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Year 6


  • Explore static electricity by doing this simple experiment:



  • Shiny spoons

When you look into the back of a spoon your reflection is upside down. Why is that? Why do your eyes see it this way? Present your findings in any way you wish.

  • Shadow show

  Make shadow puppets which could be used to tell stories.

  • Light snaps

  Take some photographs which show/use light in an interesting way. (This could be        natural or artificial light)


Living Things


Evolution and Inheritance

  • Make a poster about Charles Darwin and his life.
  • Look at inheritance in your family, can you find some old family photos to compare? You could look at – eye colour, hair colour, ear lobes being attached, are you double jointed or not?
  • Imagine how different the world would be if the dinosaurs weren’t extinct – write a story about what could happen.