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Executive Head Teacher - Mr S. Clark

Executive Head Teacher - Mr S. Clark  1 Mr Clark - Executive Head Teacher

Head of School - Mrs J. Hughes

Head of School - Mrs J. Hughes  1 Mrs J. Hughes - Head of School

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team  1 Mrs Savarizadeh - Deputy Head Teacher
Senior Leadership Team  2 Mrs Burlinson - Assistant Head Teacher
Senior Leadership Team  3 Mrs Gray - Assistant Head Teacher
Senior Leadership Team  4 Mrs Sheeran

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Miss Barnard
Teaching Staff 2 Miss Douglas
Teaching Staff 3 Miss Goodwin
Teaching Staff 4 Miss Greenwood
Teaching Staff 5 Miss Lindop
Teaching Staff 6 Miss Renwick
Teaching Staff 7 Miss Roberts
Teaching Staff 8 Miss Rowles
Teaching Staff 9 Miss Truelove
Teaching Staff 10 Miss Wilding
Teaching Staff 11 Mr Kieran
Teaching Staff 12 Mrs Appleyard
Teaching Staff 13 Mrs Baguley
Teaching Staff 14 Mrs Bartleet
Teaching Staff 15 Mrs Burston
Teaching Staff 16 Mrs Gray
Teaching Staff 17 Mrs Henthorn
Teaching Staff 18 Mrs Hynes
Teaching Staff 19 Mrs L. Hughes
Teaching Staff 20 Mrs McConnell
Teaching Staff 21 Mrs Rowles
Teaching Staff 22 Mrs Savarizadeh
Teaching Staff 23 Mrs Sheeran
Teaching Staff 24 Mrs Stephenson
Teaching Staff 25 Ms Shenton
Teaching Staff 26 Tommy Leonard (artist in residence)

Support staff

Support staff 1 Miss Barber
Support staff 2 Miss Leonard
Support staff 3 Miss Naylor
Support staff 4 Miss Scott
Support staff 5 Mr Harrison
Support staff 6 Mr Moss
Support staff 7 Mr Roters
Support staff 8 Mrs Donnelly
Support staff 9 Mrs Duncan
Support staff 10 Mrs Edge
Support staff 11 Mrs Egerton
Support staff 12 Mrs Jackman
Support staff 13 Mrs Joy
Support staff 14 Mrs Kelday
Support staff 15 Mrs Maden
Support staff 16 Mrs Packer
Support staff 17 Mrs Pownall
Support staff 18 Mrs Robinson
Support staff 19 Mrs Shepherd
Support staff 20 Mrs Turner
Support staff 21 Mrs Vejki
Support staff 22 Mrs Wilde

ICT Teacher

ICT Teacher  1 Miss Truelove

Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence  1 Tommy Leonard


Caretakers  1 Chris - Interserve Caretaker
Caretakers  2 Pete - Interserve Caretaker

Office Staff

Office Staff  1 Mr Curtis
Office Staff  2 Mrs Wilkins
Office Staff  3 Mrs Curtis

Mid-day Welfare Assistants

Mid-day Welfare Assistants 1 Miss Philips
Mid-day Welfare Assistants 2 Miss Staniforth
Mid-day Welfare Assistants 3 Mrs Bednall
Mid-day Welfare Assistants 4 Mrs Colebridge
Mid-day Welfare Assistants 5 Mrs Gray
Mid-day Welfare Assistants 6 Mrs Green
Mid-day Welfare Assistants 7 Mrs Hodgkinson
Mid-day Welfare Assistants 8 Mrs Kidd
Mid-day Welfare Assistants 9 Mrs Shaw
Mid-day Welfare Assistants 10 Mrs Steadman
Mid-day Welfare Assistants 11 Ms Cocksey