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Food4Life Schools Award


As a consequence of the introduction of the governments’ new food standards for school meals from January 2015, our school has now achieved the Gold NHS Food4Life School’s Award. 


The award allows the school to celebrate and be recognised for good practice around healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.  It is given to schools that show a whole school approach to the provision and promotion of healthy food.  As part of this award our school has introduced a whole school food policy.  This gives guidance in accordance with the new food standards to ensure that our children are having a balanced diet whilst on the school premises. 


Research undertaken by the School Food Trust has shown that eating a balanced diet can positively affect children’s behaviour in the classroom.  I am sure you are aware from recent media coverage there is increasing concern about rising rates of obesity, tooth decay and related health problems in children.  As a school it is part of our responsibility to help our children learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. 


Working in partnership with the NHS, pupils, teachers, school governors and the pupil council we have updated our food policy as this was the first step in achieving the award.  This will help your child to eat well and ensure that all pupils are benefitting from the better standards of food in school. 


We understand that for some families this will require significant changes to what you give your child for a snack, packed lunches etc.


Follow this link for some more fantastic information from the NHS - Change4Life

Packed Lunches


As part of our Food4Life Schools award, we are continuously looking to improve our eating habits within school. We'd like to remind everybody that as part of our packed lunches we should not have fizzy drinks, more that one sugary sweet and a balanced diet.