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Wednesday 22nd July


I just wanted to write a final piece to say a HUGE thank you to all of you and to wish you the very best of luck!

Thank you for my presents - they were super Gouda! Hahahahaha - I had to get one cheese joke in!


Good luck with everything! I know you'll all be amazing! Enjoy yourselves!


Mr Whyte

Year 6 - you do not need to wear school uniform for your celebrations🎉

If your year 6 child is currently not attending school they CAN attend the leavers day. All Year 6 children plus one adult are invited.
We can't have siblings or extra adults there due to social distancing restrictions.
There won't be any food. Please don't bring any - we can't be sharing objects and items and we need to minimise mixing as much as possible.
This is an informal event in which we can say goodbye to the children and they can say goodbye to us and each other.


There has to be restrictions sadly but this does make it safer for everyone involved.


There is more information below the picture.

Tuesday 7th July




Some very exciting news: we are going to invite you guys in to school to say goodbye! Now I don't know whether you've noticed, but life has been a little strange recently, so we're hosting a socially distanced goodbye to make sure that everyone is still kept as safe and as healthy as possible. So here is the current plan:

It is going to take place on Monday 20th July 2020 on the KS2 playground and you will be sat a distance away from each other. We have invited you, along with one parent or guardian, the rest of your class, your Year 6 team and also other members of staff in school, who may have taught you before. Each class will have a strict 50 minute slot and you are to arrive no more than 5 minutes before that. Our slot is at 11am. At 11.50, we will then ask you to leave the school grounds safely, so we can clean the area and let the next class into school.

You do not need to wear school uniform!


It would be absolutely fantastic to see you all there! I hope that you can make it as it would be amazing to say goodbye and for you to see some people again, who you might not see for a long time. If you have any questions, then please get in contact with the school and we will answer them for you.


Stay safe, take care and I will hopefully see you soon!

Mr Whyte

Tuesday 30th June


Hello from school! The children, who are in school, all say hello too! We're very lucky, as we have Miss Barber with us too!

We're currently doing some Superhero artwork. We have done some maths activities (code-breaking and some arithmetic), some English (using Pobble pictures), done lots of art-work, some meditation and P.E., and have begun reading a book: Cosmic by Frank Cotterell-Bryce. Hopefully you've been keeping up with the work on the Home Page, getting yourselves ready for when you're back in school.

I had a great birthday and enjoyed the sunny weather. I hope you did too and all had a great weekend!

I will try to ring you either this week or next week to see how you're getting on.


Keep yourselves safe!

Mr Whyte

Monday 22nd June



I hope that you are all well and have enjoyed your weekend! Wasn't it great to have football back!?


It appears that (after a few hiccoughs and false starts) we have begun our return to school. Some of the other Year 6 children are in school this week and we will be returning next week, on the 29th. Please can you make sure that your parents have replied to the school - they need to email the school saying that they are or are not sending you back! This is very important!


I will be calling you all on Tuesday to see how you're all getting on.


I have updated the work on the Year 6 page - please do this. It is all topics that we've covered in school. It is really important that you keep your work ticking over so that when you go to high school, you are exactly where you should be, mentally and academically.


One bit of exciting news this week.... I'm another year older on Friday! Exciting times!

Stay safe!

Mr Whyte

Thursday 18th June


Hi everyone!

I hope that you're all well and healthy.


Exciting news! FOOTBALL IS BACK! I imagine some of you don't care, but it IS exciting. Sheffield were very unlucky to not score and City were so much better than Arsenal. As I'm sure you are aware though - the BIG game is on Saturday. Preston are away at Luton. I'm hoping to be able to watch it! We need to maintain our Playoff place!


Anyway, I've been in school three times this week. I completed a first aid course on Monday (so I can now officially tell you all that there's nothing wrong with you, that you are fine and therefore that you need to keep working when you come to me with bloody cuts and broken bones). I then worked from home on Tuesday - report writing. On Wednesday and Thursday, I was in school teaching the key worker children. We did quite a bit on Mr Whyte's favourite thing - food! We did a little writing on SuperTato, discussed foreign cuisine (food dishes), created our own menus and BEST OF ALL drew pictures in the style of: Giuseppe Arcimboldo

[It looks like some of you!]

Apart from that, I hope you're all doing the work that is being set on the Year 6 Home Class Page. When you come in to school, you can bring it in to show if you like. Hopefully, we will be in school again soon and can see each other before summer!


Anyway, keep yourself safe, keep being good at home and keep being positive.

Mr Whyte

Friday 12th June

Hi everyone!

So it's been a strange week as we were expecting to open school to some of the other classes this week (and you guys next week). However, health is more important and so it's been delayed a little. I am still hoping to see lots of you when we can actually return if the R rate drops. Please make sure you're keeping yourselves and your families safe by not meeting up with people or getting too close to others.


Anyway, I have exciting news: I had my first rugby training session last Saturday (and have another tomorrow). Not to worry; it's all socially distanced. We are only allowed 6 of us at a time at the rugby club and we have to stay at least 2metres away from each other. All the equipment is wiped down before and after use. Honestly, it's basically a LOT of running! However, it's been great to see my team mates and chat to them. I can't wait until all this is over and I can play again!


I hope you've all seen the work for this week that has been posted onto the Year 6 Homepage. If not, then please give it a go. It is all things that we've covered. Feel free to use the internet for anything that has leaked out of your brain and you can't remember. I'll be asking you what you've been up to when I call next week (I'm back in school).


Anyway, I hope all of you enjoy your weekends and I'll speak to you next week!

Stay safe!

Mr Whyte

Friday 5th June


So we aren't miles behind in the TTRockstar competition - there is still time for us to win! So far Jack S is smashing it for us but we need others to help! We have until 9AM on Monday morning so I want some of you others to get on and help us out.


As you now should know, our class bubble is in school on the week beginning 15th June. So this week (from the 8th), when other children are at school and our bubble is at home, I will be posting some work onto the main Year 6 page. I would like you all to have a go at this (whether you are coming into school or not). It will be learning that we have covered and won't need a printer, so there are no excuses for not attempting it. If you are struggling to remember how to do something, then ask your family members or go onto Google. As we are beginning the slow road back to normal now, it is important for you to get yourself back into the swing of working each school day (if you are not already). Give it all your best shot and have high standards for yourself, like I had for you! You guys were great!


In other news, I've been busy getting things ready for the children returning to school - YOU SHOULD SEE MY SPOTLESS CLASSROOM NOW YOU MESSY CHILDREN HAVE NOT BEEN IN IT FOR AGES!!! :) Soon to change I'm sure....

I've still been running. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that I managed to run 200km in May. 204.7km (127.2 miles) in fact. This is like running from Manchester to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I even ran all the way to school from my house in Withington last Friday (and then had to run home after school). That was over 18miles!

I've been eating a lot - had a great BBQ on Sunday. I've chatted to my friends and family. I've carried on reading.


I hope that you are all still active and that you don't mind the rain too much - I've enjoyed seeing it come back.


Take care, stay safe and I'll be seeing some of you soon!

Mr Whyte 

Friday 29th May

Hello again! We have a challenge - Lynx class beat Panthers on TTRockstars and now it's our turn!


Please get yourselves on TTRockstars and help Jaguars win! Do 10 minutes or more whenever you can! Do myself and Miss Packer proud!


It was fantastic to speak to you these last two days.

Enjoy the sunshine and your weekend!

Mr Whyte

Monday 26th May

Good morning everyone!

I haven't written in a while. I hope that you are all well, healthy and are keeping yourselves and your families safe. I also hope that you are all enjoying this glorious weather (although safely and sensibly).

It has been fantastic to see those of you who have been on Education City and TTRockstars. I'm sure lots more of you are still doing extra bits of work too. Keep this up! It will be so important and will make the difference for when you go to High School!

Now, I'm sure that you will have heard the news that we're likely to be back in school soon. I am looking forward to seeing you all, even if it's at a distance! I just wanted to say to you that returning to school will be different from when we left, but coming into school will be important for your transition to high school and will get you back into the swing of things before you go off on your next big and exciting journey!

Anyway, I'll give you a quick update on the things I've been doing.

I've been working, on lots of walks (along the river Mersey and through Chorlton Ees), eating, playing on my PlayStation and computer and talking to my friends online - quizzes and games are still going strong! I know quite a few new games now which we could play at school. I even played Stop The Bus with some of my friends on Zoom! I know you guys enjoyed that one.

Since lockdown started, I've been getting my Mary Berry on and have cooked up a storm in my kitchen. I've made lasagne, huge stacked burgers (some blue cheese, some BBQ flavour, all delicious), sweet potato chips, macaroni and cheese, sausage and veg pasta, fajitas, burritos and enchiladas, Thai green curry with sticky rice, milkshakes, smoothies, cookies, M&M blondies and Nutella Rocky Road. It's been great to see some of you have been cooking and baking too!

I'm currently reading a book which I read when I was in Year 7 at high school in English. I saw it was cheap and decided to buy it to read it again. It is called A Wizard of Earthsea. It's about a boy who is training to be a wizard and accidentally releases a shadow monster onto the world. I'll let you know whether it's any good when I finish it. I seem to remember enjoying it as a child though.

I have been doing lots of running. I'm aiming to run 200km in May. I am currently on 153km so I've a little way to go. I even ran all the way to school one day from Withington, then up Werneth Low, before having to jog home through Stockport! It ended up being 21.7miles/35km. I was so, so, so, so tired afterwards. I hope you guys are still exercising and keeping active!

Here's a little maths for you: Can you work out how far I've got to go to reach my 200km goal? Can you work out this as a fraction? Can you then work out what percentage of 200km I've run so far? We did learn all these when we were in school, so it'll be interesting to see if you can do them!


Finally, I will be calling you all again this week (on either Thursday or Friday) so it would be great to hear what you've been up to these last two weeks!


Stay safe and stay healthy! I look forward to speaking to you and seeing you all soon!

Mr Whyte

Tuesday 5th May


Good morning everyone!

I hope that you all celebrated Star Wars Day yesterday - May the Fourth (be with you)! If you didn't, practise your best Chewbacca voice at home. Random fact: one of my best mates lived next door but one to R2D2 in Preston when we were growing up.


Anyway, I hope that you're all well, are behaving and working hard. I've been setting work on Education City, so keep looking on there. There's some learning screens as well as activities and worksheets (which can be done on paper or on your iPad - screenshot then edit). I hope that you're still using BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy to keep up with work.


Just to let you know, I'll be trying to call some of you again shortly. It'd be great to hear what you have been up to since we last spoke. Perhaps you can try to come up with or find a joke for me too.


All the best and I'll hopefully speak soon,

Mr Whyte

Thursday 30th April


Morning everyone. It was fantastic to speak to those of you that I managed to get hold of yesterday! I think I shocked a few of you - you are NEVER that quiet or shy! It was brilliant to hear what you'd been up to and it made me very happy that you were all doing your bit to stay safe and keep your family healthy. It was amazing to hear of all the art, DT, school work, cleaning, helping brothers and sisters, exercise as well as cooking and baking that had been going on. Even better is that so many of your parents sounded proud of how you had been working, acting or behaving during this lockdown. This made me incredibly happy because these are stressful and emotional times for everyone. You are brilliant! smiley Keep on with what you are doing in this Lockdown and hopefully I'll speak to you again soon! Or even better, see you!

Please don't panic if I didn't manage to get hold of you - I'll try to call again in the near future.


Apart from that, I've been up to the same old things: working from home, eating, running, eating, walking, eating, cooking, eating, baking, eating and of course taking time to talk to friends. Exciting times for me though. Even though I am heavier than I was before, I beat my 5km running record. I am edging closer to my brother's time. I am now only 27 seconds behind his time. I've improved by nearly 30 seconds. Strange that as I've got heavier, I've got faster. It makes me wonder how good I'd be at rugby right now - as I'm faster and bigger.


Anyway, stay safe and be good!

Speak soon

Mr Whyte

Thursday 23rd April


Hello everyone!


Well done to everyone who has been on Education City - I can see your progress! Keep up your work! If you don't know your password - contact the school.


I spoke to Miss Packer recently and she asked me to give you this message:


"I hope you saw my performance on TTRockstars. You're all losers! Especially those of you who said you'd beat me! But seriously, I'm missing you all, I hope that you are all healthy and well and I can't wait to see you soon, hopefully before the year is out!"


Take care everyone!

Tuesday 21st April


Hello everyone! We are now into Summer Term. This is super strange! I hope that you are all fully settled into Lockdown routines and are still working. You worked so, so hard this year to get to where you were! Please keep it going! You may have seen that BBC Bitesize have released daily lessons on their website. If you go onto the Year 6 page, there are links to that and another website (Oak National Academy) with lessons on. Have a go at them all! The BBC even have celebrities taking part in the lessons - I've heard Brian Cox (a Manchester legend) is doing things to do with space, David Attenborough (a national treasure) is doing some work on geography and science and Sergio Aguero (plays for Citeehh) is doing Spanish lessons! I'll be having a go at them.



Remember, you can also go on Education City, the Maths Organiser, TTRockstars, Daily 10 and Hit the Button. You do not need a printer. If you have a smartphone, a tablet or a computer then you can screenshot images and then edit and write all over them. Alternatively, you can just write working out and the answers down on a piece of paper. You were all given blank exercise books. There are loads of ways to keep working.

Corbett Maths has things for you to do too.


You can write lots of non-fiction pieces: non-chronological reports, newspaper reports, information texts, discussion texts, explanatory texts, instructional texts, Persuasive texts, and recounts.

You could write fiction pieces: adventure, mystery, science-fiction, fantasy, historical-fiction, Play-scripts, film-narratives, myths and legends, fairy-tales, fables, and traditional tales.

You could even write some poetry. Why don't you look at some Limericks, Haikus, epic poems, free verse or acrostics.

As well as just reading books, there are reading activities for you to do on Education City.


I know that loads of you loved computing. It can still be done. Rapid-Router is a website you can use. You have all used Scratch - they have a website. Also, go onto Hour of Code.


As I think of other things to do, I'll add them. But please do the BBC work - it looks good so far!


As for me, I've done more of the same things really - exercise, eat, work from home, read and relax.


Take it easy!

Mr Whyte

Thursday 16th April


I hope that you are all well!


I was in school today! It was great to be back in the building after a couple of weeks in my flat. It was also super to see the children (of key workers) who were in school today too. We did chalk drawings, went on TTRockstars, did art, played games (including dodgeball - of course), did gymnastics and went on an Easter egg hunt. Great fun!


I've been for lots of runs recently - my brother beat my personal best time over 5KM so I'm now in training to crush him. I know you're all supporting me. I'll let you know when I manage to beat his time.


Also, I've been reading lots - including books about children with superpowers - and have been missing reading our class novels. Therefore, after seeing Mrs Hynes' stories online, I thought I would read you one too. However, the only books I had in the flat that were short enough for a video were picture books (but who doesn't love a good picture book!?). So here you go.

Click the link below to watch me tell the incredibly exciting story of....




The story of a gallant spud that battles adversity and keeps the forlorn veggies safe from the despicable petit-pois.


Anyway, if you didn't understand that then you'd better watch my story. I even base the character's voices on some of you guys!


Keep yourselves safe guys!


by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

Saturday 4th - Monday 13th


Hello! It's been an incredibly busy week for me this past week. I am meant to be in Rhodes (in Greece) relaxing, so I've tried to make sure that this week is still great.

I've kept myself busy doing work, exercise, socialising (online) and having relaxation and leisure time. I hope that you have been doing the same! It's important to keep doing all these things in a balanced lifestyle.


So, what's been keeping me busy...

Well Saturday - a VERY exciting day! I went to the Supermarket. I had to buy food for myself AND I had to buy food, drink and other supplies for a 30th birthday I had to plan. Going to the supermarkets was a super strange experience, as I'm sure many of you have found out. You have to stand in spots they've marked on the floor and queue to get in. The supermarkets are pretty much back to normal now too now that people have realised they have 600000000000 packets of pasta in their house to eat. I actually enjoyed my shop a lot more than normal - less people jostling along the aisles. Later that day, I went for a long 12 mile run along the river Mersey near Didsbury and Chorlton before doing another quiz with some friends in the evening.

On Sunday, it was sunny! As I live in a flat, I have to get outside to do my exercise, so I went for a walk. Along that walk, I proposed to my girlfriend. Sadly, it was not in Greece but I obviously still made it amazing! We're very happy.

On Monday, I spent the whole day ringing and FaceTiming different groups of friends and family to let them know. Fun day!

On sunny Tuesday, it was the day of my (now) fiances 30th! As I'm a creative mastermind, I had a number of plans. Firstly, I decorated our living room with balloons, streamers, stars, hanging lanterns, and giant 30 balloons. Then I blew up the avocado lilo (the pineapple didn't turn up in time) and also a paddling pool - which I filled with balloons. I also decided to turn each room of my flat into a different restaurant, pub or garden area. I created signs for each place. We had different drinks and food in each place, which I also designed and made. I got lots of different people to call us throughout the day too. IT WAS BRILLIANT! Super fun.

On Wednesday, we made and decorated a homemade birthday cake. It was vanilla sponge with mascarpone icing - you know I love cheese!

For the rest of the week, I have been speaking to my friends and family lots, gone for runs and walks - in the sun and the rain, done some work, played my playstation, read a book, watched films and documentaries and cooked. A little more relaxing after the chaotic (but fun) start.

This bank holiday, I've had a ball! I watched my favourite films. All three Lord of the Rings films. But not the normal versions. Nope, that's for amateurs. I watched all three extended versions! That's 11 hours and 32 minutes in total. To put that in perspective, the average film length is about 1 hour 45 minutes. Now, times that by 3. That's 5 hours and 15 minutes. So.... nearly double that! Haha. IT WAS WORTH EVERY SECOND! Also, I've spent hours kicking some slowly deflating balloons around the flat. Do you think that I am perhaps missing football and rugby? Haha at least it counts as exercise.

Speaking of which, I hope that you liked my video! I had great fun making that - only took me one take...

I might try to learn another. Any recommendations?

I hope that you've all been keeping yourselves busy and that you're all healthy and well!

Feel free to get your parents to post things onto the school Facebook group so I can see what you've been up to - I enjoy seeing the messages from your parents about you.


All the best guys! Stay safe!

Mr Whyte

Just some of the places we visited....

Aaaaand I've been boogying...

Still image for this video
Keep exercising!

Friday 3rd April



Just a quick update as I've been up to the usual activities: working, playing my Playstation, beating you all at TTRockstars, speaking to family and friends and I've been running, going for walks along the Mersey and doing some gym exercises.

Also, I've been planning a 30th birthday for next Tuesday (obviously not mine - I'm not old yet). Sadly, my original plan of going on holiday to Greece is clearly now not happening so I've had to improvise. I've bought an avacado and pineapple lilo and I'll turn up the heating in my flat. It'll be exactly the same right?


Finally, the answers to the questions I posted earlier in the week:

1. What happened to a vicar during his first online corona-virus church service?

He set himself on fire.

2. What has a policeman, in India, taken to wearing to encourage people to take the lockdown seriously?

A coronavirus-shaped helmet

3. What did Derbyshire police do to stop people swimming in a Buxton lagoon during lockdown?

They poured black dye into the water to turn it black.

4. What did a mum do with her entire Tesco shop this week over fears of corona-virus?

She washed each item in the bath.

5. What did a Dutch hairdresser use as protective gear so she could continue working?

She used an umbrella with holes cut for eyes and arms.

6. What broke into a self-isolating farm in China, got drunk on 30kg of corn wine and passed out fast asleep in the field?

A herd of elephants!


Stay safe!!

Tuesday 31st March


Good morning! I hope that you're all well and that you're looking after yourselves - regular hand-washing, staying 2 metres away from other gross people and keeping yourselves fit!

I've been for a couple of runs this weekend - I even did a set of sprints in the park! Below I've included a sweaty picture to prove that I'm actually doing the exercise.


Apart from that, the highlight of my weekend was on Saturday evening, when I arranged a quiz with some of my university friends, who live all around the country (Newcastle, York, Huddersfield and Bedford). As I'm sure you expected - Mr Whyte won. laugh My team name was Blackcurrently Can't Go Outside.

The categories we did were: The World's Gone Mad (questions about recent events), Music Round, Film Round, Board Game Round and Who Am I? I hosted: The World's Gone Mad Round.

Here are some of the questions I asked. Can you answer them? I'll post the answers in a couple of days.

1. What happened to a vicar during his first online corona-virus church service?

2. What has a policeman, in India, taken to wearing to encourage people to take the lockdown seriously?

3. What did Derbyshire police do to stop people swimming in a Buxton lagoon during lockdown?

4. What did a mum do with her entire Tesco shop this week over fears of corona-virus?

5. What did a Dutch hairdresser use as protective gear so she could continue working?

6. What broke into a self-isolating farm in China, got drunk on 30kg of corn wine and passed out fast asleep in the field?


Next time, we've organised a talent show. I am currently torn between learning a song on my ukulele (which I am beginning to learn to play) OR learning the moves to a dance. I haven't decided a song/dance yet though. Any recommendations?


Finally, I hope that you are keeping on with your work. Keep yourselves writing - use Pobble365 to get those pictures we use in SPaG and 10 minute write tasks. Use Daily 10, Hit The Button and the various packs and activities we've given you to practise your maths.

Also, I'm still smashing everyone of you on TTRockstars.


Take care and be good!

Mr Whyte

Friday 27th March


Hello again! I just thought I'd post a quick message today to you as I've a little spare time.

Firstly, I hope that you all clapped the NHS and Carers last night at 8pm. It was brilliant to see so many people cheering and clapping from their homes in Manchester. It's super important to support our selfless workers - they are amazing! If any of your parents are included, tell them that they're incredible!!!


Secondly, I hope you guys are exercising still - Joe Wicks does a great morning workout on YouTube at 9am. I've been for a run today and played around with some weights, which had been gathering dust in my flat.


Next, I hope you're all keeping on with your reading - this is a great opportunity to read lots as we've so much free time. Escape into different worlds and improve your knowledge of our world! We're to be writing about superheroes in the summer term so any books you can read about them would be incredible towards this! Try to write short pieces about superheroes - use comics, films and graphic novels as inspiration! Yes - this is an excuse to watch as many superhero films as you want.


Lastly, I am absolutely smashing you all at TimesTable Rockstars. AND Miss Packer is smashing EVERYONE! Just sayin'....


Keep yourself safe!

Mr Whyte

Thursday 26th March 2020


Hello Year 6! I hope that you are all well and that you're keeping yourselves healthy. You were brilliant at this in school, so keep it going please.


I'm sure that you'll all be feeling smug when you hear that I still had to go to school this week each morning. I have been looking after those children who still have the option to come to school and tidying our classroom - as you guys were super, super, super messy. Apart from that, my days have consisted of doing some school work at home, going for runs in the sun (beautiful weather), playing my PlayStation, chatting to my friends and family online and cooking. I hope that you guys have done a mixture of things too! It's still important to do some work, as well as having exercise and fun-time to relax in. You do not want your brain to be a mushy mess when you return to school.


Sadly, Preston North End (the world's greatest football team) were knocked out of the QuaranTeam Cup last night. A disappointing display against Rotherham meant that we only reached the second round. I know that you will all be as devastated as I was at this news.


Remember to speak to family members that you cannot see during the lockdown. There are apps you can use to speak to more than one person at a time. I had a family meet-up: Me in Withington, my brother in Chorlton, my sister in Salford, my mum in Preston and my dad in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). Speaking to people and playing games with them will help you stay sane in these strange times.

REMEMBER to stay SAFE ONLINE and only add family members. If you want to add friends, then check with your parents.


Right, I'm off to go for a walk along the river in the sun.


Stay safe and be good!

Mr Whyte