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Tuesday 12th May

Hello there Lynx class it's Mrs Savarizadeh visiting! I have come to set you a challenge, there is a new TTRockstars Battle between the Panthers and the Lynx classes and it starts tomorrow! Good luck!!!

Wednesday 6th May


Hi Lynx,


Sorry it’s later than I wanted to post but I have been working.  Although it isn’t finished yet, here is the work in progress for dressing up Pinfold for VE Day.  It has been a team effort, look out for the finished product on our website or Facebook page.  I hope it has given some purpose to all your research into VE Day and really looking forward to hearing what you found out.    I hope you are all beavering away (what on earth do I mean?) and I will check in soon🤗🤗🤗🤗

Picture 1
Picture 2

Tuesday 5th May (pm)

Hi Lynx, I’ve just finished school and Mr Roters has posed a plank challenge on the PE site.  Instead of clicking on class pages, click on curriculum page and then P.E.  It is a fantastic challenge and I know some of you can do this already but how many T-shirts can you take off when planking🤪Let me know on our Facebook page.  Take care and look out for the post tomorrow xxx

Tuesday 5th May


Good morning Lynx, how are you all today on this breezy, sunny morning.  Just a quick message, as I’m actually in school today but wanted to share what happened yesterday.  Along with some of the children who have to be in school - we actually managed to plant ‘Graham’.  🌳🌿🎉💃. He is outside our classroom and I can’t wait to show you all soon.  I think we all would like to say a huge thank you to the real Graham for helping us look after our plant😊


How is the research into VE Day going?  What did you find out?  Who is dressing their house on Friday?  Don’t forget to check out the websites daily (Oak National and BBC Bitesize).  

I have to go now,  as I’m needed in school but look out for surprise coming tomorrow.  Take care, big hugs and keep reading x

30th April


Good morning Lynx,


Happy 100th birthday to Colonel Tom Moore (Captain Tom has been promoted by the Queen).  He has now raised 30 million pounds for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden.  What an amazing achievement!  Makes me realise, if Colonel Tom can walk 100 laps of his large garden with his frame, I can get to two and a half minutes with the plankcheeky.  There was a fly-over for him from planes used during the war in which he fought.  


Interestingly, on the National Oak academy site today there are lessons on WWll and how Hitler rose to power.  I challenge you all to get involved with today's lessons and look forward to seeing your research which you could  post on our FB page.  Thank you to you all for the lovely messages and photos you are sharing.  They really do make me smile.  An additional challenge I would like to pose:  VE day is coming up (8th May).  What is VE day?  Why do we celebrate it?  How does this relate to Poppy day?  Can you dress up or dress your house in red, white and blue?  Why would you do that?  I look forward to seeing your posts.  


Take care, stay safe and I'll speak to you all soon




Tuesday 28th March


Hi Lynx, well I have to say it was absolutely MAGICAL speaking with most of you today (don't worry if I haven't yet,  as I will call you in the morning).  I have a huge smile of my face and loved hearing what you have all been doing.  From bike riding, knitting, cake making, painting fences, writing poetry, playing your musical instruments, taking up jogging, walking the dog - even getting a new pup, escaping in books and watching films - thank you for the recommendations - it was an absolute pleasure to speak to you all.  It made me realise even more (if that is at all possible) how much I truly miss you all.  I'm also happy that you are managing to do some school work too.  Again, remember little and often.  You need to make sure all your multiplication is fluent (TT Rockstars) and you are working on mathematical problem solving - again I would direct you to the websites on the main year 6 page (Oak and Bitesize).  Reading is crucial too as exposure to new vocabulary is fundamental to your writing.  Remember - impress with words!


I will be in touch again soon and please know that even though we are not together, I am available for any questions/queries you may have.  As soon as we have more information from the Government regarding opening of school, we will be in touch.  In the meantime, keep learning, have fun and enjoy the precious time with your family. Sending a virtual hug to you allheart

Monday 27th April


Good morning Lynx.  How are we all today?  I hope you are all well and keeping busy with all the home learning available.  How is the writing going?  I cannot wait to read your amazing stories.  Did you manage to undertake the research regarding exercise and the impact on the human body?  I again can't wait to see what you found.  


I just want to share with you that I will be telephoning you all this week to catch up, hear you voice and answer any questions you may have.  If you want to, you could even read your stories to me and we can edit them together.  I am really looking forward to speaking with you and don't worry if it isn't today, I will continue to get in contact until we have chatted.  I hope you are as excited as I am.  In the meantime, take care, stay safe and speak soon.laugh  

Tuesday 21st April


Good morning Lynx.  I hope you all had a lovely Easter and are all keeping well.  Joe Wickes is still going strong and I hope you are all managing to do exercise on a regular basis - it helps your body and your mind.  Interestingly, our science topic this term is the human body and I challenge you to explore/research the impact exercise has on the body.  Lots of useful information can be found on Education City too.  Just to let you know I can now plank for two minutes🤪


As we start our summer term, I would like to direct you to the two new websites which have been added to our Year 6 main page: BBC bitesize and Oak National Academy.  Both offer daily lessons covering a range of topics (three topics per day) and I would recommend you do one of these sites daily.  Remember little and often is the key and it is really important that you are keeping focussed on your learning.  You could do two activities in the morning and one in the afternoon or vice verse.  You still have access to all the other sites such as TT rockstars, Top Marks maths and Education City.  I want to say a huge ‘well done’ to Josh and Stanley who have been completing the Education City tasks.  I can see who is undertaking the tasks when I log on.


Our writing focus is superheros and our national superhero during this time is Captain Tom.  You could write a character description of Captain Tom or if you prefer another superhero who inspires you (remember to use expanded noun phrases as I should be able to visualise your descriptions).  Once you have your character description, I would like you to write me an adventure story: Where is the story set? Who are the characters? What is the problem? When will it happen? Why do they need to resolve it?  How will it be resolved? 
Just brainstorm ideas and write your first draft.  You have a wonderful opportunity to let you imagination flow with no time constraints. Once you have done your first draft, keep going back to edit (remember editing is so important in writing) and include expanded noun phrases, speech, idioms, colloquialisms, similes and adverbial phrases.  You could also add in any new vocabulary you have found from your own reading.  You are all developing so well as writers and you know what a good story should include - remember how you were all gripped by Holes.  Make your reader desperate to read more!


I was in school last week and want to report that a Graham is well😂I have spoken to Mr Kieran and we have decided that Graham can be planted outside our classroom to the right.  Next time I am in, I will plant him and look forward to showing you all when we are back together.  I have also spoken with Mrs Donnelly and she told me to tell you she is missing you all tremendously.  Her biscuit cupboard is overflowing (sugar free, of course)😉 and she sends her love and cannot wait to see you all.  

Take care of yourselves and stay safe.  I hope to see you all soon, miss you all and sending love.  Remember, if you are feeling restless or a little bored, pick up a book and escape.  

Wednesday 8th April


Hi everyone, how are you all today?  I hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to Easter.  I hope the Easter bunny leaves you all lots of nice treatssmiley  I thought I would upload some of the photos Jason has been taking,  as part of his ongoing project investigating the impact of air pollution on the quality of light in the sky - so far so good - but he will need to record more when the aeroplanes begin to fill the sky once again.  The sky at night has been so beautiful recently and when you remember, look upsmiley  Sending lots of love, don't eat too much chocolate and I am really looking forward to seeing you all.  Take care, be good and stay safewink 


Sunset 1
Sunset 2
Sunset 3
Sunset 4

Monday 6th April


Good morning Lynx, how are you all today?  I have been thinking about you all and I thought I would post the answers to the brain teaser from last week.    Did any of you manage to see the space station?  I hope you did.  Jason has started to paint the garden fence to keep himself busy and it made me wonder if there are any activities you could do with your parents/carers to help around the house too.  I am sure they would be thrilled if you offered.  It is a fun way to spend time together as well as getting jobs done therefore 'killing two birds with one stone' smiley I hope you are all still exercising and doing daily planks.  How is the reading going?  I hope you have found some wonderful new vocabulary.    Don't forget about the spring activities which have been placed on the main Year 6 page - will keep you busy when you feel bored.  Remember, little and often is the key.


Idioms: Don't put all you eggs in one basket; cat got your tongue; keep your fingers crossed; put the shoe on the other foot; spill the beans; cold feet; tie the knot; fish out of water; time flies; in a nutshell; hit the nail on the head; born with a silver spoon in your mouth; can't have your cake and eat it too; wear your heart on your sleeve; keeps cards close to your chest;  card up your sleeve; kicked the bucket; shadow of your former self; everything on a silver platter and an earworm.  


Your challenge now is to research what these mean.  Google the idiom and you can find the meaning.  You could put these in the back of your vocabulary book - really useful to have.  


Take care, stay safe and be kind.  I'll be in touch soon.  Miss each and everyone of you.  Much love.


Monday 30th March 2020


Happy Monday everyone.


I thought I would add a little brain teaser for you all.  As we have been working on idioms within our writing, I have attached below a picture full of them.  Remember idioms are a group of words having a meaning which you cannot fathom from the individual words themselves - 'it's raining cats and dogs' meaning it is raining heavily.  There are at least 20 in this picture smiley  Share with your parents/carers and see how many you can find.  I'll post the answers soon.


How are you all doing?  I hope you are all still working out with Joe and have settled into some kind of routine.  Have any of you been following the International Space Station?  As long as it isn't cloudy, you can see it each night until April the 4th.  There are two space station passes tonight.  The first is at 7.57pm moving from west to east.  Then at 9.33pm moving from west to south,south-west.  Happy viewing everyonelaugh  I wonder whether it will illuminate the sky - 'light up, light up, as if you have a choice, even if you cannot hear my voice, I'll be right beside you dear'


Missing you all and hope you are all still reading.  I've started a new book today from an author I have never read before - Sharon Penman.  I hope I like it, it is one my mum recommended.  I'll let you know what I think.  


Take care everyone, stay safe and I'll be in touch soon.


Idioms 1

Tuesday 24th March


Good morning to my amazing Lynx classheart.  How are you all?  I hope you are all doing PE with Joe Wicks and loving his daily sessions.  It is a fantastic way to start the day and I am missing our plank sessions.  I am still doing them and I'm up to 120 seconds now.    I hope you are all still planking too and it would be lovely if you could ask your parents/carers to share pictures of you planking on our Facebook page.  


In addition to keeping fit at home, I am walking over Werneth Low for my daily allowance of exercise and taking Jason with me too.  Like you all, he is finding it hard not seeing his friends but he is adjusting, playing basketball in the garden  and still studying daily - just a little and often.  He has started a project, which I thought I would share as it fits in with our Science topic of light.  He has been studying photography at school and has decided to take a picture of the sky, each evening.  Because there are less planes in the sky, at the moment, he wants to see what impact this has on the quality of light in the sky.  I will post some photographs on here, as we go along. 


Have you all managed to undertake the Rockstar challenging?  I think the last time I looked teachers were winning - just sayingwink.  It is also really important that you keep reading too, recording any new vocabulary and jotting down synonymsyes.  If you feel bored or restless, a good book is a fantastic way to escape and again you could ask your parents to post any book recommendations that you want to share on our Facebook page.  Don't forget to keep visualising too - you could do this in your sketch book. 


Just know, I am missing you all tremendously and I know I speak for Mrs Donnelly too.  Just before I go, I wanted to tell you Graham is OK and I am going to plant him when I am next in school - don't worry, he is getting watered, as I have been in this week.  Once everything gets back to normal, we will organise an event for us all get back together again - most importantly, stay safe.  Remember, you are enough and you are amazing just the way you are!