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Year 4 Summer Learning


This term if we had been in school, we would have been learning all about electricity


Please use the below to help with your home learning. 


Discuss with an adult at home about what electricity is and where it comes from.

You could do a survey of your home to find all the objects and appliances that use electricity.

1) How are they powered?

2) Do they use mains electricity?

3) Are they battery powered?

4) What is the difference?


You could sort the objects and appliances into a diagram to see how many use mains power and how many use batteries.


You could carry out some research to answer the following (use the links below to help):

1) How is electricity made?

2) What is a conductor?

3) What is an insulator?

4) What is mains power electricity? Where does it come from? How does it reach our homes?

5) What are renewable and non-renewable energy sources?   - What is electricity?       - BBC class clips all about electricity.    - The Children's University page all about electricity and the environment.     - BBC class clips all about circuits.   - BBC daily lesson all about renewable and non-renewable energy.


You could think about the environment and looking after our planet. Think about the advantages and disadvantages of different sources of energy. Which are the best to keep our planet healthy?

You could write a report showing a balanced argument or to persuade the audience to agree with your point of view (which would make it a biased - one sided - report).

Can you back up your arguments?



Electrical Safety


Do you know the dangers associated with electricity?

Can you spot the hazards in the picture?

They are numbered 1-6. Can you think why each is a danger?


(PDF version below)







    - BBC clip all about electrical dangers.  - BBC Clip also about the dangers of electricity.

You could do some research about electrical dangers and create a poster informing people of the dangers. Make it bold allowing the reader to understand your message clearly. You could include lots of pictures and diagrams (rather than words). 



Year 4 Spring Learning




This half term, as a year group, we were going to start our new topic in science all about teeth and digestion.

Please use the below to assist with your home learning.


You could start with using a hand held mirror to look at your own teeth. What do you notice about the teeth? Are they all the same or different? Do you think specific teeth have specific jobs to do when eating?


You could eat an apple and see what marks are made. Compare your teeth marks with other members of your family. Do you all make similar teeth marks or different? Why do you think this might be?


Please find some links below which will be useful to find out about the topic.


You may find a way to present the types of teeth or the digestive system as a whole. Get creative and send your pictures to school via our Facebook or Twitter pages!


An egg-cellent idea for an experiment


If we were in school we would be carrying out an experiment to test which liquids cause the most damage to our teeth to determine the best liquids to drink.


You could try this at home - if food resources are spare. You will need some eggs and different liquids. Egg shells are ideal to represent our teeth as their shell has similar qualities to our own teeth enamel. Suggested liquids could be water, milk, a fizzy drink, cordial and vinegar. You would need to hard boil the eggs and then leave them in containers covered with each liquid. 

Don't forget to think about a fair test! You can explain to an adult what this means. Think about the variables and don't forget to make a prediction!



Experiment - Keeping Teeth Healthy

Science puzzles


Below you will find some word searches for you to have a go at. The words all have a scientific theme.