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Wednesday 16th September

Morning work


Below, you will see the morning maths I had planned for this week.  Usually, I'd give you 10-15 minutes to complete as many calculations as possible.  Ask a grown-up to help you with your marking.  Can you beat today's score and get a higher one tomorrow?




Now, try to answer the first half of the comprehension questions.




Grandpa's Indian Summer PDF Printout


Have a look at the next teaching video link....

10 Minute Write/Slow Write


  This is the Slow Write Miss Lindop and I had planned for this morning.  

Daily Arithmetic 


* Answers will be in the Arithmetic folder on Friday 18th September


Arithmetic Test 2 PDF Printout

This afternoon you would have been having an hour of PE with Mr Roters and an hour of Spanish.  Make sure you spend time in your back garden, making the most of the dry weather.  Perhaps you could water the grass/ plants or help doing some simple gardening.  

I have attached a Spanish video below...

¡Buenos días! Song to learn Spanish greetings and daily routines

Learn greetings and daily routines in Spanish with this fun and catchy tune! Go to to watch more videos to learn Spanish There are also S...