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Reading (weekly)

There will be no more comprehensions for the next 2 weeks. Use this time to read your own books with family members!

Week beginning: 18/5/20


This week, our comprehension is going to link to our Topic work! 

I have attached 3 levels as usual but I would like to point out that Level 3 does look quite difficult so please don't worry if you try it and you find it too hard. I would advise level 1 or level 2 but I have kept level 3 as an option if you want to challenge yourself!

Monday 11th May


This week our reading comprehension is an extract from a text about Robin Hood. Robin Hood is a legendary figure who lived in Nottingham Forest, near Nottingham. He is known for dressing in green, being a skillful archer and for robbing the rich to give to the poor. His band of Merry Men included Friar Tuck, Little John and Will Scarlet.


Each comprehension question has a different focus. The focus of each question is explained on the accompanying 'Reading Vipers' document.


Monday 4th May


This week our reading comprehension focuses on the birds which visit our gardens and outdoor spaces. There are 3 levels of challenge. You could write the answers in your book.


For fun, I've also included a  guide to the most common birds which visit our outdoor areas. How many have you seen?

Monday 27th April


The reading comprehension activity for this week is all about fossils. There are 3 levels of challenge and the answers.


Week beginning 20/04/20: Roald Dahl Reading Comprehension with answers.