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Year 1


Test which material would be the best for the three little pigs to use to build a new house with. Use materials that you can find around your house.



Go on a walk around your local area or a local wood and see if you can spot the different types of plants that we can see growing in Spring and Summer.

Leaf Spotter Sheet-

Spring Flower Spotter Sheet- 

Summer Wildlife Spotter Sheet-


Plant a seed and watch it grow (eg. a sunflower).

Seasonal Changes

Keep a weather diary.

In the Spring and Summer we get warmer weather because the Sun is closer to the Earth. Sunshine increases the temperature. Using tin foil to reflect the sun, see if you can use sunlight to melt food in our current season. Use how much the sun has melted your food to decide which season we might be in. Instructions:

Floating and Sinking (an old topic but a good one!)

Can you sink the boat? Tin foil normally floats but as we add more weight to it the downwards force becomes too much. Try different designs and see which works best. Instructions:

Dancing sultanas! Watch little air bubbles help sultanas raise to the top of a glass and then POP so that the sultanas sink back down again. Instructions: