment xx


Friday 24th April 


Good morning Year 4,


Today looks like it’s going to be another lovely and sunny day! 🌞 Make sure you all make the most of it.

Yesterday was a busy but lovely day for me! I spent most of my day ringing all of you and your families to say a quick hello and to make sure you were all doing well. I had a grin from ear to ear speaking to you all and I even let out a few belly laughs! It’s good to talk and you all know once I start, I can’t stop!  Sorry if I only managed to speak to your parent (some were at work) but I did send all my well wishes down the phone.  If I didn’t manage to get through to you, don’t worry, I’ll be trying again next week! I did very well though, I managed to speak to 22 households (that’s just over three quarters of our class). 

It was nice to hear you are all keeping busy, from paddling pools in the garden, craft making, gardening, cooking to science experiments and text book work. Lots of you told me you had been reading a lot and this made my day!! I told ALL of you about my diary and all the other teacher’s diaries so I’m hoping for a much bigger audience from now on! 

Off now for breakfast and to spend the whole day with Freddie (hopefully in the back garden) as I didn’t really see much of him yesterday.  Can’t believe it’s Friday again! Once again, enjoy your weekend and stay safe.


Love Mrs Whyment xx

Wednesday 22nd April 


Good evening everyone,


Freddie has just fallen asleep so this is the time I usually turn on my laptop.  Thought I'd say a quick hello.  More maths activities have just been added to our class page.  The sudoku challenges look good; make sure you look out for the answers in a few days time!


Today was a nice day, the wind is dropping and we have spent more time outside.  I've been trying hard to look for inspiration to keep Freddie entertained, as the days are pretty long with a toddler.  Last night, before I went to bed, I found some of his smallest toys/figures and put them in little containers and filled them to the top with water.  I then put the containers in the freezer.  This morning, I gave him the challenge of rescuing his little figures and we went into the back garden and he.........bashed and smashed and hammered the ice for a long time until eventually, he had rescued them!  It kept Freddie busy for a while!


I've been keeping in touch with a lot of staff from school; work friends are your best friends, especially when you have worked at a place for a long time.  I make sure I message Mrs Burns everyday, Mrs Packer and of course Miss Lindop.  I'm also enjoying reading the other teacher's diaries.  If you haven't read them already, you definitely should! 


I'll be in touch again very soon,


Mrs Whyment xxx





Monday 20th April


Hi year 4, 


I hope you and your families are all well.  Easter was lovely and the Easter Bunny successfully found our back garden. smiley  Freddie was ecstatic, as you can imagine!  We have attempted some Easter crafts and I used some ideas for inspiration.  They don't look exactly like the originals but we had lots of fun with our attempts.  
















I soon learnt that decorating eggs are quite challenging!!  First of all, always hard boil more than ONE egg as one could smash....yes, our first one did!  Secondly, don't decorate them on a glass table!! 

Before we started, I tested the egg fitted on top of the toilet roll, which it did.  However, Freddie painted the toilet roll tube and it then expanded so....the egg dropped right through and smashed!  Piglet egg now takes pride of place on our kitchen window sill.


Miss Lindop and I have filled our class page will lots of activities and ideas for you to do to keep busy.  Don't worry if you aren't able to print them out but the option is there.  Maybe if you have siblings, you can look at ideas on their class pages too and help each other with different activities.  


I hope you are making the most of the nice weather and getting some fresh air where possible.  I'll be in touch soon.

Please be good for those looking after you at home, stay safe and take care heart


Mrs Whyment and Freddie xx

Friday 10th April 2020




Just a quick message to wish everyone at Happy Easter!  A very different Good Friday for us, as we always spend the Easter holidays at our caravan in Lytham.  Not to worry, as we are making the most of the beautiful weather here at home.


I borrowed a tank from the Science cupboard yesterday to make more room for the tadpoles.  It's our new project now! 



Our neighbour filled the tank with more pond water and pond seed.  Pretty good, don't you all think?  


Freddie's nursery have suggested we make a 'Time Capsule'.  They have asked us to find a box and to include the following items:

1.  A family drawing.

2.  A newspaper article from this week.

3. A rainbow picture.

4. A letter detailing what is happening.

5.  A family photograph.

Then, seal or lock your box and store it away.  It could be a good keepsake for you all to look back on heart.


Take care everyone and please, stay at home this Easter weekend smiley




Wednesday 8th April 2020


Good evening Year 4!


How lucky have we been with the sunshine? We've spent a lot of this week in the garden trying to make it look better...



Our top soil arrived late Monday afternoon and poor Mr Whyment had a lot of heavy lifting to do-carrying buckets of soil up to our garden (our house is elevated-we have many steps).  The plan is to fill in one of our borders and to plant grass up to the wall.  Today, we flattened the soil down.  I can't take too much credit but Mr Whyment has worked very hard smiley.


Our neighbour left Freddie a water pot filled with tadpoles for him to look this space!  He has been fascinated all day!  It's also the season for grazed knees!! Freddie has only has shorts on for a couple of of days and both knees are cut already!  


I'm in school tomorrow so my lunch is all sorted and my milk and snacks at the ready (you know how much I love to eat!) I plan to have an early night.  


I hope you are all keeping busy and looking after your families.  Enjoy the rest of your week and don't eat too much chocolate this Easter weekend!!  Obviously I will!! laugh  


Love Mrs Whyment x




Monday 6th April 2020


Good morning everyone smiley


The weather was delightful when I woke up and now....well it's raining quite heavily!  We have ordered 1 tonne of soil (1000 kg) to be delivered at some point today, as we are working on our back garden.  I'm now not feeling too optimistic about it!


We had quite a rather busy weekend, despite staying at home.  Freddie spent a long time in the garden playing football with his new football net.   My best part of the weekend was 'Family Film Night' (Saturday night).  I noticed '4 Kids and It' was available on Sky Cinema and I can remember 'Five Children and It' as TV episodes when I was growing up.  If you can, it's worth a watch but I need to honest; I preferred the originals! 


Sunday morning, I decided to tackle my oven!! Cleaning the oven is by far one of the worst grown-up jobs and I wasn't best pleased doing it.  Now that it's done; I'm glad I did it.  


I've added some more work to our class page-some Easter related activities.  Also, I hope you all will take part in the 'Decorate an Egg for Easter'.  It asks you to share one photo each to the school Facebook page.  You never know, I may give it a go with Freddie.


Speak soon, Mrs Whyment

Thursday 2nd April


Hi there,

It’s Friday again tomorrow! Time is surprisingly moving quite quickly! I’ve noticed some more children have logged into TTRS-keep it up! 

The weather hasn’t been the best today but we managed to have a nice walk without getting wet. I helped Freddie make two birthday cards for his little friends and we posted them after lunch.  My friend won’t be expecting them so I’m looking forward to her message when they have arrived.  Maybe you have some special birthdays coming up and you too can get creative!!


I’ll be in school next week for a day or two so that means Mr Whyment is at home with us for just over a week looking after Freddie. I’m looking forward to the weekend, as the weather looks promising and I’m

hoping to make the most of the garden.  

Please keep checking our class page. Miss Lindop is going to add a couple more activities in the morning (Friday) and I’ll add some more work Sunday evening. We’re a good team!! We would love you to carry on sharing your work on the school Facebook page. I’ve seen a few fabulous photos but I would love to see more! 

Enjoy your weekend and be safe.

Love Mrs Whyment xx

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Hi everyone,


Just a quick hello and I hope you are all staying safe.  I just logged onto TT Rockstars and unfortunately Tudors are well ahead in the battle!! Come on Roman Class!  A big shout out to Lacey, Bethany and Ryley with your dedication and high scores-keep up the good work! 


I've been keeping busy at home.  Freddie is naturally missing his slightly older cousin, Charlotte,  so we decided to write her a letter and send her a few craft bits in the post.  We walked to the post box and the roads and streets were lovely and quiet.  In the afternoon, we made an apple crumble. We had some apples that needed using up so I didn't want them to go to waste.  I'm chuckling as I type this, as I ate it ALL!!  Oh well, it was rather delicious!


This morning, Freddie's nursery asked if we could create a daffodil to mark the Spring season so it turned into today's project.  We used card, an egg box, tissue paper, paint and glue.  When we were finished, I sent his nursery our final masterpiece...

 What do you all think?

Remember to check our class page-we will update it as much as we can.  I really appreciated Freddie's nursery sending us a task today; kept us busy! 


Off for tea now but I will be in touch soon.  


Love Mrs W xx

Hi everybody,


It's the end of our first full week at home and I really hope everybody is doing well.  I've been at home all week with Freddie whilst Mr Whyment has been away with work.  Luckily, the weather has been kind and we have spent most of our days in our back garden.  A picnic everyday!!  smiley  Even though it has just been the two us, we have made sure we are busy and making the most of our time together.  We have been making pancakes, painting, playing board games and Freddie's favourite...collecting stones in his buckets!


After lunch, we have been going up and down my cul-de-sac with the bikes.  This is also a time for us to check in with our neighbours and wave to them as we go by.  My next door neighbour kindly picked us up some fresh fruit from Tesco (as they were going) and their small act of kindness really made my day. 


Freddie's dad returned home this afternoon so they have been spending some quality time together.  Tonight, they have completed three 100 piece jigsaws!  I hope you are all keeping your brains active whilst having fun.  


Finally, we have spent a lot of time keeping in touch with family members.  Every morning and evening we Facetime my parents, sisters and my mother-in-law.  I'm also in daily contact with Miss Lindop, Mrs Burns and Mrs Packer as I also miss them very much!


I'm hoping you are all looking after yourselves and helping your parents also.  Mums and dads need quiet time too!!  I will check in again soon.  Make the most of the weekend and stay safe.  Thinking of you all, Mrs Whyment xx