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Space topic 2019

Space topic!

We have had an exciting start to Year 5 with a wonderful topic all about Space!  We have completed lots of experiments linked to this topic including fair testing to see what causes craters to change in size. 

We have observed the sun as it appears to move across the sky.  If you look closely you will see the in this picture how we tracked it across the day.  Did you know that the sun doesnt actually move its the Earth moving?
This movement of the Earth is how we get Day and Night.  Here is an explanation and diagram to explain what is happening.
We explored the phases of the moon using a range of pattern seeking strategies. 
We explored the Solar System through research and models.  We used a scale model using toilet rolls to show how big the Solar System is and came up with pneumonics to help us learn the order of the planets.  Finally, we looked at different ways people explore space.
Our working wall was very busy as it reflects all our hard work.