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There are plenty of songs with words that you could sing/ drum/ dance/ learn on:


Out of the Ark@home channel on YouTube.


You might even recognise a few of them from school.

Here are some ideas to try if you are feeling musical:

  • Sing along to your favourite song....but make it sound better than it sounds when you’re in the minibus!
  • Read a book about music or a musician
  • Make an instrument out of items in your house
  •  Play on a music app on your device
  • Write a song about your favourite place
  • Practise an instrument 
  • Design a completely new instrument on paper
  • Talk to someone in your family about their favourite music
  • Research and make a poster about a famous singer...composer...musician....or rock star
  • Learn some beatboxing or rapping skills
  • Watch some dance on Youtube
  • Sing in the shower as loudly as you can!!!
  • Find out the Top Ten in the charts on the day you were born...ask your Grandparents
  • Watch a musical film
  • Bounce a ball in time with the beat to a song
  • Try some outside drumming with wooden spoons or sticks
  • Create an 8 beat pattern using body percussion (Honda advert) and teach it to a grown up
  • Listen to some music from a different country
  • Make up a song to help you learn your ‘—‘ x table
  • Make up a song about your most recent class topic to help you remember the facts
  • Design a poster to advertise a concert at Pinfold