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More daily lessons by celebrities: 


Ideas for writing 

This website has loads of cool, random pictures.  Use these as a stimulus for writing.   Underneath each picture is some ideas of how you could use them.  In school, we use these alot and just ask children to write a range of texts using these as initial ideas.

This is one I am still exploring myself but has some great video clips and ideas on how to use them to promote literacy.

Lots of authors are reading books online.  This website will give you the details you need.

Borrowbox - a great way to borrow books online through the local library.  You need to be a member of the library but can do this online following the links below.

British Library mini project on little books.

A lovely website with lots of ideas on engaging with books for all ages.

Design your own word problems to develop vocabulary or help with spellings.


Spellodrome – Free trial 48 hours


Maths links

Times Tables Rockstars:

Daily 10 -

Hit the Button -

Loads of games and teaching resources covering a wide range of numeracy skills.

Maths factor – Currently free to sign up.  It's Carol Vorderman's maths site - what more do you need to know?

Mathletics - this website has a cost implication, however, does offer a 48 hour free trial.  Not actually tried it but it has very good reviews.

Some good lessons with activities and practise questions.  Be warned – this website doesn’t seem to say what age it is aimed at - some might be to tricky at the moment for Year 5.  If it is – try another!

Some free samples for this website.  Again, just watch for the age each activity is aimed at.  If they are too hard move on to another!

Some good maths games.

Lots of online lessons and activities for short maths sessions each day.

Lots of quick, non screen related activities linked to a range of topics.

Weekly lesson videos and activities.


Some good Maths games:


Shape activities: triangle activity


Feeling musical and mathematical!

12 x table -

8 x table -

7 x table -

6 x table -

4 x table -

3 x table -

Shape song -



Anchor Education have a variety of great videos to help children with grammar which will help them with any of the writing activities we have set!


Also search grammarsaurus youtube clips.


Rainforest websites


Chester zoo have some great animal ideas:


Edinburgh zoo you can watch and observe the animals live:


Range of ideas and lesson plans here.


If you fancy another "trip out"  you can visit the British Museum in London has a fantastic website and you can see many of their artefacts online.  It has exhibitions linked to our topics on Ancient Egypt and Anglo Saxons (check out the Sutton Hoo exhibit).  Plus it has dinosaurs which has nothing to do with any topics we cover but is still amazingly cool if you ask me!


Other key websites:



  • Check out Joe Wicks video clips of exercise sessions on youtube.  He does a range of different length sessions and a range of different fitness levels.  He is even starting PE lessons for children who are self isolating starting Monday at 9 o'clock on youtube.
  • Sign yourselves up to Go Noodle for free to keep your children active during self isolation! The children love doing the dances to these in school and some songs are educational as well!
  • Some can be accessed on YouTube like the one below!

    GoNoodle Can't Stop the Feeling:


Blue Peter Badge Project

There are lots of ways to earn a Blue Peter Badge!  Why not look at the criteria and make a family project out of it.  Many of the badges you need to apply for through the post which at this time is not easy.  You could collect together a project that you make during this time and send it off when the self isolation period is complete.


Forest School/Garden activities.


Arts and Crafts



Some fun indoor things to do!

Lego Club Fans!