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Friday 27th March


Hello again! I just thought I'd post a quick message today to you as I've a little spare time.

Firstly, I hope that you all clapped the NHS and Carers last night at 8pm. It was brilliant to see so many people cheering and clapping from their homes in Manchester. It's super important to support our selfless workers - they are amazing! If any of your parents are included, tell them that they're incredible!!!


Secondly, I hope you guys are exercising still - Joe Wicks does a great morning workout on YouTube at 9am. I've been for a run today and played around with some weights, which had been gathering dust in my flat.


Next, I hope you're all keeping on with your reading - this is a great opportunity to read lots as we've so much free time. Escape into different worlds and improve your knowledge of our world! We're to be writing about superheroes in the summer term so any books you can read about them would be incredible towards this! Try to write short pieces about superheroes - use comics, films and graphic novels as inspiration! Yes - this is an excuse to watch as many superhero films as you want.


Lastly, I am absolutely smashing you all at TimesTable Rockstars. AND Miss Packer is smashing EVERYONE! Just sayin'....


Keep yourself safe!

Mr Whyte

Thursday 26th March 2020


Hello Year 6! I hope that you are all well and that you're keeping yourselves healthy. You were brilliant at this in school, so keep it going please.


I'm sure that you'll all be feeling smug when you hear that I still had to go to school this week each morning. I have been looking after those children who still have the option to come to school and tidying our classroom - as you guys were super, super, super messy. Apart from that, my days have consisted of doing some school work at home, going for runs in the sun (beautiful weather), playing my PlayStation, chatting to my friends and family online and cooking. I hope that you guys have done a mixture of things too! It's still important to do some work, as well as having exercise and fun-time to relax in. You do not want your brain to be a mushy mess when you return to school.


Sadly, Preston North End (the world's greatest football team) were knocked out of the QuaranTeam Cup last night. A disappointing display against Rotherham meant that we only reached the second round. I know that you will all be as devastated as I was at this news.


Remember to speak to family members that you cannot see during the lockdown. There are apps you can use to speak to more than one person at a time. I had a family meet-up: Me in Withington, my brother in Chorlton, my sister in Salford, my mum in Preston and my dad in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). Speaking to people and playing games with them will help you stay sane in these strange times.

REMEMBER to stay SAFE ONLINE and only add family members. If you want to add friends, then check with your parents.


Right, I'm off to go for a walk along the river in the sun.


Stay safe and be good!

Mr Whyte