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Week beginning 29.6.20


We have been doing lots of work on plants, so we want you to carry on looking at plants. Have a look in your garden, have any of your plants started to go to seed yet? See what you can see.

Complete the plant growing activity.

Take some photos of plants you have been looking after in your garden and post the pictures on facebook for us to see.

Make a Pirate Treasure Map, this will lead you to your party.

Finally have a Pirate Party and enjoy xx


Top Marks have some great maths activities on for you to play.

This week have a look at: Multiplication and Division of 2's, 5's and 10's then if you are feeling brave try 3's and 4's.

Then look at the Mental Maths train, do addition and subtraction up to 25, follow the instructions on screen.

Helicopter Rescue addition up to 20 or 30 and chopper squad, which is a game of 1 more and 1 less.



Last week we were thinking about Pirates, so have a think if you were a pirate....

What would you look like? What would you do? Where would you sail to? Have you got a parrot of another animal? How would you describe yourself? Look on the useful websites for the If I were a pirate template.


Have a Pirate Party! But First what do you need to do?

Write a list How to organise a party. What do you need? Invitations, food, dressing up, party games etc.. decide with your family what you would need to do for a pirate party and write a list. (Don't forget a list goes down the page!)


Yesterday you wrote your list of what you need to organise a party, now today have a think about who from your family you would like to invite. Write them an invitation. Remember on an invitation you will need: Their names, the times of the party, who the party invitation is from, is it a fancy dress party? Decorate your invitation so it looks exciting.


Now you have planned your party and made your invitations, have a think about the food you would like to eat at your party.

Write a list of the food and drinks you will have at your party. (Don't forget a list goes down the page!) Make sure it is in your best handwriting.


Now you have planned your party, made your invitations and written your list of food, you need to make a hat!

Follow the instructions to make your hat and then write out the instructions in your best handwriting. Look at the picture.