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Intent Statement for Computing at Pinfold.

Our rationale is that computing is becoming increasingly crucial in everyday life and pupils have choices in how to use and what to use it for.   ESafety is an integral part of our computing curriculum and permeates throughout teaching as well as stands alone as an aspect of the subject to be taught. 

At Pinfold, our intent for Computing is as followed:

  • To develop the skills required to work computers and iPads effectively and safely.
  • To develop a firm understanding of the role of computing with regards wellbeing and safety.
  • To develop in children the skills needed to be able to live and work in a world which has increasing reliance upon a range of rapidly changing technology.
  • To develop learning skills linked to the 5rs to enable children to cope with rapidly changing technology.
  • To provide children with the skills needed to keep them safe in a world where being online is increasingly used and important.
  • To provide children with the skills in digital literacy, computer science and information technology that will allow them to move through education/work successfully.
  • To provide children with the critical skills to determine whether a computer is necessary for a task and if it is which programs to use.

A PDF copy of our Intent Statement for Computing is included here: