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Tuesday 8th December

Guided Reading

In this chapter, Mrs Pratchett's revenge, the boys who instigated the Great Mouse Plot get the cane.  This was used in schools in those days and this is Roald Dahl's experience:


Mrs Pratchett’s revenge Part 1.wav

Mrs Pratchett’s Revenge Part 2.wav

Mrs Pratchett’s Revenge Part 3.wav

Mrs Pratchett's Revenge Part 4 (

Maths - continue with challenges set yesterday



You should be on your last paragraph now.

This paragraph should say what will happen next to the person whose autobiography you are writing.  


Do they retire?

Do they do something else?


If you have finished your writing you may want to check and edit it against the success criteria (see Friday's daily activity). Also try to think of an interesting way to present your work.  

Forest School

When I spoke to many of you last week, some of you told me about the antics of your elves.

For book buying elves you might want to point these out to them:



Two great books - good fun and have elves in! It describes an elf kingdom (and has a beautiful picture which I can't find at present but watch this space I will keep looking)!


Your forest school challenge is to make a house fit for an elf.  Even if you don't have an elf!

It must be warm and waterproof and you can use anything inside or outside of your home to do it!