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                             Seascape Art

Over the years many artists have been mesmerised  and inspired by the sea seaside.


Have a look at some of these paintings.

                Seascape collage using salt


Have a go at creating your own seascape beautiful masterpieces using watercolours and salt.


You can also experiment using other colouring and painting materials instead of watercolour paints, like colouring pencils or feltips.

Remember to gently brush your coloured torn strips  with water before sprinkling with salt.


Painting the Sky and the Sea

What you will need:

  • Two pieces of white paper
  • Two pieces of scrap white paper (like an envelope, back of letters, etc.)
  • Paint brushes
  • Water
  • Watercolour paints
  • Table and sea salt
  • Cotton wool
  • Paper towels


What you need to do:

Painting the Sky

  1. Take a white sheet of paper.
  2. Mix some watercolour paints into suitably sky and clouds shades (blues, greys). Experiment with different amounts of colour shades on a separate piece of paper until you are happy with that your choices show the sky and clouds as you want – calm or stormy, in the morning, evening or day.
  3. Wet the white sheet of paper with a watery brush and then paint the whole sheet quickly and loosely with your paint mix, varying the shades on the paper. Cover the whole paper.
  4. Before it dries, dab off areas of the paint with cotton wool balls and paper towels to create a cloud effect. Try using both wet and dry towels for different effects.
  5. Lay the paper flat and allow it to dry completely.


Painting the Sea

  1. Take another sheet of white paper.
  2. Get the paper a little wet and then paint it with a mix of blues, greens, purples and even greys, creating a range of sea and wave shades. It is best to experiment with the amounts of paints and shades on a separate piece of white scrap paper. When happy, paint the paper fully.
  3. Before it dries, sprinkle the paper with small quantities of table and sea salt. Don’t use too much – and don’t be disappointed if nothing appears to be happening at first.
  4. Keep the paper flat and allow it to dry completely.
  5. Tear the dry painted paper into long strips, making a white edge on the paper to simulate the whitecaps of the waives, as wide as you want your waves to be tall.


Now assemble your seascape.

Stick the torn waves strips in in your own arrangement on the sky and clouds paper. Think about how tall you would like your waves to be.




Your seascape masterpiece is ready to be admired by the world.


We would love to see it too so mums and dads, please post pictures of your children's masterpieces on our Facebook or Twitter pages. 


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