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Thursday 17th September 2020

Reading time


Please practise reading.  You can read anything...a book in your house, a magazine, a newspaper article, a recipe - literally anything!  Just practise reading to the punctuation, practise your flow and your decoding skills (sound the word out, split the word up etc).



In our own story, we are going to be including speech.  Today, we are going to practise using speech punctuation.  Watch this handy video to help you remember the speech success criteria. 

The Direct Speech Song (Inverted Commas)

We have revamped our 2015 song, Inverted Commas. This songs details how to write direct speech using inverted commas and the all important piece of punctuati...

Use the pictures below to have a go at writing some conversations between the boy and the alien.  


Here is a success criteria to help you:

- " " Speech marks/inverted commas

- New speaker, new line

- CL as first letter inside speech marks

- Punctuation before close speech marks (!  ,   ?  or .)

- Synonym (other word) for said

- Adverb(ial) for how



"Why don't we fly up there?" questioned the puzzled alien frantically.

"Err, like this?" stammered the boy, who was feeling confused.  




The boy yelled at the top of his voice, "Yeeeehaaaa!" as he soared upwards. 

The alien agreed quietly, in a serious tone, "Yes, like that."

Pictures for you to write some speech for.


The First Miracle



Today, we are going to be practising our 4 and 8 times tables.  In fact, we will be practising these times tables all week.   Practise the songs below and then test yourselves on Daily 10 (click level 4 and then multiplication). 

4 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

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4 Times Table Song (Cover of I'm Still Standing by Taron Egerton)

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8 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

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The main thing we are focusing on today is understanding numbers to 100,000.

Space - space travel timeline!


Have a look at the facts!  See who or what went into space first.  Perhaps you'd like to do a bit more research based on the facts below or if you have a printer, you might like to have a go at completing the timeline.  Have fun!