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Tuesday 30th June

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and keeping busy. Keep checking our Year 6 class page for learning updates. It has been a very busy time since I last updated you as we had small groups of children returning to school last week. We made Dream Catchers in Year 6 and tried to spent more time outside making the most of the good weather. There are more new children returning to school this week and different staff so that's exciting for them. 

 Please try your best in these final weeks to keep your learning going, it really will make a difference and you will feel the benefit as you join your new school in the next few months. 


 Take care, keep safe and we will update you all as soon as we can.


Mrs Savarizadeh xx


Friday 19th June

Hi everyone, we are very excited in school today preparing for some of you to return. If you are coming back you will have your own desk with a tray of resources just for you. Have a look at the photos below. You won't be able to bring anything in to school other than your lunch so please leave mobile phones and reading book bags at home. You will be in the Panthers class with a small group of your classmates. Miss Lindop will be teaching you at the beginning of the week as my working days will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but I'm coming in on Monday morning to welcome you back. Be warned I have a lot of teaching energy that I am bursting to use so get an early night- I think we are all going to feel quite tired at first! Don't worry if you think you may have forgotten things, your brain is amazing, it's still there,  it will just take a little bit of time to get back into our learning habits that's all!


 Don't forget that even if you are not returning please keep looking at our Year 6 class page for learning updates, it's so important that you keep doing some learning whilst you are at home.


 We will keep in touch but if there is anything you need please contact school and we will do what we can.


Take care, stay safe, Mrs S x

It's still your classroom!

Monday 15th June

Hi everyone I hope you are all keeping well. Thank you Bailey, Wiktoria and Emily who have had a go at the Education City activities that I put on last week. From now on our home learning activities will be on the class page, there are lots of things to keep you busy. Take a look at the Learning Grid

 I hope you are all happy, busy and staying safe. It is really important to keep up with your home learning and try to make a timetable and stick to it. It will make it easier for you to return to school if you have been trying your best to work at home. Try to limit screen time and get some fresh air and exercise.

 It's not all work, work, work - we have been busy at home building some new furniture this weekend and baking. The girls made pancakes yesterday and we are going to make Dream Catchers this week too. I am determined to read more as I love the escape and the relaxing feeling that I get when I read. I am reading the Hunger Games books and they are very exciting. Of course we also enjoy walking Chester our dog it's always lots of fun to take him out.


Don't forget to ask an adult to share your home learning activities via our Facebook page as we really look forward to seeing these.

I hope to see you all soon

Bye for now,

Mrs S x

Monday 8th June

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well and keeping busy. I was expecting a very different start to my day today and looking forward to seeing some of you in class but sadly that wasn't to be. When it is safe enough for us to open we will but until then, stay safe and make good choices.


Did you see the new Home Learning Grid on our Year 6 class page? Mr Whyte has added lots of new work for you all and we will be updating this weekly. Although I know it's hard to feel motivated sometimes when working at home, you now have a few weeks ahead to pick up your learning and to try your best. Remember that a routine helps and try to make an early start! If you manage to do a couple of hours in the morning then break for lunch and do something else in the afternoon then you'll be doing great! Don't forget that we can give you feedback on your learning if you ask an adult to share it on our Facebook page.


I will keep updating Education City for those of you who have been using it and don't forget that BBC Bitesize and The Oak National Academy also provide daily lessons. Thank you Kian, Madison, Wiktoria and Bailey for having a go at the activities on Education City.


Take care everyone and remember to keep safe!! Hopefully we will be able to get back together some time soon!

Mrs S x



Monday 1st June

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all still well and keeping busy. Thank you to those who are accessing the learning activities that I have been updating on here, Education City has been updated to include Maths, Reading and Spelling activities this week.


I have discovered this brilliant resource and thought I would share it with you:



I have always enjoyed these books but now you can visit their online information resources with so many topics and fun quizzes along the way! 

Science - Use the website to find out about Electricity. You could start by reminding yourself about some key vocabulary and write your own definitions. Key vocabulary: circuit, voltage, battery, series circuit, parallel circuit, cell, buzzer, switch, bulb and motor.

You could also research the history of Electricity and make a report.


Good luck and have fun! I'll be in touch this week about your possible return to school.

Mrs Savarizadeh





Monday 18th May

Good morning, I hope you are all well and doing your best to keep busy. Thank you Kaden and Cerys who have spent time on Education City and completed some of the activities from last week. This week I have added some Maths and Reading tasks.


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is Kindness

 We have talked about Mental Health in school and we have spent some time thinking about how to look after our Mental Health but this is something that should be discussed regularly. Your Mental Health is as important as your Physical Health but we know much more about how to look after ourselves physically than mentally. Spend some time this week carrying out the following activities to help you improve your mental health:


Read - Reading should be a relaxing experience, read together, read out loud or read alone. Just read something you enjoy. 

Watch Disney's Inside Out - It is a film that shows in a creative, animated way how our brain works and it will provide opportunities for you to discuss thoughts, feelings and memories.


Listen to calming music or thoughtful pod casts.


Eat well - plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, drink lots of water as healthy food helps us have healthy bodies and minds.


Keep moving - exercise releases endorphins, feel good chemicals in the brain that help to reduce stress and make us feel happier.


Do something for someone else (without having to be asked!) Just something as small as making a cup of tea or tidying a room can help to make someone else feel happier. Why not drop off a surprise for a friend or relative, from a safe distance of course!


Talk - move devices so that there are no interruptions and that goes for adults too! Have a chat about how you are feeling, what is the best thing about the Lock down? What is the worst?  You could write a set of interview questions and ring some friends or relatives to find out more about them: What is your favourite food? What music do you enjoy? What is your favourite film? What is your best childhood memory? Keep it light, keep it fun, most people love to talk about themselves!


Most of all take time to appreciate the things that make you happy. Spend time every day doing something that you enjoy and remember that things won't always be this way. We will be able to meet up with our friends and family, we will be able to get back to school and work at some point in the future, for now though, look after your minds and bodies!


I hope you have a fun and healthy week, take care x



Tuesday 12th May

 Good morning, I hope you all had a fantastic time celebrating VE Day with your family and friends - safely of course!

We had a tea party on our front driveway so that we could see and talk to our neighbours but stay safely away from each other, it was lovely! We all wore red, white and blue and decorated our house in banners and flags too.

 I hope you all enjoyed the poem that Mrs Packer wrote for you, she is so talented and I hope that she inspires you to be creative also. Why not have a go at writing your own Lockdown poem or rhyme? They could be silly or fun rhymes or more meaningful,  thoughtful poems with important messages in them. Then don't forget to ask a parent to share via our Facebook Page.


 I have added more work this week to Education City so please take a look. A big well done to Madison, Kaden, Melissa and Emily who I can see have tried to have a go at the work set, thank you. This week there is some Maths work on Angles, Reading - The Selfish Giant and and a selection of SPAG tasks including some spelling and grammar tasks. 


 Don't forget that there are also daily lessons on BBC BItesize - some of which you can access through the television and Oak National Academy. The links are a little further down this page.


For our Literacy theme this week I thought we could use this image from Pobble 365. It's time to get creative! Follow the link for exciting activities linked to the image - The Creature From the Deep!


There are some fun writing tasks linked to this image and also a creative drawing task! 


 Maths - It is so important to keep your mental maths skills up and so I recommend that you visit our Daily 10 or Hit the Button games even if for just a few minutes each day. Also visit TTRockstars to keep practising your timestables facts! There is a new battle posted between the Panthers and Lynx classes, it starts tomorrow! Good luck!


 Exercise - We have now been advised that we can go out and exercise as many times a day as we would like but please make sure you are making safe choices.  Please stay safe, only spend time with people who live in your household and make good choices.


 We hope that we will get more information soon about the possibility of schools re opening but so much is unclear at the moment. Keep checking the school website for updates along with our Facebook page and Twitter. Take care, stay safe x





Tuesday 5th May

Good morning, I hope you are all keeping well and trying your best with your learning at home. It has been lovely to speak with you all and see how you are doing. I will be ringing you all again soon. Don't forget that we are all still available to support you and  your parents can contact us by either ringing school, emailing or messaging us via the school's Facebook page.


Each week I have been adding new activities to Education City, please log in and have a go. This week there are learning activities linked to World War 2.


Don't forget to also check out BBC Bitesize and National Oak Academy website for daily lessons, see the links below:



 VE Day Friday 8th May 2020

 This week we will be focusing on the VE day celebrations for our Home Learning Tasks, it is lovely to have something to celebrate.

Take a look at the links and activities below and carry out some of your own research too. There will be plenty of programmes on television and maybe you're already planning a street party with your neighbours (maintaining social distancing of course!) 


Why not try out some of the recipes or learn some War Time songs to sing on Friday? You could design invitations for neighbours to come out into their front gardens and join the celebrations or make a fact file all about World War 2. 

Use this opportunity to find out about this major event in British history and have fun along the way!





Tuesday 28th April

 Morning everyone I hope you are all keeping well. Did you enjoy the video message from all the teachers? I must admit it brought a tear to my eye and what a wonderful surprise seeing Miss Goodwin joining in!! I am in the process  of phoning every child from our Panther's class and it has been lovely being able to speak to you. If I haven't spoken to you yet expect a phone call over the next couple of days.


 We are now entering Week 6 of lockdown and we have no idea as yet how long this will continue, it is really important that you spend some time everyday learning. I recommend an early start as it helps you to start the day in the right way, I find lie ins actually make you feel worse once you  get up, save them for the weekend!!

 Have a go at setting small goals with breaks in between. A little bit of work followed by a bit of a break or reward will help you to stay motivated. In my house, I start early but the girls start around 9.30am if we are at home, earlier if we are in school. They work for a couple of hours, having a break whenever they want, then we all stop for lunch. Another hour or so after lunch and they are done for the day. 


 This week I have added more work on Education City; take a look there are Reading, Maths and Science activities.


Captain Tom Moore turns 100 this week, why not use this as a stimulus for your learning?



History - What was life in Britain like 100 years ago? What kinds of things would Captain Tom have done at school? How do you think he would have spent his time? How has Britain changed during this time? Try and create a timeline of important events over 100 years.

Literacy - Write Captain Tom a letter including a mini profile about you and the things you like to do. Why not ask him a few questions? You could do a newspaper report on him and his amazing achievement or simply a profile including research about his life.



Maths - On Education City I have included some activities about time. Practise reading the time in both analogue and digital. Practise converting between 12 hour and 24 hour clocks and solving problems.


Science - Find out about developments in Health and Medicine over 100 years. How have doctors and hospitals developed their treatments? Can you find out anything surprising about treatments in the past that we don't use nowadays?


How do you think Captain Tom Moore kept fit and healthy when he was younger? What do you think his diet was like?

What do you think we can learn from him in order to stay fit and healthy (bodies and minds!) now?  Think about activities but also mindset!


Have fun and don't forget to wish Captain Tom Moore a very happy birthday in Thursday 30th April, 100 years old! Amazing!!









Monday 20th April

Morning everyone, I feel just a bit strange about today as it would have been the start of our Summer term. I'm hoping, as I am sure you are too, that we will be back together soon but we will have to wait until we are told it is safe for us to do that.

I have been busy working at home and also in school although I have to say that there are a lot of distractions at home!!!!


Working from home!!!

Did you know that the BBC is supporting learning from home and they have started to provide lessons today?

Why not take a look, it is something a bit different and you can access some of the resources through BBC iplayer also.



Here are some more ideas to help you stay motivated when learning at home:


Please keep checking Education City as I am adding weekly work updates. I can see who is having a go and trying to complete these so thank you to those that are trying their best! Melissa and Bailey in particular, you are working really hard well done!!


 How are you doing with your Superhero writing? I am hoping that if we are allowed to come back to school before the end of the year then you will be able to use some of your work from home as part of your writing sample. I would love for you to bring your work into school and we can spend time sharing our ideas and then writing them up, so if you haven't made a start give it a go, even if you only produce a draft copy it will help. You will need to create an information report about a made up Superhero which should include their strengths and weaknesses and then write a Superhero story which could include a made up villain too.


Maths - It is hugely important to keep your maths skills up to date, you have all worked so hard this year and made excellent progress. Don't forget to use the Maths Organiser on the Year 6 class page. There are many revision questions and videos to support your understanding. Keep completing daily arithmetic challenges these could be TTRockstars, Daily 10 or Hit the Button. Try and have a look at past SATs papers for arithmetic and have a go at the questions in the 30 minutes. You don't need to print the papers out just take screen shots of the questions. There are many past papers at the bottom of the Maths Organiser.


Science - Visit BBC bitesize for videos and activity links about our science topics. We have just been learning about Light but we would have been covering Electricity and Animals including Humans. See what you can find out and make an information page or booklet. 


New skills - How many of you have learnt new things since learning from home? Have you been gardening, cooking, learning new crafts like knitting, drawing or painting? If you have why not put some photographs together and add captions ready to share with others. You could even have a go at writing a set of instructions!


Exercise - This is so important for our minds and bodies. We know we shouldn't be going out unless absolutely necessary but we are allowed daily exercise. Why not keep an exercise diary? What are you doing to make sure you are keeping fit?

Also please make sure you are not meeting up with friends, I know this is difficult but we really must only be with people who live in our own households. Stay safe!


Please do your best to complete some work whilst at home but also stay safe, keep well and hopefully we will all be back together soon. I miss you all, 

Mrs Savarizadeh x





Tuesday 14th April

Morning Panthers!

 I hope you have had a lovely and relaxing Easter. Mr Savarizadeh was off work last week so we had a holiday at home. It was wonderful to spend time together as a family. The girls built a den in the garden, we baked cakes and played games. We also really enjoyed our daily walks with Chester.

 I am really looking forward to things getting back to normal, it is funny the little things that you miss. What are you looking forward to doing when we are allowed to? I am looking forward to our normal school days: greeting you all in the morning, assemblies, playtimes, reading with you all and of course teaching. 


 It is hard to stay motivated when working from home so here are some tips:

Get up early! - I know this can be hard to do especially when we don't have the normal routines to keep us structured but it does help if you get up and get started early, then you can relax later and you will feel like you have earned it!

Eat well - Plenty of fruit and vegetables and lots of water too!

Set yourself small achievable learning tasks - try to do regular learning activities that involve some maths, reading and writing skills. It is important to keep up your basic skills and to practise regularly. I have updated Education City with new challenges for this week.

Balance the learning with more creative tasks and wider curriculum activities - check out our Curriculum Pages on the website for inspiration.


I miss you all so much and I can't wait for us all to get back to normal,

Take care, keep safe,

Mrs S x


p.s I saw this picture in the newspaper and it got me thinking, do you agree with the ranking? Who would put custard creams at the bottom? Surely not! Why not have a go at designing your own pyramid. It doesn't have to be biscuits it could be anything that you like I just found the biscuit one interesting because well let's face it -  I'm obsessed!!!!




Monday 30th March

Hi everyone, I hope you are all feeling well and are keeping busy. My girls are adjusting to their new routine although they did think I was joking this morning when I woke them up early and it was still dark! When I was getting breakfast for us all it started snowing, how bizarre is that? I have been into school each day, keeping busy and learning new skills! Luckily, I have been able to nip home to walk Chester each day, which is lovely.

Learning Updates - Try to do a little bit of work every day. I suggest you do some Maths and English each morning and then alternate topic, science and more creative activities like music, art or cooking. Make sure you find time for extended reading, which should be at least 20 minutes each day. Also it is really important to take part in some sort of physical exercise; this is good for your mind and body!

I have uploaded Spring Time Activity packs for English and Maths and also there is work set on Educationcity, which you can now access at home. Ask your parents to contact me at school for your log on details if you don't have them.

If you're allowed to, ask parents to add updates via the school's Facebook page as I would love to see how you are doing and I miss you all!

Take care, stay safe and keep busy!

Mrs S x

Wednesday 25th March

Hi there everyone, I hope you are all keeping well and trying your best to keep busy at home.

How many of you have worked out a timetable and tried to do some work each day? It is a good idea to keep your brain active whilst being at home, why not try setting yourself a few arithmetic questions or do a couple of the Daily 10 exercises? I hope to read our class novel and keep you updated on the next few chapters. Don't forget that you could have a go at some Superhero writing tasks: a newspaper article, design your own Superhero and write a fact file, maybe a Superhero adventure story where a villain steals all the biscuits and you have to save the world or it could be that you design a Superhero that defeats the Corona Villain!

I'm sure you could think of many more exciting ideas.

You should also make time for some exercise as it will help you to relax and feel good.


Stay safe, stay busy and help out where you can.

I miss you all!

Mrs S x