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Updates from Ms Shenton

Good morning to my amazing Lynx classheart.  How are you all?  I hope you are all doing PE with Joe Wicks and loving his daily sessions.  It is a fantastic way to start the day and I am missing our plank sessions.  I am still doing them and I'm up to 120 seconds now.    I hope you are all still planking too and it would be lovely if you could ask your parents/carers to share pictures of you planking on our Facebook page.  


In addition to keeping fit at home, I am walking over Werneth Low for my daily allowance of exercise and taking Jason with me too.  Like you all, he is finding it hard not seeing his friends but he is adjusting, playing basketball in the garden  and still studying daily - just a little and often.  He has started a project, which I thought I would share as it fits in with our Science topic of light.  He has been studying photography at school and has decided to take a picture of the sky, each evening.  Because there are less planes in the sky, at the moment, he wants to see what impact this has on the quality of light in the sky.  I will post some photographs on here, as we go along. 


Have you all managed to undertake the Rockstar challenging?  I think the last time I looked teachers were winning - just sayingwink.  It is also really important that you keep reading too, recording any new vocabulary and jotting down synonymsyes.  If you feel bored or restless, a good book is a fantastic way to escape and again you could ask your parents to post any book recommendations that you want to share on our Facebook page.  Don't forget to keep visualising too - you could do this in your sketch book. 


Just know, I am missing you all tremendously and I know I speak for Mrs Donnelly too.  Just before I go, I wanted to tell you Graham is OK and I am going to plant him when I am next in school - don't worry, he is getting watered, as I have been in this week.  Once everything gets back to normal, we will organise an event for us all get back together again - most importantly, stay safe.  Remember, you are enough and you are amazing just the way you are!