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Children should do at least one hour of physical exercise a day.


There are lots of activities on the PE section of the webpage so make sure you have a look for ideas on exercise there.


Also, Joe Wicks is completing daily PE lessons on his youtube channel


Download the gonoodle app for dance and games based activities.


Here are a few other ideas that you could do:


  • Play sports alphabet - choose a sport beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  Take turns and when the other person is thinking the person who is waiting their turn has to either run on the spot or do jumping jacks.
  • Play sports charades - act out a sport for others to guess what you are doing.
  • Count the heartbeats - Set a timer for one minute and count your heart beat/pulse.  Repeat after doing a range of activities.  E.g. compare to after a minute of jumping, a minute running etc.  Which activity causes your heart to beat faster?  Younger children could just do a comparison of how they feel.  
  • Use the fitness challenge chart to design your own fitness challenges.