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Science in action

Reception had a fantastic morning meeting some real owls! SMJ Falconry held a workshop in our school hall and the children got to see and learn about a Burrowing owl, Barn owl, White faced owl and Screech owl. The owls seemed to enjoy the space and took the opportunity to stretch their wings and fly around above the children’s heads. The children were also able to hold Bobby the Screech owl! 


As part of their 'Bears' topic, Reception class sorted objects into hard and soft.


Year 2 have been identifying different properties of materials and classified them into groups.


Year 3 Lowry class have been investigating which materials are most reflective. Winston is very grateful that his evening walks can resume now Ms Roberts has added a reflective strip of foil to his collar! Thanks for your help Year 3! 


As part of their sound topic, Year 4 have been classifying instruments.


Through ICT, Year 4 explored pitch.


Year 5 have been learning about space. The children  took part in an investigation to find out what factors affect the size and depth of craters.  

































Year 6 have been researching and presenting as part of their 'Living things and their habitats' topic.