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Spring Time English Activities

Pobble365 - Pictures which help to inspire writing activities


Click on the link to be taken to the website where we choose the jazzy pictures used in your 10 minute write and SPaG tasks.


Choose a picture then gather vocabulary, plan it and do your writing. Don't forget to edit your own work afterwards!


Genres: Narrative (adventure, horror, fantasy, comedy, mystery/detective), diary, biography, autobiography, persuasive letter, persuasive argument, balanced argument, explanation, non-chronological report, information text, play-script, newspaper report and poetry.


Alternatively, you can follow the various activities that are listed below the pictures.


In the top right hand corner, you can 'Pick A Day'.

Mr Whyte's favourites are: 2nd Feb, 25th Feb, 6th May and 31st May

Activities and Booklets