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Construction Projects



Year 1

Moving Toys-leavers and sliders

Year 2:

Making sunflower life cycles using lots of different materials.

Year 2: CD Rainbow Fish

Year 3: Designing, making and evaluating Stone Age Jewellery


Planning, designing and evaluating examples

Year 3: Stonehenge 

As part of their topic, Year 3 enjoyed making their own models of Stonehenge using a variety of equipment, from Lego to biscuits 🍪 

Year 3: Making Worry Dolls

Year 4: Making Roman Chariots



Designing and Evaluating Sheet

Year 4: Wheels, axles and chassis 


Year 4 were set a challenge. They needed to work in pairs to make a 4 wheeled vehicle which could transport paper clips from side of the table to another. The children chose their own equipment based on the design brief.  Lots of evaluating took place at the end and the outcomes were terrific!

Year 5: Hydraulic Heads

Planning, designing and evaluation sheets

Year 5: Sun dials linked to angles in maths 

Year 5: Making moon landers 

The children worked in teams to design and make their very own moon landers. They needed to make sure the precious cargo didn’t break when it landed on Mars. 

Year 6: Designing and making and evaluating Viking Longships

Year 6: Bridges