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Wednesday 2nd December

Guided Reading:

Mrs Matthews reading the chapter of Boy called "Bicycle and the sweet shop"

As you listen be thinking and record your thoughts about:

1)  Which of Roald Dahl's books were inspired by the stories in this chapter? 

2)  Why do you think that?  Which people does he meet who are used as inspiration for characters in his books?  Why do you think that?

3)  What do you think about the character of Thwaites?  What is he like?  You could write a character description of him and then say what your opinion of him is?  Try to imagine he was in our class - would you be friends with him or not?  Why do you think that?


The chapter is split into smaller chunks so it was easy to put on the website - don't worry it wasn't a really long chapter!

Part 1.wav

Part 2.wav

Part 3.wav

Part 4.wav


Here is a link to some lessons on oak national academy on perimeter.  These have some helpful videos that you can look at on this topic.  Check back each day as there are several you could use.



Perimeter of rectangles

This is "Aut5.11.3 - Perimeter of rectangles" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Today we are going to write our introduction to our biography. 



  • 3rd Person – he/she, they etc. 

  • Keep it relatively short – remember a summary of what they are famous for. 

  • Question to intrigue your reader – Have you ever wondered...?  Did you know...? 

  • Command – To encourage your reader to read on. 


Fancy showing off? Here's the challenge: 

  • Relative clause or parenthesis (remember this sounds fancy but is actually brackets – like this!).  



Spelling/Grammar Revision

Modal verbs revision - this work will last for at least two days so complete over Wednesday and Thursday.  Some activities in the pack are quicker than others.

Topic - Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Today it's time to learn to write like an Egyptian!

The egyptians used hieroglyphs as a form of recording - one of the earliest civilisations to do so.  Here are some fun facts, activities and websites for you to look at!