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Thursday 17th September

Morning work


Below, you will see the morning maths I had planned for this week.  Usually, I'd give you 10-15 minutes to complete as many calculations as possible.  Ask a grown-up to help you with your marking.  Can you beat today's score and get a higher one tomorrow?




Now, try to answer the second half of the comprehension questions...




Grandpa's Indian Summer Questions PDF Printout

Maths-Numbers to 1000


First of all, watch the video link below...





To get your brains warmed up.  Prove it!  How do you know?

Child 1 has....     Child 2 has......   Child 3 has ......

 Now, have a go at these questions.  I will attach a PDF printout 






Daily Arithmetic 


* Answers will be in the Arithmetic folder on Friday 18th September



Follow the link below, and familiarise yourself with some of the scientific clips available.  

Today would have been another introductory lesson to our topic.  We would have been visualising (drawing) scientific terms related to sound. 


The terms are....

-volume                        - pitch
-vibration                      - tone
-wave                            - speaker


Don't worry, we will recap this lesson when we are back at school.